How to Trade in Warframe

One of the most important aspects of Warframe’s gameplay is its trading system. Any Tenno, or Warframe player, should know how to trade with others. Through trading, you can advance much quicker through the ranks and increase your combat prowess.

How to Trade in Warframe

If you’re not sure how you go about trading in Warframe, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explain the processes step-by-step as well as answer a few common questions about trading in the game.

How to Trade in Warframe?

Trading in Warframe involves exchanging at least one item for another. This is similar to many other Mass-Multiplayer Online (MMO) titles. In Warframe, a trade session is conducted between two individual Tenno.

The most common way to trade in Warframe is using a Clan Dojo’s Trading Post. To start trading, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit any Clan Dojo, either your own or someone else’s.
  2. Approach a Trading Post.
  3. Press the “Action” button.
  4. Select the Tenno you want to trade with from the list on the left.
  5. Double-click their gamer tag.
  6. Wait for the other Tenno to accept.
  7. When the trading window opens, select any slot and look for what you want to trade.
  8. Select “Ready to Trade.”
  9. Select “Accept.”
  10. Finally, select “OK” to confirm the trade.

You have a limited number of trades you can make per day. Every trade you make reduces that allotted trade number by one. Near the beginning of a new game, at Rank 2, you get two trades per day. However, you can increase your trade number if you’re not afraid of doing a little hard work.

The only way to increase the number of trades available daily is to rank up. For example, Rank 20 Tenno can trade 20 times a day and Founders have an additional two trades per day.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways to gain extra trades per day.

Using a Trading Post is what most Tenno end up doing after meeting someone in the Trade Chat. Like in real life, taxes may apply when you trade with other players. These “taxes” are Credit payments to the clan’s Vault or Warframe’s “system” depending on where you trade. A kind clan usually doesn’t require you to pay trade taxes, but don’t count on avoiding taxes forever.

Dojos are the best places to trade in, but not all Tenno trade there.

How to Trade in Maroo’s Bazaar in Warframe?

Maroo’s Bazaar may be the first place newer Tenno trade with others. Unlike trading in a Clan Dojo, you can walk around displaying your wares. You’ll also be able to look at others’ offerings. Try it out by following these steps:

  1. Open the Star Chart.
  2. Move to Mars.
  3. Select Maroo’s Bazaar.
  4. Pick any session from the menu.
  5. Arrive at the Bazaar.
  6. Go inside Maroo’s Bazaar.
  7. Approach any Tenno.
  8. Press the “Action” button to initiate a trade.
  9. When the trading window opens, select any slot and look for what you want to trade.
  10. Select “Ready to Trade.”
  11. Select “Accept.”
  12. Finally, select “OK” to confirm the trade.

The major difference is in location, but otherwise, the process of trading in Maroo’s Bazaar is similar to trading in a Dojo. You can avoid paying clan trading taxes in the Bazaar if a clan requires them. However, you have to walk around and find the particular Tenno from the crowd before you can trade.

Trading in Maroo’s Bazaar is less convenient and you might not be able to find what you want. If you do ask a Tenno to meet there, you might enter the wrong session and have to spend extra time locating them. The Bazaar also has a 10% trading tax to the system.

If you happen to find someone in Trade Chat, it’s always better to trade in a Dojo than invite them to Maroo’s Bazaar. Trading Posts allow you to trade with Tenno instantly without looking for them. The process is infinitely faster.

Maroo’s Bazaar can still be useful for Tenno without a Clan Dojo. This is why knowing how to trade thereafter meeting up in Trade Chat is important. You never know if you’ll end up doing that.

Additional FAQs

What Is the Safest Way to Trade in Warframe?

Generally, trading in a Clan Dojo is safer than in Maroo’s Bazaar. While there is no practical difference, you only enter a Dojo to trade after discussing with the other Tenno. In a Bazaar, you’re often going in blindly and there’s no guaranteed someone there has what you want.

Ultimately, both methods are very safe, but Trading Posts in a Clan Dojo are just slightly safer.

If you happen to become a victim of a scam, contact Digital Extremes for help. Take screenshots if you’re suspicious of any transaction or trade. It’s better to take measures to prevent scams than to report them after they happen.

Also, when you trade, always double- and triple-check whether the items on the screen are what you agreed upon. Only trade for in-game items with other items or Platinum. Never trade for anything not from Warframe, be it cash, favors, or items in other games.

Some Tenno get tricked in Kubrow and Kavat Genetic Imprint trading. To prevent this, make sure you get the exact characteristics you asked for. You can do this by selecting “View Offered Imprints” before you complete the trade.

How Do You Trade Warframes?

You can’t trade Warframes, but you can trade Prime Parts. The only Warframes you can trade are Primed ones, and only through their blueprints.

Warframes are typically assembled from at least four parts: A Warframe Blueprint, Chassis Blueprint, Neuroptics Blueprint, and Systems Blueprint.

After crafting these, you can combine all of them with any other required resources. You’ll have to wait 72 hours to complete the process or pay some Platinum to bypass the waiting period.

You may not be able to trade whole Warframes with other Tenno, but you can exchange blueprints for Platinum or other items and blueprints. These trades may be offered in a set or individually.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this type of trading works.

Imagine that you have all but the Neuroptics Blueprint for Mag Prime. If someone wants these parts, you can come to an agreement, such as 120 Platinum. On the other hand, you can get the missing component blueprint for a price as well.

Certain Warframe component blueprints are more expensive due to their rarity and can yield a nice profit. Selling in sets is also a way to earn a good sum of Platinum at once.

The best Warframes to trade for depends on a variety of factors such as:

• The most recent Prime Warframe

• Recently “vaulted” or “unvaulted” Warframes

• Market trends

All Prime Warframe Blueprints and component blueprints can be traded with other Tenno if you have them. The only exception is Excalibur Prime, as it’s a pre-built Warframe only available to those who purchased the Founders Pack years ago.

If you want to trade for and with these Blueprints, make sure you haven’t built them. Once you build them, you won’t be able to offer them in trades.

Prime Warframe Blueprints and the other three component Blueprints can be obtained through opening Void Relics. If you’re lucky, you can get the best reward without boosting the drop chance with Void Traces.

How Do I Start Trading in Warframe?

Before your account is eligible for trading, there are a few conditions to fulfill. Make sure you complete everything before you start trading with others. The trading conditions include:

1. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA)

Fulfilling of the trading conditions may be a no-brainer for many players. Following Update 25, Digital Extremes has made it mandatory for all Tenno to enable 2FA on their accounts. This is to prevent hacking and other malicious persons from compromising your account. Without enabling it, you can be Mastery Rank 20 and still not be able to trade.

2. Be at least Mastery Rank 2

A Mastery Rank of at least Rank 2 is required to trade. You get there by ranking up your weapons, Warframes, Sentinels, Companions, and other equipment. When you reach Rank 2, you can start trading in Clan Dojos or Maroo’s Bazaar.

3. Have enough Credits to pay any taxes

As all trades will require some tax Credits, you need to ensure you have enough to pay. Prime Mods have a trading tax of 1,000,000 Credits, which may mean saving up for a while to trade for one. However, each trade is different. The actual trading tax depends on what you trade and how many items you’re trading for.

4. Not having a Trade Ban from Digital Extremes

If you were caught breaking the trading rules and regulations, you might be banned from trading for some time. For example, you may be caught trading for cash or items from other games. If you have a restriction from trading, you’ll have to wait until the ban is lifted.

How Many Items Can You Trade in Warframe?

Every trade session allows you to trade up to six items at a time. This rule also applies for the other Tenno you’re trading with. If you want to trade more, you need to open a new session with the other Tenno. When you start a new session, the maximum trade items reset to six again.

Keep in mind that you can’t stack more than one of the same item or Mod. If you want multiples, you have to manually select another one to fill the remaining slots. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What Can’t You Trade in Warframe?

There are some things that you can’t trade with other Tenno in Warframe, including:

• Crafted weapons

• Tradeable weapons that have gained Affinity

• Most resources

• Credits

• Certain Mods

When you craft a weapon with the Foundry, you won’t be able to trade it with another Tenno. This rule also applies to Warframes.

However, there are some whole weapons you can trade, such as the Mara Detron and Prisma Skana. This is an exception, though, and they can only be traded if they haven’t earned any Affinity.

Ferrite, Plastids, and most other resources can’t be traded and your millions of resources are going to sit in your inventory until you use them up. However, not all resources are untradeable.

While the resources you get from gutting fish are untradeable, the fish themselves can be traded. You can also trade Ayatan Stars and Sculptures found in the field. Despite this, few other resources are eligible for trading.

Most Mods you get from playing the game can be traded freely as long as you can afford the tax. The exceptions are Flawed Mods, Precept Mods, and Primed Mods awarded from the Daily Tribute reward pool.

Also, you can only trade Mods with the Precept polarity if you have a duplicate. Otherwise, you’re required to keep it.

Mods such as Primed Vigor, Primed Fury, and Primed Shred are stuck in your inventory forever. You won’t be able to shake them off if you tried.

If you own a Riven Mod that has a Rank 12 requirement, the Tenno you’re trading with must have an equal rank requirement. If they don’t, they won’t be able to complete the trade with you.

Lastly, can’t trade Credits for obvious reasons. There are plenty of opportunities to earn Credits in the game, though, that you’ll find you won’t need to trade them.

Can We Negotiate?

Sometimes it’s worth trading for something you want, such as a particular Riven Mod or the missing part to your Ember Prime set. You’ll save time and maybe even Platinum. Now that you know how to trade in Warframe, you can start making Platinum and getting stronger gear.

What was the most expensive trade you’ve ever made? Do you like the current trading system? Let us know in the comments section below!

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