The best Gear VR games: The Samsung Gear VR games you just have to play

The Samsung Gear VR has been floating around since the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 came to be back in 2015. Since then, with every iteration of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series of phones, a new version of the Gear VR has arrived.

The latest version, which comes with a Google Daydream View-esque motion controller, is arguably identical to previous versions. However, as it now supports the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8, it’s a far more capable device than most other mobile VR solutions on the market.

Because of that, it also hosts to some excellent mobile VR games, especially titles that outshine and outperform Google Daydream’s catalogue of games.

While there are swathes of games to explore on the Oculus Gear VR store, here’s our pick of the absolute essential games every Gear VR owner should be playing.

The best Gear VR games

1. Augmented Empire: One-button, turn-based tactical fun


Augmented Empire is an intriguing turn-based strategy game set in a neon-soaked neo-noir future. Gameplay is simple and intuitive, making use of a one-button contextual input that both moves, attacks, finds cover and advances the dialogue and interacts with objects. Everything takes place within a diorama floating in front of your eyes, and moving forward or backwards lets you zoom in and examine the scene and enemy positions around the set. It works surprisingly well in motion and makes for a great tactical, story-driven RPG for those looking for something to sink their teeth into.

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2. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: The perfect party game


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the perfect party VR game and now, on the Samsung Gear VR, it can be played absolutely anywhere you like. One player dons the Gear VR and is presented with a briefcase bomb they have to defuse. Other players then have to navigate a bomb defusal manual to help the VR headset wearer understand what it is they’re looking at and get them to defuse the briefcase bomb in time. In practice, this quickly devolves into wild shouting and flailing arms, but it never stops being both tense and incredibly fun.

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3. Hitman GO VR Edition: A VR rework of the classic mobile game


If you’re familiar with Tomb Raider GO or Deus Ex GO, it was Hitman GO that started off the whole board-game style puzzle play Square Enix’s “GO” mobile games have become known for. With Hitman GO VR Edition, you’ll play as an Agent 47 board game piece as you stalk your target and assassinate them. In VR play takes place on a floating board and works in very much the same way the mobile original did. A new perspective offers up a different experience and, if you’ve not played it before, it’s a great way to play.

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4. Dreadhalls: Horror gaming wherever you go


Described as an “intense horror experience”, Dreadhalls is a maze-like first-person exploratory horror game where terrifying foes chase you down its corridors. You’ll be psychologically tested to your limit as a barrage of sounds disorient you and visual tricks keep you second-guessing yourself. Do yourself a favour, and don’t play this before bed.

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5. Minecraft Gear VR: Immersive blocky worldbuilding


It’s Minecraft, but now in VR so you can build your creations like dioramas and explore them like you’re really there. Except for its VR element, this is business as usual for Minecraft, just make sure you don’t get square eyes.

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