How to Get More Battery Power in Tears of the Kingdom

Battery power is a whole new concept for “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK). Since the game allows you to make all sorts of vehicles and Zonai devices, you need batteries to power up those creations. At the start, you’ll only have a single battery, but you can obtain many more over the course of the game.

How to Get More Battery Power in Tears of the Kingdom

This guide will show how to get more battery power.

How to Get More Battery Power Permanently

Despite holding your hand through the tutorial section and introducing the basics of new abilities, like the Ultrahand, TotK doesn’t provide much guidance on upgrading your battery power. It’s quite a complicated process, and many players are left confused about how to get more batteries.

There are multiple steps to the process. Here’s the basic path you need to follow:

  1. Find items called Crystallized Charges.
  2. Take your Crystallized Charges to the Crystal Refinery.
  3. Hand in your charges to the Steward Construct at the refinery.
  4. The Construct will transform your charges into new Energy Wells, permanently boosting the size of your battery bar.

How to Find Crystallized Charges

The first step is to get your hands on some Crystallized Charges. There are multiple places to find them, but they’re all generally located down in The Depths. The Depths is the underground area of TotK, and it can be quite dangerous, so it’s wise to bring plenty of food and Brightbloom Seeds to light the way. Try packing some Warding meals, too, as they’ll help you resist Gloom damage.


One of the best ways to hunt for Crystallized Charges is to open any chests you find in The Depths. Specifically, look for chests in and around the many abandoned mines of The Depths, as well as at Yiga Outposts. Some chests even contain a Large Crystallized Charge, which is equivalent to 20 normal-size ones.


Lots of the bosses and Gloom enemies of The Depths also have a chance of dropping Crystallized Charges when you defeat them. Again, some may even drop the large variants, and certain bosses guard chests with up to 100 charges inside. This may not be the best method if you’re new to the game due to the difficulty of certain enemies. However, it’s handy once you’ve got some good gear and extra health.


You can also purchase Crystallized Charges from the various forges around The Depths. At each forge, a Steward Construct will be able to sell you some charges in exchange for Zonaite. Each charge costs three Zonaite, and you will need 300 charges in total for an entirely new battery or 100 for 1/3 of a battery, also known as an Energy Well.

Finding the Crystal Refinery

Once you’ve collected a lot of Crystallized Charges, you’ll want to head to the Crystal Refinery to cash them in for extra battery power.

There are two refineries to choose from. One is situated on the Great Sky Island beside Nachoyah Shrine. The other is located just north of Lookout Landing; it looks like a small rock with a Steward Construct on the top.

To get your bonus battery power, speak with the Construct at either of these refineries. You can exchange 100 charges for a new Energy Well, and three Energy Wells form a completely new battery symbol on your HUD.

You can have a grand total of eight batteries. You have one given to you at the start, with the option of unlocking seven more. That means you’ll need to find 2,100 Crystallized Charges in total. It’ll take quite a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

How to Temporarily Boost Your Battery With Zonai Charges

The method above shows you how to get more permanent battery power, but it’s quite time-consuming. If you need some extra charges quickly, you can also use a different method. This technique gives you some temporary bonus battery life, similar to temporary extra hearts on your health bar.

This method is also a lot simpler. All you have to do is consume Zonai Charges. A single charge will restore your battery by one bar. If your battery is already full, consuming a charge will instead give you an extra temporary bar of battery, which will appear yellow on your HUD instead of green.

You can repeat the process of consuming Zonai Charges to give yourself multiple temporary bonus batteries. They won’t regenerate or refill when you’ve used them up, but they’re handy if you need to use a device or vehicle for an extended period of time.

In terms of where to find Zonai Charges, you can usually pick them up after beating Construct enemies or from searching chests. You should be able to find plenty during your playthrough, so there’s no need to worry about running out.


What are batteries used for in TotK?

You use batteries to power up your Zonai devices, including vehicles, robots, and weapons. There are many devices to build and use throughout the game, like boats for crossing lakes or special weapons for tackling the game’s biggest monsters. All of those devices demand battery power, so it’s highly recommended to boost your battery bar with new Energy Wells as soon as possible.

What happens when batteries run out of power?

Just like your stamina bar, batteries will passively recharge after running out. However, recharging takes time, so you may prefer to charge them back up instantly by consuming Zonai Charges. This is the fastest way to refill batteries. There’s no need to worry about batteries breaking or being empty forever, as they will always recharge, and you can’t lose them.

What’s the fastest way to get Crystallized Charges?

You can rapidly acquire a ton of Crystallized Charges by beating bosses and opening chests in The Depths. However, this may be tricky for players who are early in the game and haven’t had time to access better weapons and gear. If you want a foolproof method, simply mine Zonaite and take it to the forges. Mining will take time, but you won’t have to worry about brutal boss battles or challenges.

Boost Your Battery Power in TotK

It won’t happen overnight, but if you put in the work and collect every Crystallized Charge you find, you’ll have no trouble upgrading your batteries in TotK. Then, once you’ve got all eight batteries, your vehicles and devices will stay powered up a whole lot longer.

How many batteries have you got so far in TotK? Got any extra tips or tricks to find Crystallized Charges or Zonaite? Let us know in the comments.

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