How to Watch NBC Live Without Cable

Whether you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, popular TV shows like This is Us, or you love to watch live sports, NBC is a channel that you probably can’t live without. It’s one of the most popular channels in the homes throughout the United States. The good news is that you can watch it even if you don’t have cable TV.

There are many ways to watch NBC live, from streaming services to completely free options. We’ll show you all the options so you can compare them and choose the one that works best for you and your family.

Are There Any Free Options?

If you’d like to watch NBC live for free, the best option would be to install a digital antenna. If you already have one, even better. But if you don’t, we suggest you buy one that has at least a 50-mile range.

The principle is very simple; your antenna can pick up free over-the-air broadcasts from local NBC affiliates. That means that the quality of the signal doesn’t entirely depend on the quality of your antenna. Signal strength can vary according to your location, and there’s a big difference between urban places and rural areas.

Bear in mind that you may not be able to see all the channels. Instead, you’ll get locally broadcasted channels, and the roster can vary from state to state. If you know someone who is using this method in your area, you could ask them for advice.

nbc live without cable

What Streaming Services Carry NBC Live?

Most of the popular streaming services offer NBC Live, among other channels. However, it sometimes depends on your location because NBC Live isn’t available in some areas. That’s why we recommend that you first check whether the channel is available where you live and if there are any restrictions.

Here are some of the best streaming services that have NBC Live.

Hulu Live

Hulu Live has a broad section of channels you can choose from. There are more than 60 live channels, as well as many local channels such as NBC, FOX, and CBS.

Hulu Live supports local NBC in most of the regions of the US Apart from local stations; you’ll also be able to watch live networks such as ESPN, FOX News, and CNN. Besides that, Hulu Live allows you to record up to 50 hours of content to watch when you have time.

Hulu Live has a vast on-demand library where you can find many of NBC’s original TV shows. You can watch the latest episodes or enjoy re-watching your favorites without having to pay an additional fee. If you’d like to combine live channels with the best on-demand content, look no further. Hulu Live is one of the best options out there.

Hulu Live monthly subscription starts at $54.99, which is a reasonable price if you consider all the content you’ll be able to access. It has a more extensive on-demand content library and a better offer of the latest movies and TV shows than any other service. Of course, there’s a free-trial period, so we suggest you try it out first.

Fubo TV

If you’re passionate about NBC, Fubo TV may be the best streaming service for you. The answer is simple: it has better availability of local networks, NBC Live included, than most other providers. Fubo TV is famous as a service that offers a great variety of sports channels as well as news and local stations.

That’s not the only advantage of Fubo TV, as it has more than 100 channels and fantastic DVR options. If you choose a standard package that starts at $54.99 a month, you’ll get 30 hours of DVR space. However, if you opt for any of the larger ones, you’ll get an impressive 500 hours of DVR space so you can record everything you want!

This may be the most suitable solution for people who don’t have time to watch their favorite channels during the work week but like to catch up on weekends.

YouTube TV

Another good option is YouTube TV, as it includes NBC Live in most areas. YouTube TV provides live streaming of more than 70 channels at a fantastic starting price of $50 a month.

You may ask: What’s so special about that price? It’s similar to many other streaming services. Yes, but YouTube TV membership allows you to create six accounts, which is more than what most other services offer.

Many people decide to group up and purchase a YouTube TV membership together, as it includes all of the most popular channels. It’s an excellent investment, and you should consider it. However, before you subscribe, make sure that NBC Live is available in your region. It probably is, but check it to avoid any doubt.

You can then invite your friends to subscribe to YouTube TV together!

Sling TV

Sling TV may be the most affordable option as its monthly subscription starts at $30. With a wide variety of channels they offer, Sling TV is an excellent value for money. You can start with the base offer, and you can gradually upgrade if you wish to add more channels.

However, it doesn’t have as good local coverage as other streaming services, for example, Fubo TV. That’s why we highly suggest you check NBC Live’s availability in your region before you subscribe. If you’re lucky, Sling TV may be a great option!

Amazon Firestick

Fortunately, Amazon Firestick is compatible with all the mentioned services. The most convenient way to watch NBC Live on your Amazon Firestick is to download the app. The available content may be somewhat different depending on your region and the service you’ve chosen.


The good thing is that Roku is compatible with all of the mentioned streaming services. All you have to do is download the NBC app. You’ll then be able to stream live content and watch the episodes of your favorite TV show in real-time. You’ll also have access to the entire seasons of the most popular TV shows.

Apple TV

Whether you’re using Hulu Live, Sling, Fubo, or YouTube TV, the process is straightforward. You can access NBC Live and its additional features by downloading the streaming service’s app from the App Store.

PC, MAC, and Chromebook

It doesn’t matter what device you have, PC, Mac, or Chromebook, because the process is similar. Open your browser and go to the NBC Live website. You’ll get to watch some of the content for free when you provide your e-mail address.

However, if you want to view live content, sign up with the credentials of your streaming service or TV provider. All of the services we’ve mentioned are compatible with these devices.

watch nbc live without cable

NBC in Your Home

There’s no need to pay cable TV when you can watch NBC Live online. There are many ways to do it, so choose the one that best suits your needs. NBC Live is available in most regions of the US, and we hope it’s available in your area as well! Of course, be sure to first check that before purchasing a subscription.

What’s your favorite TV show on NBC? How do you usually watch NBC? Let us know in the comments section below!

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