See your insignificance in the universe in just four minutes

How are you feeling today? Feel pretty good and have exciting plans for the weekend? Well, let me bring you down to Earth with a timely reminder of just how insignificant you are in the universe.

Don’t worry, I am too. If I were still under any illusions as to being massively important, they would be shattered just 45 seconds into this excellent video from

Business Insider. Sure, compared to the one-femtometre proton that kicks the video off, we’re enormous, but our place in proceedings arrives only 37 seconds later, with over 80% of the video still to play out.

Depending on your frame of mind, you’ll either find that upsetting or comforting, but, either way, the sheer scale of things involved is hard to fathom. That’s why making models of the universe to scale is so difficult – you’re either left with a sun that can fit in your hand, but barely visible planets, or a sun that’s a seven mile drive from Pluto. Neither are ideal for schools, it’s fair to say.

Still, if you really want to feel big and important again, there’s always the wonderful “Scale of the Universe 2”, which lets you zoom in at your own pace and see clearly that – while we may be dwarfed by mountains, planets and stars – shrews, earthworms and dust mites have no choice but to literally look up to us.

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