How to Join a Random Crew in Sea of Thieves

Playing with other people in Sea of Thieves is critical. You want your crew to be as strong as possible, allowing you to embark on the most demanding voyages. Teaming up with your friends may be the preferred style, but you might want to spice things up by joining random users from all over the world.

In this entry, we’ll tell you all you need to know about joining random crews in Sea of Thieves, including sending and accepting invites from other players. So, grab your best pirate duds and brush up on your sea shanties because it’s time for more adventures on the High Seas.

How to Join a Random Crew in Sea of Thieves

To play with random people, you’ll need to join an open crew. These are automatically assembled and can comprise either your friends or random users. Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch the game and navigate to the ship selector screen.
  2. Opt for the galleon, and you’ll arrive at a menu that lets you invite other people into the game manually.
  3. Since you want to play with random users, launch your game without inviting your friends. The game will pair you up with three other sailors from around the globe.

If you’ve played Sea of Thieves by yourself, you may automatically go to the sloop in the ship selector screen. However, boarding a small sloop ship is for a solo adventure. For group adventures, you want to select the large galleon for an online quest. If you choose the former, you’ll instantly set sail by yourself and arrive at a tavern where you’ll commence your voyage. Nevertheless, your world will still be inhabited by numerous users.

Additional FAQs

How to Send and Accept Invites in Sea of Thieves?

Since Sea of Thieves uses Steam’s Xbox Live functionality, sending and accepting invites from other users is slightly different than expected. For instance, you can’t select your friends from Steam’s Friends list and invite them. Likewise, you won’t get invites in the same fashion.

Nonetheless, there are several ways you can send and receive an invite between players with your Steam platform. You’ll first need to ensure you’ve signed in to the correct account. Once you do, follow the steps below to get started:

Registration Verification

Verify your account is registered with the Xbox Console Companion application and the Windows Store. Otherwise, the invites won’t work.

1. Launch the game using Steam.

2. Enter your profile credentials during the process.

3. Link your account to Steam.

You should now be able to join other users without any issues.

Method One – Invitations via Lobby

Let’s first see how you can invite them from the lobby.

1. From your main menu, choose the preferred mode and navigate to the lobby.

2. Find the “Invite Friends” button in the lower-left section of your display. Click the button or press “1” on your keyboard.

3. You’ll now see your friends’ list, allowing you to invite them as you’d typically do.

Method Two – Invitations via Windows Game Bar

Alternatively, you can use the Windows Game Bar from the lobby using these steps:

1. Press the “Windows” button and “G” or your” Guide” button on the controller to access your Game Bar.

2. Once you’ve accessed the Game Bar, right-click the player you want to invite from the “Xbox Social” menu.

3. Choose the “Invite to Game” option from the list.

Invites are also available through your Xbox Console Companion app and Windows Game Bar.

Method Three – Invitations In-Game

Sending an invite in-game is another way to join other Sea of Thieves players:

1. As you’re playing, press the “Esc” button to activate the pause menu.

2. Go through the options and pick “My Crew.”

3. Navigate to the “Invite Friends” option in the lower-left part of your display. Click the button or press “1” on your keyboard.

4. The game will take you to your friends’ list, where you can send them invites.

5. Like the previous method, you can also use the Game Bar overlay and right-click the profiles you want to invite.

Accepting Invites

Accepting invites can also be done in multiple ways:

1. When in-game, you should see all your invites in a pop-up window within your session. Accept the message to proceed to the game.

2. Outside the game, you’ll be able to accept invites using the Xbox Game Bar.

Another great thing about Sea of Thieves is that it lets you enter another user’s match through your friends’ list without invites. You can do this with your Windows Game Bar, whether or not the other user is in-game or in the lobby. However, their profile needs to be labeled as a friend. Here’s what you need to do to join a session without an invite:

1. Start your Windows Game Bar.

2. Head to the “Xbox Social” menu.

3. Right-click the profile and choose the “Join Game” option from the list. If you perform this outside the game, this will now launch Sea of Thieves.

4. You’ll get a message notifying you about the other player’s game.

5. Press the “Yes” button, and you’ll be forwarded to their session.

Company Is Always Welcome

Even though solo Sea of Thieves journeys can be a tremendous source of fun, the experience can be much more satisfying with random people. Taking on even the most challenging quests is a lot easier, and you get to communicate with users from all over the world. So, team up with other seafarers and prepare for hours of thrilling voyages.

Do you prefer playing with strangers or friends in Sea of Thieves? How often do you play solo sessions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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