How to Create a Temporary Email Address

For most of us, email is a necessary evil. Sure, it’s important to have an email address, both for logging into accounts all over the web and to make sure you can be reached by colleagues and employers alike. But email can be so frustrating so often. Whether you’re sorting through junk mail and various mailers that mean nothing to you throughout your day to day life, email is more of a burden than a true joy to use.

So, if you’re fed up with the surge of junk mail you’ve be receiving after researching insurance quotes, or tired of being marketed at every time you need to enter your personal details into a website to get information, we’ve got the solution for you. Creating a temporary email address is easy to do, simple to use, and makes it easy to send and receive mail anonymously all over the web.

While most websites, applications, trial periods, and online require an email address, you aren’t always required to keep those email addresses. In fact, those very signups are part of the reason spam continues to be a problem with email well over twenty years after email became a popular way to communicate online. Temporary email addresses enable you to take advantage of all these services without the deluge of spam you get after signing up to these services.

But how do you do it? Well, luckily for you, it’s very, very easy. Let’s take a look at how to create a temporary email that is both free and disposable.

Create a temporary email address

Whatever your reasons, you can create a temporary email address in less than a minute. There are dozens of good websites that offer temporary email addresses or even more permanent ones. If you prefer to stick to what you know, you can always create an alias in your existing Gmail or Outlook account.

Some temporary email address providers include:

Other brands of temporary email address are also available. Each provides a viable email address for a single session or longer. They also offer the option of a few domain names and all are very simple to use. Here’s what to do.

  1. Visit your temporary email address provider of choice.
  2. Choose an email address from the selection.
  3. Use that email address to sign up for your offer or service.
  4. Monitor the email address in your browser and go from there.


What you need to know about temporary email addresses

Temporary email addresses are incredibly convenient and a great way to enjoy all the benefits of the internet without the junk that comes with it. However, these email addresses are not private, do not come with the same security that many mainstream email providers offer and will often only last a single session.

That means sharing any identifiable information within these email services puts your privacy at risk so be careful.

A useful alternative to temporary email addresses is the alias. You can use your usual provider, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or whatever and create a unique and disposable email address that is connected to your main address. That way you can filter the junk and keep your private email private.

  1. Sign into your email provider of choice, I’ll use Gmail for this example.
  2. Navigate to your account page and select Account.
  3. You should see an Alias section, click Add an alias.
  4. Add a word or name that you want to appear before
  5. Click Save Changes.

Creating an alias is a slightly more permanent solution to avoiding spam. It may take a couple of hours for the server to create and assign the alias but it will be available permanently once it is ready for use.

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