Baldur’s Gate 3 – Eliminate Karlach or Anders

“Baldur’s Gate 3” (BG3) is a captivating role-playing game (RPG) inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. It’s an extensive game involving countless side quests you can explore as you advance along the main storyline.

Baldur’s Gate 3 - Eliminate Karlach or Anders

One of the early missions in the game that you shouldn’t miss is the “Hunt the Devil” side quest. This objective will require you to choose whom to eliminate between two solid BG3 characters: Will it be Karlach or Anders?

This guide provides everything you need to know to make the right decision based on the playthrough you choose to explore.

Hunt The Devil Side Quest Guide

Player choice is a critical gameplay element in BG3. You’ll come across many factions with questionable and dodgy reputations when exploring the unknown world of Faerûn. The Paladins of Tyr, now agents of Zariel, aren’t an exception.

Choosing the wrong player to befriend could have devastating consequences. It would mean losing out on a valuable companion, which can negatively impact your survival rate in BG3. Having to decide a character’s side without being fully aware of their background can be overwhelming. Whatever non-player character(NPC) you choose to side with doesn’t matter. You’ll still get to finish the quest.

This section provides an in-depth overview of Karlach and Anders’s backstory to help you decide.

Siding With Karlach

This single-horned devil-like creature has just escaped from Avernus, which she describes as literal hell, and the Anti-Faction group is after her. But siding with her is worth the trouble. She is an excellent companion if you’re on a mission to destroy evil, and she’s romanceable.

Karlach can help you find the cure for the tadpole that terrorizes your head and will help save you from destruction. Yet, to get her help, you must kill Anders and his Paladin band. Maybe then, you’ll finally see her and Wyll befriending each other. Remember to return to Karlach and inform her of Anders’s death once you kill him.

Siding With Anders

Defending Anders is your best choice if you’re on an evil campaign. He was once a true Paladin of Tyr, but he was disappointed in his gift, and his greed drove him to make allegiance with Zariel. His loyalty now lies with Zariel, and he has pledged his soul to the devil. His debt to the devil will only be forgiven if he brings Karlach’s head to Zariel.

Siding with Anders means you’ll have to kill Karlach. You’ll need to get her head to the cultists as proof. Doing this is relatively easy and will earn you free Gold, the Sword of Justice, and other lucrative rewards. But, if you choose to kill Karlach, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to have her in your party or romance her.

Remember that you’ll also have to deal with Shadowheart’s cold attitude if you choose not to side with Karlach. Yet, this isn’t something to worry about if you’re allegiance lies with the archdevil Zariel.

Choosing Both Karlach and Anders

It’s possible to appease both characters, but it’s not easy. You’ll have to be careful not to say the wrong thing and obtain the right rolls to aid you in pacifying them. If the two begin to fight, the best thing you can do is utilize non-lethal attacks to knock both of them down and have everybody win.

Karlach’s Location in Baldurs Gate 3

You’ll first likely hear of Karlach from Wyll’s companion quest, “The Blade of Frontiers.” He seeks to find Karlach and kill her per a pact he’s made with his evil patron. If you decide to embark on a search for Karlach, it’s best that you don’t recruit Wyll as your companion.

While you can take the long way through the Blighted village, moving through the forest and heading north before jumping across the river will help you reach Karlach faster. You’ll see a trail of blood puddles that will help you find her.

Traveling through the Risen Road triggers the start of the “Hunt the Devil” quest. Following the southbound trail, you’ll meet Karlach, a Tiefling whose horn was chopped off and who was forced to work for Zariel during the Blood War. This Tiefling Barbarian will warn you not to get closer. But, you can neutralize the situation by utilizing an Intimidation or Persuasion skill check.

Karlach will then inform you of her escape from Avernus. She’ll also let you know that she’s been infected by the Mind Flayer’s tadpole. You can choose to assist her in finding the cure or ignore her. Your decision won’t affect your ability to side with her at the end of the quest.

Anders’s Location in Baldurs Gate 3

Moving further along the village to the north will take you to Anders (coordinates X109, Y562). He’s a Paladin calling for Karlach’s blood. He tells you about a “devil” who killed several refugees. However, this isn’t true. Before long, you’ll figure out that he’s talking about Karlach.

After this interaction, you’ll need to decide whose side you’ll choose. To find out the truth, you can use the “Speak with Dead” spell on the refugee corpse inside the room next to where you locate Anders. It will tell you what killed the refugee and the true nature of the Paladins.

Why Siding With Karlach Is the Better Option

Siding with Karlach is the morally right and obvious choice for many players. Ironically, defeating her is the easiest option. The reason is you have to slay Anders’ party members to take the man himself down. The Knight of Zariel also offers a very lucrative reward, the Sword of Justice. Yet, for many players, that still doesn’t match up to having Karlach as your companion and potentially a lover.

Even better, if you recruit Karlach and question the Paladins on their allegiance, you’ll learn their true intentions. Killing them will enable you to get the sword from Anders’s corpse. You lose nothing significant by killing Anders. But it’s worth noting that killing Zariel’s loyalists doesn’t mark the end of the consequences you’ll suffer for siding with Karlach.

Choose Your Allegiance!

In BG3, the quest to uncover the truth isn’t an easy feat. You’ll have to engage in lots of detective work to find out who’s lying and telling the truth. The same applies to Karlach and Anders. Yet, in the end, the choice of who to defend is determined by the playthrough you want your character to pursue.

For neutral alignments, siding with Karlach is best. But, if you want to explore an evil campaign, then siding with Anders and helping him repay his debt to Zariel by killing Karlach is the best choice.

Note that both characters won’t be completely frank with you, and you’ll have to seek the truth alone. Overall, the best character to side with is Karlach. With her, you’re facing a win-win situation, even regarding rewards. Remember that BG3 also allows you to take a neutral position in this quest and choose both Karlach and Anders.

Who’s your favorite character between Anders and Karlach, and why? Do you think the option to choose both Karlach and Anders is sustainable? Let us know in the comments section below.

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