How To Play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10

This tutorial will show you how to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10. Using either the official Tencent emulator or Nox Android emulator you can play the mobile version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds on a larger screen with mouse and keyboard.

How To Play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10

While there is no substitute for the full game on a desktop, it costs $30 to purchase so I can appreciate that you might not want to. PUBG Mobile is free to play and while it does include in-game purchases, they are not essential and you can genuinely play without paying as most premium items are cosmetic.

The only exception to that freedom is the new Royal Pass. While there is a free version, the Elite allows access to a bunch of Challenge missions which the free version does not. Aside from those missions, there really is no need to pay.

Play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10

There are two main ways to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10. You can user the official Tencent emulator or you can use another Android emulator and load PUBG Mobile onto that. Using the official emulator guarantees compatibility but you can only use it with PUBG Mobile. Using a third party emulator doesn’t guarantee compatibility but should work fine and allows you to use any Android app. I’ll show you both.

Using the Tencent emulator

The Tencent emulator was designed specifically to allow you to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10. It is officially supported, regularly updated and free to use. It works well too and helps manage updates to both itself and PUBG and has fast, seamless controls for the game.

The emulator comes with the Tencent Gaming Buddy, which you need to play.

To get it working, do this:

  1. Download and install the Tencent emulator onto your computer.
  2. Select Start when Gaming Buddy first starts to load the PUBG Mobile game files.
  3. Sign in as a Guest or use your Facebook account.
  4. Configure the graphics settings as you need.
  5. Play!

As the Tencent emulator is specifically designed to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10, it installs quickly and already knows you’re going to be using a mouse and keyboard. It also has the more popular graphics settings pre-programmed so you just need to select your chosen setting and begin playing.

Use Nox to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10

You can also use Nox to play PUBG Mobile on Windows 10. It also works well and while not designed specifically for PUBG, has the added advantage of working with other Android apps too.

  1. Download and install Nox onto your PC.
  2. Download the Android APK directly from Tencent.
  3. Sign into Google through Nox.
  4. Drag and drop the APK file into the open Nox window to install.
  5. Configure your settings including mouse and keyboard and graphics.
  6. Play!

There is a little more work to do with Nox than with the Tencent emulator but the advantage is that once you have set up your mouse, keyboard, graphics and sound settings, you will be able to use them with any mobile game or app you install onto Nox.

Problems playing PUBG Mobile on Windows 10

When I was testing these two installs for this tutorial, I would occasionally come up against internet errors. I wouldn’t be able to log into PUBG Mobile or play a game. Both the Tencent emulator and Nox had an internet connection and my computer’s internet was fine.

I tried all kinds of things to fix it and only one worked. Changing my DNS server. I don’t use my ISPs DNS as it was becoming slow and was another way for them to track my habits and sell the data. I used Google DNS but changed it to Open DNS. Once I changed my DNS server, PUBG Mobile worked fine. I even changed it back to Google to test and it worked fine there too.

If you have intermittent or terminal connection issues, try changing DNS server. Here’s how:

  1. Type ‘net’ into the Windows Search box and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Network and Sharing Center and then Ethernet (or WiFi if you’re on a laptop).
  3. Select Properties from the popup window.
  4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the center pane and select Properties underneath.
  5. Select Use the following DNS servers and enter two DNS servers.
  6. Select OK to save your changes.

You can also change the DNS settings on your router if you prefer. Exactly how you do that will depend on your make or model of router. Changing it on the router has the advantage of it not being overwritten when Windows updates.

DNS address you could use are:

Google DNS

  • 8.8.8
  • 8.4.4


  • 67.222.123
  • 67.220.123

They both work quickly and both work amazingly well. I experienced a browsing speed boost when I did it. You might too.

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