How to Watch YouTube Shorts on an iPad

YouTube Shorts is a TikTok-like platform offering entertaining vertical videos in under 60 seconds. Since the inception of TikTok, vertical video platforms have become a sensation among smartphone users. And following India’s TikTok band, YouTube released its beta version, which is now available via

However, you’ll need to do one small thing before you can view Shorts on your iPad. Read on to learn more.

How to Watch YouTube Shorts on an iPad

The Shorts feature is now available via the YouTube website. Therefore, to access Shorts on your iPad, you just need to switch to the YouTube desktop version in your browser. Follow these steps to watch YouTube shorts on your iPad.

  1. In Safari, visit
  2. At the far left of the address bar, tap the “AA” icon.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select “Request Desktop Website” to load the YouTube web version.
  4. From the navigation menu on the left, tap the “Shorts” tab.
  5. Now press the “Play” button to watch a Shorts video.

How to Record a YouTube Short

Creating your own YouTube Shorts is easy. You’ll need the YouTube app on your mobile device. Follow these steps for creating your own Shorts.

  1. Download and install the YouTube app. Sign in to the YouTube app.
  2. Press the create “+” sign and choose the “Create a Short” option.
  3. For a Short less than 15 seconds, press the “15” above the record button. Tap “60” for a Short up to 60 seconds.

Note: The Short will be limited to 15 seconds if you want to record using music from the YouTube library or original audio from other videos.

  • To start recording, long-press the capture button or tap it to begin recording, then again once you’re done.
  • To remove a previously recorded clip, use the “Undo” icon. Or tap the “redo” icon to re-add it.
  • To start over, tap the “X” close icon. Or you can choose “Save as draft” and exit the camera.
  • To view and enhance your Short, tap the “Done” icon (it looks like a checkmark).
  • The “Back” button brings you back to the record screen. Here you can discard edits or “Save as draft” and exit the editor.
  • Hit “Next” to include details in your clip. On this screen, you can add a title of up to 100 characters and select your settings.
  • Press “Select audience,” then choose whether it is kid-friendly or not.
  • Once satisfied with your Short, hit “Upload” to publish.

How Viewers Find Your Short Videos

YouTube continues to work on and test out various ways to deliver content to viewers. Currently, viewers can find your Shorts by pressing the “Shorts” button at the bottom of the app, and other methods include:

  • The YouTube homepage
  • In subscriptions
  • From notifications
  • Featured on your channel homepage

Get YouTube Shorts on Your iPad

YouTube Shorts is like TikTok and Instagram Reels for those who prefer to consume bite-sized videos from their mobile device. Although it’s primarily intended to be watched on smartphones, you can watch Shorts on your PC and now your iPad by switching to the desktop version.

What kind of Shorts do you enjoy watching? Have you thought about creating your own? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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