Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime – How to Change Language

The majority of smartphones come with English set as the system language. But if you get your phone from overseas, you may find that it’s set to another language by default. This may make it very hard to access certain apps and settings options if you’re unfamiliar with the icons. In this article, you’ll learn how to select and add a new language as well as change your keyboard’s input languages.

Samsung Galaxy J5/J5 Prime - How to Change Language

How to Change the Language on Your Galaxy J5 or J5 Prime

By following the next steps, you can change your default phone language. Note that your keyboard input language won’t be changed if you do this. But that can be altered too, from a different location.

Galaxy J5 Change Language

  1. Tap Apps icon
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap General Management
  4. Select Language and input
  5. Tap Language
  6. Tap Add language
  7. Select a new language from the list

Galaxy J5 Prime How to Change Language

After doing this, you are given a choice. You can either set the new language as default or just add it to the list and continue using your current language. Trying new system languages is a good option for anyone who is trying to become multilingual. Using the language you’re trying to learn in your everyday life is a great way to become more fluent in it.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Change Language

How to Change Keyboard

In most Samsung smartphones, changing language settings is not the extent of your customization options. You can also change the input language on your Galaxy J5 to match the new default language.

  1. Tap the Apps icon
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Go to General Management
  4. Tap Samsung keyboard (under Keyboard and input tab)
  5. Tap on “Add input languages” to add another language from the list

Galaxy J5 How to Change Language

You will notice that the Input Languages section has two tabs. One is for languages already downloaded and one is for available languages that aren’t on your phone yet.

From the first list, you can enable or disable as many languages as you want. This will enable your Samsung keyboard to recognize words in various languages and make appropriate corrections and suggestions as you’re typing.

In order to use this, you have to manually switch between keyboard languages.

  1. Tap the Apps icon
  2. Open your browser
  3. Pull up the keyboard
  4. Tap on the globe button next to the Go button to switch between different input languages

Depending on the exact J5 model, the globe button may or may not be available. But you can still change the input language from the virtual keyboard, following these steps:

  1. Pull up the keyboard
  2. Tap and hold the Space key
  3. Swipe left or right to select a new language

A Final Thought

Note that the predictive text feature will work based on what keyboard input language you choose. Changing only the phone’s default display language is not enough – you need to also change the language of the keyboard. Samsung is not known for its impressive predictive text algorithms, so it’s not surprising that many users just turn off the feature.

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