How To Setup Hotmail on Android

There are a wide variety of email providers out there, free and paid, with a huge array of features available for the discerning consumer. Yet despite all those choices, sometimes the simplest and easiest email providers can be the ones that best meet your needs. With more than 300 million Hotmail accounts out there, obviously this pioneering Web-based email provider was doing something right, and even though Hotmail as an entity is no more (Microsoft has now transitioned all its Hotmail customers over to, there are still many millions of people happily still using their Hotmail accounts. If you have a Hotmail account and would like to access it via the email apps on your Android tablet or smartphone, that’s easy to do. This article will walk you through the steps.

How To Setup Hotmail on Android

I’ll start with how to get your Hotmail email setup with your phone’s included default email application.  The pre-installed email app on your smartphone is found on your home screen.  It’s also possible to access it through your apps drawer.

Let’s get into setting up your Hotmail email account with your Android Smartphone or device.

Setup Hotmail with Default Application

On my Android device, the default email application is simply called Email.  It’s found on the home screen and within the app drawer.  I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.                                                                                                             Hotmail on Android

First, open the email application.  Then, you can set up your Hotmail account by selecting under the email providers listed. (Remember, Hotmail is really part of now.)

  • Tap on the button.                                                                                                                             hotmail setup email
  • On the next screen, under Select Service, tap the down arrow and tap on                          Select Hotmail
  • Next, you’ll enter your email address for your Hotmail account in the box provided.
  • Then, when you tap the password box the email password page appears and you’ll enter your password.  Now tap the sign in button.                                                                                                                                               Hotmail Password
  • Let your email app access your Hotmail account information and sync them together by tapping on the yes button.  hotmail access
  • You’ll receive an email that’ll lets you know you can use the Outlook email application for your email retrieval, or if you’d prefer to use your device’s application tap a link in the email so it can sync with it instead.                   Use email app

A second way to get your Hotmail email account set up is by following these steps below.

  • Tap on the email app in your app drawer or from your Android home screen.                                                                                                                                                Email in apps
  • Then, set up your Hotmail account by tapping the Add Other Account at the bottom of your email apps screen.                                                                                                                                                                 add other email
  • Enter your Hotmail email address in the box provided. After doing that your Android phone or device asks you to enter your Hotmail password.  When you’ve finished entering your password, tap the blue sign in button.            Hotmail Password

Use the Outlook Application for Hotmail

If you head over to the Google Play Store, you can get the Outlook mail application.  It’s designed particularly for use with Hotmail and Outlook mail accounts.  You can even use it for other email accounts if you have them.

The Outlook application for Android is very well designed and it’s very customizable to your email needs.

  • Go to the Google Play Store.  Type outlook in the search bar.  The first thing that shows in the list is the Microsoft Outlook application, choose it.                                                                         goggle Play Search
  •  Tap on the green install button to get the Microsoft Outlook mail app.  It’ll now download to your Android smartphone.                                                            Microsoft Outlook Install
  • Next, tap the green open button for Microsoft Outlook to set up your Hotmail email account.                 Open Outlook app
  • Tap on the blue “Get Started” button when the outlook mail app starts.                                                           Get started Outlook Mail
  • Now, you’ll enter your Hotmail email address and select continue.                                                           Hotmail continue
  • You’re directed to enter your Hotmail password in the box. After you’ve entered your password, tap the blue sign in button.  Your Hotmail account then becomes authenticated with the outlook app.                                                   Sign in outlook hotmail
  • You can add another Hotmail email account or tap on the skip option in the lower left-hand side of your Android smartphone screen.                                                                                                                                                    add another or skip
  • Finally, you’ll get an introduction to the key features of the Outlook mail app. You can either go through them or skip on the lower left-hand side again.

You have the choice of using a focused inbox where only important and allowed emails are displayed.  Alternatively, you may also switch to other which lets you see all your emails regardless of urgency.

Wrapping Up

You’re able to set up your Hotmail email account by either using your Android smartphones default email application or using the Microsoft Outlook email app.  Either way, you’ll have things set up in no time with a few easy to follow steps.

If you’d like a more genuine Hotmail look then, you’ll want to check out the Outlook app.  It’s available for free from the Google Play store.  You’ll also have the choice to set up other email provider accounts within the Microsoft Outlook app if you choose.

Make sure not to miss important emails and get your Hotmail account set up on your Android smartphone with these guided instructions!

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Thank you for the detailed instructions. Can Outlook be installed on an Android phone without using the Google Play Store and without the Google account needed to access the Google Play Store?
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