How To Know if Someone Deleted You in WhatsApp

Like most apps, WhatsApp enables you to customize who can contact you. Users who suspect someone deleted (blocked) them on WhatsApp may be surprised to learn there are various signs that can help confirm it.

How To Know if Someone Deleted You in WhatsApp

If you’re interested in learning how to know if someone deleted you on WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses what you should pay attention to if you think someone blocked you.

WhatsApp How to Know if Someone Deleted You

If you suspect someone deleted (blocked) you on WhatsApp, there are numerous things you can check that will help you confirm this. Let’s discuss them.

Try Sending a Message

The first action you can take if you think someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to try to send them a message. How can this help? WhatsApp allows you to check whether your message was delivered and opened. If you send the message and you see two gray signs, it means the person has received your message and hasn’t opened it. This indicates the person hasn’t blocked you because otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to receive your message. The same goes for two blue signs, only this indicates the person has received and seen the message.

If you see one gray sign, it means the person hasn’t received the message, which could be a sign that they blocked you. Before jumping to conclusions, keep in mind that this could also mean the person has turned off their internet or your connection is too weak. So this doesn’t give you reliable confirmation that you were blocked.

Check Their Profile Picture

Another thing you can try in order to establish whether someone deleted you on WhatsApp is to check their profile picture. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the “Chats” tab.
  2. Find the contact and tap their profile picture on the left.
  3. Tap the “i” button to see their profile status.

If you see their profile picture, it means you weren’t blocked. But if you see a gray figure, it could indicate the person blocked you. Keep in mind that you may see the gray figure even if you aren’t blocked. The person may have chosen not to add a profile picture to the app.

Check Their Status

WhatsApp enables its users to create a status that displays under their name. You can use this to check whether a user has blocked you. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the “Chats” section.
  2. Press the person’s profile picture.
  3. Check their picture. If you don’t see anything, the person may have blocked you.

Keep in mind that setting the status in WhatsApp is optional. Not being able to see a person’s status doesn’t prove they blocked you.

Check Their Last Seen Information

WhatsApp features the “Last seen” option that allows users to check the time their contacts last used the app. This information is displayed below the person’s name. If you don’t see anything, the person may have blocked you. Of course, this isn’t a sure way to confirm someone blocked you because users can turn off this option if they want to.

Ask a Friend or a Friend of a Friend

If you suspect someone blocked you on WhatsApp, you can do a little research outside the app. Ask your mutual friends whether they’ve heard anything about this.

Discover the Truth

WhatsApp doesn’t inform its users when another person blocks them because it values their privacy. However, several signs within the app could indicate you were deleted (blocked). Keep in mind that none of them are 100% reliable. If you really want to know whether a person has blocked you, you’ll need to ask them or someone close to them.

Do you know any other ways to establish whether you were deleted on WhatsApp? Have you tried any method we discussed above? Tell us in the comments section below.

One thought on “How To Know if Someone Deleted You in WhatsApp”

Jerry says:
I have a friend who blocked me and then deleted my contact profile. That person wants to reestablish communications, but since the sys no longer has me showing as blocked, there is no option to unblock. They tryed to just reinstall me as a new contact but the sys reports an error. Do you have and advise or solutions.

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