Devices, software, wearables and more

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    Fast, beautiful and long-lasting, the Xperia Z5 mixes it with the best smartphones in the business

    7 Oct 2015
  2. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will cut load times and squeeze out ad-blockers to help digital publishers

    7 Oct 2015
  3. Here’s Alphr's pick of the very best smartwatches of 2015, plus our guide to finding the right wearable

    7 Oct 2015
  4. Microsoft is back on top of the hybrid market with the Surface Pro 4


How technology is changing your work

  1. Asking the experts how a small business can identify and tackle the problems of growth

    7 Oct 2015
  2. Long working hours are bad for both businesses and people. Why haven’t our lives changed with the times?

    6 Oct 2015
  3. A change in wording shows how Google’s new holding company is distancing itself from the idea of evil

    5 Oct 2015
  4. An ambitious Scottish startup is creating realistic facial animations through the power of speech

    5 Oct 2015

Future Working

How Technology is changing business every day

  1. How the two-person UK conductive fabrics company is in hot demand from the US and UK militaries

    21 Sep 2015
  2. Starting up your own tech business? Here are the alternatives to moving to East London

    16 Sep 2015
  3. From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, here are five reasons why higher education isn’t always necessary

    14 Aug 2015
  4. British firm Scout7 is crunching Big Data to help football clubs identify the football stars of the future

    23 Jul 2015


Developments from the frontiers of science

  1. Anti-vaxxer pressure group SafeMinds dismisses results of study it funded as containing “contradictory results”

    7 Oct 2015
  2. Australian surgeon reattaches infant’s head after internal decapitation

    6 Oct 2015
  3. Genetically modified foods have been commercially available since 1994, but what does that mean and what does the science say?

    6 Oct 2015
  4. We've put together our list of the best of thousands of new images from NASA

    5 Oct 2015


The cutting edge of automotive technology

  1. VW Group has released a new tool for users to check if their car is affected by “emissions-gate”

    7 Oct 2015
  2. Featuring falcon wing doors, room for seven and a 0-60mph of 3.2 seconds, the Model X is a true all-rounder

    30 Sep 2015
  3. The new Volvo XC90 is packed full of technology, so we took it for a drive

    30 Sep 2015
  4. The car will use three engines to produce a combined 135,000hp

    25 Sep 2015

Life & Culture

How technology is changing our everyday lives

  1. All the details on the cast, UK release date, trailers and plot of the Steve Jobs movie

    5 Oct 2015
  2. Is there a hidden message in The Imitation Game about the limits of artificial intelligence?

    2 Oct 2015
  3. Smartwatches and the Internet of Things are changing the way we integrate technology into our lives

    2 Oct 2015
  4. Report comes as company warns users not to have sex with its friendly humanoid robot

    30 Sep 2015

The Future

The world of 20 years from now

  1. Thanks to the advances in deep machine learning, technology companies across the globe are teaching computers to think for themselves

    26 Sep 2015
  2. A team of drones creates a rope bridge able to support human weight

    21 Sep 2015
  3. The key to clean pants and healthy astronauts on a trip to Mars may be the one you’d least expect – an interstellar exercise bike

    11 Sep 2015
  4. A new paper from Samsung proposes 4,600 low-orbit satellites to meet our demands for data, which will hit one zettabyte per month by 2028

    19 Aug 2015