How To Tell if Someone Deleted their Discord Account

Discord is for easy-to-use communication between gamers and friends, but sometimes it can be a bit too much to handle. If someone no longer feels the need to use the service they may delete their account entirely. Unfortunately, Discord does not alert fellow members that an account was deleted.

How To Tell if Someone Deleted their Discord Account

There is a pretty simple solution to figuring out if someone has deleted their account. Although, it may also seem as if they may have just unfriended you or possibly have been banned. Let’s figure it out together.

If you’d like to delete your Discord account read How to Delete a Discord Account.

Has an Account Been Deleted?

One key indicator of knowing whether an account has been deleted is by checking out the username. Changes to the username occur when someone goes through the process of deleting their account.

It is important to mention that Discord gives users the option to disable rather than delete an account. A disabled account will appear the same as one that has been deleted. If you’re looking for a contact that appears deleted it’s important to check back for activity at a later date.

There are several ways for a user to customize interactions within the Discord platform. Blocking users, disabling an account, unfriending someone, and deleting an account is at the mercy of users.

Active Users should look something like this:

When an account is deleted, the name of the account changes to something along the lines of “DeletedUser#####.” The numbers that appear after the “DeletedUser” may be all zeros or a bunch of randomly generated numbers. So if your friend currently appears on your “Friend’s List” in this manner, their account has been deleted.

The name can also appear in previously posted messages including those within the server chatrooms, direct messages, and any other point of interaction on Discord.

Each account has a unique identification number attached to it (in the case of the screenshot above the ID number is “7098”) at the creation of the account. The account’s username and unique identification number are no longer connected in any meaningful way once an account is deleted. This assures the person whose account has been deleted that their information and previously posted text cannot be traced back to them.

Another indicator that an account has been deleted or disabled is that any mutual friends the two users had will no longer show as “mutual connections.” This is because the user with the deleted/disable account is no longer active.

If an account has been disabled by Discord for abuse or perhaps an underage person was running the account, the username will appear the same as listed above. Regardless of the reason; if you see “DeletedUser#####” the account is no longer active.

For those who would like to permanently delete their Discord account they can. Ensuring that even the “DeletedUser#####” no longer appears on the platform, users can contact the support team at [email protected]

Blocked Accounts

Users will still be able to see a disabled or deleted account. If someone has been blocked by another user the account will no longer appear at all. If you think you may have been blocked but see the “DeletedUser #####,” then you haven’t been blocked.


If you can see the username still active, such as the screenshot listed above then the account has not been disabled and you haven’t been blocked. If you aren’t able to see any of the information about the account this simply means you’ve been unfriended.

What Happens When Someone Deletes Their Account?

If someone deletes their account, the messages they’ve sent still remain along with images and other information. This makes it difficult for many users to identify whether an account is gone for good or if the administrator is taking a break.

Although past information is left behind, you’ll notice there is no new activity and you won’t receive any response to your current messages.

If you need to delete your account and would like to take your messages with you, tap the three horizontal dots next to each message and select the option to delete before closing your account.

Restoring a Deleted Account

Discord does not permanently delete account information for 30 days. If someone has deleted their account then decided to reactivate it, the task is possible.

Regardless of the reason for the deletion, you can restore the account so long as it’s been within the 30-day window of deletion.

Once the 30 days are up, the account is permanently deleted along with any personal information attached to it. This is done to comply with the demands of GDPR or the “General Data Protection Regulation.”

In order to restore the Discord account to its normal standing:

  1. The user with the deleted account will need to login to Discord via either the desktop or browser app.
    • A pending “Account Scheduled For Deletion” window should pop-up indicating that your account has entered the countdown to permanent destruction.
  2. Just below the “I am sure! Button,” you should see “Change your mind? Restore Account”.
  3. Click on Restore Account to have access to your account once again.
    • If you do not see the described dialog box when logging in to restore your account, it is already too late. The account is no longer available for restoration and has been permanently deleted.
    • To create a new account, you’d have to begin the process anew.

For accounts that were deleted courtesy of Discord, you will have to create new accounts. It’s possible that the IP attached to your deleted account has also been banned. This means you’ll need to acquire the help of a VPN to circumvent the ban and create a new account.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve outlined some more inforamtion for you below!

What is the difference between a disabled and a deactivated account?

Some users just need a break from the messaging client but they know they’d like to come back some day. These users opt to temporarily shut their account down which is what we refer to as a disabled account.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOther users are done with the client altogether. An account that a user does not intend to come back to is called a deactivated account.

Can I send messages to someone who disabled their account?

Absolutely. A disabled account will still allow friend requests and messages but the user won’t be notified until they enable their account. Once they login, all of their messages and friend requests will start working again.

I was having a great conversation with another user and now their username says ‘Deleted User.’ Is this an error?

If you’re talking with someone on Discord and they suddenly show up as a deleted user, you may wonder if it was a glitch. What happened to your friend? Assuming you were getting along really well and speaking regularly, your first thought will likely be that this is some strange mistake.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe more common possibility is that Discord banned the user and their IP Address. If you’ve never met the person and you really don’t know much about them, it is very possible that the great conversation you were having was a spam account.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOn the other hand, Discord is not without it’s flaws and several users have complained on the forums that their accounts were spontaneously deleted. When this happens, the only thing one can do is to contact u003ca href=u0022 Supportu003c/au003e and hope for the best.

15 thoughts on “How To Tell if Someone Deleted their Discord Account”

joe says:
i wanna delete my account but i really want the chats to be exported to a text file or something of the sort cos i tend to cling to the past.. so is there any way to export the chats and then delete the account?
Destiny says:
Yaa there’s a method from which u can export all the discord chat (DM,channel chat) search google (Discord history tracker) this site itself explain the method to get all the chats But the chat would be in Json format but still they have json reader on their website.
Crash Bandicoot says:
Ok but how do I know or someone is an real or fake Deleted User because there are some fake Deleted User which are actually active but trying to prank people with an Deleted User with 8 random generated numbers and letters
die says:
it should show Deleted User#0000
Hala says:
Guys, I have a question. I had a friend of mine. He was a really good friend. He didn’t ask for personal info or anything. Then today, I looked on his account. It said ‘Deleted User’ his tag before was 1487 and then now its 6498. I’m scared guys I need your help. I really don’t want to lose him he’s the only person that I have a pleasant time to talk with. Please help me
Brad says:
I deleted an old account of mine that was not terminated, but deleted by me, and still had “Deleted User#(random query)… I find this odd and a bit suspicious. In that case, does that not mean my account and information was all removed when I requested it to be a short period of time ago?
Tucker says:
I am scared as well because before it said deleted user, he was telling me about a recent Ulcer that had appeared in his stomach, and I was really worried about him. THAT WAS ALMOST A MONTH AGO. I don’t know what to do, or how to get a hold of him, he is my best friend and I can’t bare to go through another loss in 2020. Please helpe me
SirElysio says:
I have currently at the time i’m writing this message, a friend that haven’t benn active for 1 months. I looked for her in my friends list in discord, and today it reappeared as an deleted user (more precisely, the username is now Deleted User fa757f64 #8534, her name was Coranya). I really miss her and i wanted to know if in my case, the account was deleted, or if she just switched her name to this name and let me apart.

Thanks for your help

Vukan says:
I have a question, i had a realy good friend on discord and she deleted her acc 3 days ago, Is there any way I can call her or contact her and can i see email or something of somone’s acc, pls somone answer me
Tylwe says:
I dont think so unfortunately
Kiera says:
Does the #(numbers) beside their username would still be visible when they deleted their account? Because my friend’s account username changed to DeletedUser(randomnumbers) yet, he still got his ID #(numbers).
Kirighaya kazuto says:
Whatif someone just deletes their discord Application how would we know that he/she deleted their discord application?
gaming#3765 says:
Their account would still be there. The app doesn’t delete the account really. It’s just a client for your account to use. Not to hold it.
Brooke says:
Will the account show the deleted username for 30 days or will it show normally for 30 days and then after show the username?
Victoria says:
So are you able to get in any banned discord after the 30 day permanent account is deleted
John says:
You say that once an account is deleted that the user ID and personal information are no longer linked, does this apply for Discord themselves, or just users?
In other words can discord identify a deleted user and their personal data by using a user id?
Matthew says:
Ditto this

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