How to Update Apps on the Hitachi Smart TV

Smart TVs have been getting increasingly popular within the past decade or so. However, most mainstream and popular models are still far from budget-friendly. The trend of apps may have been introduced and popularized on smartphone devices, but many other smart devices have adopted these valuable tools over the last decade. With this in mind, here’s how to install and update apps on a Hitachi Smart TV.

How to Update Apps on the Hitachi Smart TV

1. Restart Your Router and TV

There is a reason why the first question you get from a tech support professional is, “Have you tried restarting your device?” It may sound trivial, but before you proceed to try and update the apps, remove and install them again, or update anything, try turning your TV set off, leaving it like that for a few minutes, and turning it back on. It will likely update your apps automatically.

2. Download Apps Natively

Your best bet for downloading apps on your Hitachi smart TV would be through its native app service. All Hitachi TV sets come with factory-installed apps. Take a look at your Hitachi remote and see if you can find an icon of the planet with the arrow going through it. Some applications will be available there. In the list of available apps, navigate to the one called “Store.” Press “OK” on your remote when you’ve selected the Market app, and you’ll see a list of all downloadable apps.

update apps on hitachi smart tv

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Some apps on Hitachi TV sets get installed by default. Others are downloadable. However, both app types should get updated automatically, as long as there is a good internet connection. Sometimes, however, Hitachi devices fail to update every app installed due to a poor internet connection (or the lack of a connection at all). Internet issues may cause the app in question to perform poorly or fail to work at all. To fix this, you need to update the app(s) manually.

4. Manually Update Apps

First, select “Store” from the “Start” screen, or get to it using the taskbar. Find the user icon next to the search box and choose it. On the account settings screen that appears, select “Downloads” or “Updates.” Next, choose “Check for Updates.” Your app list appears, and all apps that require an update feature a down arrow icon. Select the icon and click “OK” on your remote. If your connection works correctly, the update will download and automatically install the app.

5. Delete and Reinstall Apps

If the particular issue with the app that you’ve been experiencing persists, try reinstalling the app. Go to the “Downloads” or “Updates” screen and delete the app. Download it again and install it to ensure it has the latest version for your Hitachi TV. This step often fixes the update issue.

Note: The apps that came with the Hitachi TV will likely be impossible to remove. If you’re experiencing problems with these apps, try updating them. If the issue persists, contact the retailer or the manufacturer to resolve it.


6. Update Firmware/Operating System

Firmware is the software that makes every piece of electronic hardware tick. Now and then, firmware updates are released that fix bugs, glitches, and other minor issues. However, each time a new firmware update is released, the older firmware versions become less reliable and may end up causing problems. It is essential to keep your firmware up-to-date with all devices, including Hitachi smart TVs.

7. Keep It Updated

Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems with apps on your Hitachi TV, it is important that you keep your apps, OS, and firmware up-to-date. The longer you delay downloading and installing updates, the greater the chances of experiencing more serious issues.

11 thoughts on “How to Update Apps on the Hitachi Smart TV”

Debbie Rooney says:
No planet icon on my remote. Keep getting ‘no channels added. Go to installation menu to add channels, but can’t find installation menu
Björn Bourelius says:
How on earth do i download Smart IPTV? Just cannot find it in the Market or the VEWD app store.
Munguh Satunnel says:
Please can someone tell me why my hitachi smart tv does not support installation of apps
Ange says:
How do i add tubi to my hitachi smart tv?
Vivienne Bestford says:
Can someone please help me to update my software on my Hitachi smart TV please. I cant find a store App on it. Thank you
Colleen says:
Hey I can’t seem to update my Netflix so it can stop the sound cutting out I’ve checked my appstore and no Netflix
Linda says:
Hi I am looking for some answers please, cannot find the store app on my Hitachi smart tv either. The rest of the apps like Netflix etc comes up. Please help trying to download Disney for kids
Paula Wood says:
The only way I’ve been able to access Disney + on my hitachi is by using the Web browser and logging in on that to the Disney + bit slow getting it to do what I want and awkward with the remote but currently playing film great
Matt says:
Good advice about updating the apps and firmware, I’ll try that later.
The reason I found this article is because we’ve recently (in isolation) signed up to Disney+ only to find there isn’t an app available on the hitachi TV. Is there anyway of installing the Disney app?
I’ve tried using Screen Mirroring from my phone which works for everything except movies, I get sound but no image so hopefully updating the OS might solve this….. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a Chromecast or Fire stick.
Colin says:
Matt – did you have apps for 4OD, 5 on Demand, itv player and/or STV player visable through the Smartvue.
I don’t have them nor can i find the store to enable downloading them.
I’ve tried scanning for Software uprade to V. application version V. with no success.
Would really appreciate assistance for anyone.
Mark says:
Same problem with me

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