How To Fix “You Are Being Rate Limited” in Discord

Discord is the much-loved group-chatting platform for gamers, and pretty much anyone wanting to hang out virtually with people with similar interests. There are millions of active Discord users from all corners of the globe. Therefore, Discord takes security precautions to prevent the service from becoming overloaded and potentially hacked. With good reason, Discord may block account access and issue a “You Are Being Rate Limited” error message.

How To Fix

If you’ve received this message, you have likely tried an action too many times. For example, attempting to enter the text verification message several times is a common cause.. Read on for tips on fixing the error message to regain access to your account.

You Are Being Rate Limited Error Message on Discord

Suppose you’ve tried an action on Discord several times without leaving much time in between each attempt. In that case, Discord will temporarily block you from carrying out that action and issue a “You Are Being Rate Limited” error message. The use of an auto-clicker or spamming emojis can also trigger the error.

Discord does this to prevent people and hackers from guessing verification codes to gain unauthorized access. Also, to reduce the server load by limiting the number of requests accepted. Discord applies rate limits on a per-route basis. They can differ for each route or path, and per account performing a request.

How to Fix “You Are Being Rate Limited” on Discord

Depending on how quickly you want to regain access to your account, there are a few ways to fix this error:

Wait It Out

The best fix for the “You Are Being Rate Limited” error message is to wait. Log out of your Discord account and wait for the rate limit to complete. The ban typically lasts 15 minutes. However, it can last up to one hour. While the time varies, one thing’s for sure, the ban will eventually be lifted.

If you need immediate access, and waiting isn’t an option, here are some other tips you can try:

Use a Mobile Hotspot

Since the rate limits are applied as an IP ban, you could try connecting via a different IP address and a different network. Follow the steps below to do just that:

  1. Sign out of your Discord account.
  2. Disconnect from the Wi-Fi and switch on your mobile data.
  3. On your mobile device, turn your hotspot on, then connect to that network via your computer.
  4. Sign in to your Discord account from your computer and try the action again. It should be ok this time.

Restart Your Device And Router

The rate limit you receive depends on your system, IP address, and Discord servers combined. The “You Are Being Rate Limited” ban is implemented via an IP ban. Luckily for this scenario, most internet providers don’t issue static IP addresses, and the IP address will change whenever you reset your router. So technically speaking, you should be able to get rid of the ban by resetting your router. Follow the steps below to reset your IP address:

  1. Sign out of your Discord account and turn off the device.

  2. Locate the power button on your router, then long-press it for about 30 seconds. Or press the reset button.

  3. Unplug the router.

  4. Plug the router back in and press the power button to restart it.

  5. Then switch on your device and connect to the internet. Enter your router’s Wi-Fi password if prompted.

  6. Sign in to your Discord account and try the action again.

Access Discord Using Incognito Mode

Using Incognito windows will prevent your browser data from being tracked and stored. Discord won’t see your browsing history, cookies, and such information. So try using Incognito when accessing Discord following a “You Are Being Rate Limited” ban. For this, you’ll need to access via the web app at To open a new Incognito browser session, use the following shortcuts:

  • Using Chrome: “Ctrl + Shift + N” (Windows), or “Cmd + Shift + N” (Mac)

  • Using Firefox: “Ctrl + Shift + P” (Windows) or “Cmd + Shift + P” (Mac)

Alternatively, you can try accessing a different browser to check whether the ban has been lifted.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network will mask your IP address, so Discord won’t know that you’ve been rate-limited when accessing your account. Many users have reported that using a VPN has solved the ban.

Unfortunately, the best VPN will require a monthly subscription fee. You may find providers offering a free trial that you could sign up for just for this purpose and then cancel before the monthly charges begin. If you were already considering getting a VPN account, this would be another way to lift the ban.

Ask For Help

If this isn’t the first time you’ve received this error message, it could be that Discord has your devices blocked. In this case, the options above would not solve it, and you’d need to reach out to them via their Discord Support form to look into the issue for you.

No More Rate Limits

Due to the millions of global active Discord users, the developers strive to ensure a high-security standard. One of the security methods they use is to block accounts that make too many consecutive attempts to do something. In this scenario, Discord will temporarily ban an account and issue a “You Are Being Rate Limited” error message.

There are options to fix this error. You could wait a while until it’s automatically lifted; however, the length of time varies. Alternatively, other methods include signing in via a different IP address or using an Incognito browser session.

What do you enjoy the most about using the Discord platform? Is there anything you think they could introduce to improve it? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Anonymous says:
The rate limit can actually last more than an hour. I’ve had it last for about 48 hours.
Astolfo_femboy says:
hey not let me put the code in my accound so i wanna to log back in to my to my accouned so plz help me ty have a good day

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