How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Stories

Everyone loves a bit of Instagram, right? Well, its Stories feature gives you the ability to produce a daily slide show of images that you can use to tell others about your day. Stories disappear after 24 hours, but it has certainly been a big hit! Now, with over 150 million users, Instagram Stories clearly has many fans.

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Stories

Regardless, the functionality of the app isn’t always easy to grasp. So here’s a series of tips and tricks, with step-by-step guides, to help you fully enjoy using Instagram Stories.

In this edition of the Tips and Tricks series, we look at how to see who viewed your Instagram story.

How do I know who sees my Instagram Stories?

Almost everyone likes to share stuff, but the best bit about the whole process is discovering who has seen it. We all want to know who’s checking us out. If a person starts messaging you about a story, then you can be pretty sure they’ve viewed it, but what about when nobody sends a message?

Open Instagram to the Home Screen

To check if someone has viewed your Instagram story, open the app, and go to the home screen. You should see a screen similar to this:

Open Your Story

There will be a bunch of circles at the top of your screen that represents stories of people you follow. To view someone’s story, including your own, you need to click or touch the circle of your choice. If you see someone’s story, you will show up in the left corner of the specific story you saw.

Note* To make your own Instagram story, click the camera icon in the upper left corner, just above your own story icon. When you’ve created a story and click “Your Story,” it will appear in your story. Once this happens, you can view who has seen your story for the next 24 hours, which is when it disappears.

Click on the Eye Icon

As shown above, you can see a story that I created using a picture from my gallery. In the bottom left-hand corner, you can see the number of people who have seen the story. In this particular case, it’s 23 for this specific story. However, since I have more stories, this amount may be incorrect.

More people see your first story than your last for two reasons: When someone swipes right, they’ll always see your first story, and you can skip the rest of someone’s story by swiping right instead of touching or clicking right. If you want to see who has seen all of your stories, including the first one on your screen, click the “Seen by…” in the bottom, left-hand corner.

Inspect the Viewers

In the blue box, you can see all of your stories from the past 24 hours. The first story captioned above is “Wavy hair,” which has 46 views. The bingo card has 23 views. Since I am looking at the bingo card, I can see all of the individual people who looked at my story. The only way you wouldn’t know who saw your story is if you literally don’t know the person. Instagram keeps track of every single person who looked at your story.

If you want to check your other stories and see the itemized list of people, click the story you want to see, and another menu will pop up. Most likely, the person who saw your 4th story saw your 1st story, but someone who saw your 1st story may never see your 4th unless your 4th story replaces the rest of your stories and becomes the 1st. As stated, it’s more likely people will see your 1st story than your last.

The next step is to check your analytics.

If you have a business account, this list will appear so that you can do the following:

  • Track how many people view your story
  • Press next
  • Exit your story
  • Follow the person because they saw your story

The above features are helpful if you want to grow a decent following on your Instagram account.

To view your analytics, click or press the graph icon (marked by the red box on the screen) to view the page. If you’re not worried about growing a channel, these statistics won’t mean much to you, but they are cool to see.

To exit these screens, click back on your phone, and you will return to the home screen.

When it comes to privacy, only you can see who has visited your story and how many visits it had. If it’s a total failure, you’ll be thankful for this little detail.

As you can see, viewing who saw your Instagram Stories is not that complicated. Just follow the above guide, and you’re good to go!

Should You Be Concerned About Someone Viewing Your Stories?

With respect to the internet and social media in particular, a lot of users are left wondering “When should you be concerned about your privacy?” There isn’t exactly a cookie-cutter answer here. There are several reasons you may want to see who’s checking out your content.

Are you trying to impress one person and you’re hoping that they’re noticing? Are you trying to track your path to Instagram fame? Or, are you worried that someone is viewing your content for nefarious purposes?

If you’re wondering whether or not a crush or an influencer is noticing your Stories, it would probably be easier to ask them if they saw it, had any tips, or liked it since you can’t see how many times they viewed it.

Assuming you’d like to track your path to fame, switch your Instagram account to a Professional Account where you can get real-time updates and analytics.

Lastly, if someone is stalking or harassing you, block them. It’s that simple honestly. You can also report abusive users and those who use your Instagram story for reasons that go against the Community Guidelines.

Is It Possible to View a Story Without the Creator Knowing?

If you’re concerned about your security or an Instagram stalker, you may be curious to know if it’s possible for someone to view your Story without detection. While there are some third-party apps and websites that claim to do this, most don’t actually let anyone view your content if it’s private and they aren’t your friend.

There is one workaround that many Instagram users swear by but it can be a little tricky and only shows a preview of the story. If you aren’t familiar with every function of Instagram’s Stories, it is possible to pause and preview the next one undetected.

By choosing a Story to the right of yours, the user could long-press the current Story and slowly drag the screen to the right where they could preview your Story. Since the user never actually opened your Story all the way, you’d never know they were interested.

However, if they happened to scroll all the way to the right, Instagram would recognize that they did open your Story and you’d get a notification. So like we said, it can be tricky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case our article didn’t answer all of your questions, we’ve included more information here.

Can someone tell how many times you viewed their story?

No, although that are some heavily weighted theories that those who view the stories the most will appear at the top, these are yet to be proven.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you suspect that someone is viewing your Story multiple times and you don’t want them to, it may be a good idea to hide your Story from them altogether. You can do this when posting, select the option for who to share your Story with and exclude that person if there’s a concern.

Can someone tell if I screenshot a story?

Instagram tends to go back and forth on this, but currently no. Only Direct Messages with photos on Instagram send screenshot alerts. It’s best to avoid putting anything online you wouldn’t want someone to save for later.

Can I tell who viewed my profile?

No, the only indicator that someone is snooping around is if they interact with your profile. For example, click on your Story, comment, like, share, etc.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram Story after 24 hours?

Only if you’ve set your Instagram account settings to archive your stories. Visit the horizontal three-dot icon from your Profile page to access your Archives. The Stories in your archive folder will only show your viewers for a 48-hour time period according to Instagram, so if you want to investigate who viewed your Stories, you’ll need to act quickly.

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