The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Weapons

As in many party-based role-playing games (RPG) games set in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons, Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) requires players to level up by gaining XP. You can do this by completing quests, taking down enemies, and exploring the world. In order to challenge and defeat more difficult enemies, you’ll need better weapons and skills to match. But, how do you know which weapon to prioritize getting for your inventory?

The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Weapons

Read on to learn the best weapons to find in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Weapons in Act One

Each weapon in BG3 boasts unique functionality, and every weapon type unlocks special abilities that can only be obtained through using it. Even though a significant part of this first Act serves as a prologue and tutorial segment to the game, you still need to obtain the right set of weapons to guarantee survival. While it may be challenging, the value to be gained is worth it. Be aware that weapons in Act One can be obtained by trading with merchants and can be pretty pricey.

Adamantine Longsword

To craft an adamantine longsword, you must gain access to the Adamantine Forge, use the longsword mould, and get a Mithral ore as a necessary component for crafting. This +1 long sword grants Versatile Hitter, inflicting the target with a penalty to their attacks for one turn, or two turns if you use it two-handed. It also gives players the Pommel Strike, Lacerate, and Rush Attack abilities.

Adamantine Scimitar

This +1 weapon is crafted using the scimitar mold and a Mithral ore in the Adamantine Forge. It grants the player the Swift Hitter ability, making the target reel one turn. It also gives the Flourish ability, an attack that can throw an enemy off balance. The weapon is highly prized due to its Lacerate ability that provides a solid boost of damage-per-round in bleed damage. If you want to take down major bosses, then the Adamantine Scimitar is an excellent choice.

Sussur Dagger

The Sussur dagger is a +1 melee weapon which can only be obtained after completing the “Forge a Master Weapon” quest. The blade applies Silence on hit, preventing the target from casting verbal spells (which are most spells in the game). Characters who wield the blade also obtain the “Piercing Strike,” which enables wielders to stab an enemy and leave Gaping wounds, which increases subsequent damage.

The Spellsparkler

This is a melee weapon that is typically used by casters. It is rewarded after completing the Rescue the Grand Duke quest. The weapon produces Lightning charges on spell hits and grants the Topple ability, which inflicts Prone. This allows you to knock targets down. Having Lightning charges boost martial attacks further, and five charges automatically get consumed for a burst of lightning damage on hit.

The Joltshooter

This two-handed bow is the second lightning-specific weapon you can get for completing the “Rescue the Grand Duke” quest. Similar to the Spellsparkler, it provides Lightning charges, this time on ranged attacks. You can also use the Brace action to spend some of your movement for the turn to roll for damage an additional time and use the highest result.

Mourning Frost

This highly ranked Wizard weapon is assembled from three items: Icy Metal, looted from a Drow in the Myconid colony; Icy Helve, obtained from a Dhourn in the Underdark Fort; and Icy Crystal, looted from Filro the forgotten, a mad Drow protecting the Sussur Tree west of the Myconid Colony.

The most prized ability from this weapon is the Insidious cold. This is a passive ability that causes every cold damage to spell you cast to cause Chilled upon the target, which makes it more vulnerable to Cold damage. The weapon also increases all Cold damage you deal by one, and is a +1 magical weapon, further boosting its offensive capability.

Blood of Lathander

This is one of the best single-handed weapon you can find in BG3. It is located in a secret chamber in the Githyanki Crèche. The legendary mace radiates holy light in a radius of six meters, potentially blinding demons and undead that happen to be in its range. It has a +3 bludgeoning enchantment and holds Sunbeam, a level six spell that is usually locked until class level 12.

The Blood of Lathander also automatically heals the holder for 2d6 hit points if they drop to 0 hit points, once per long rest, making it superbly useful for clerics to stave off a full party wipe.

Best Weapons in Act Two

Act Two involves exploring and uncovering the mysteries of the Shadow-cursed land, which is infested by undead monsters, fiendish creatures, and shadowy specters. Amidst all these, players are increasingly likely to acquire stronger and more expensive weapons.

Halberd of Vigilance

This very rare and impressive +2 weapon is excellent for opportunity attacks. It gives a small boost to Initiative and advantage to Perception rolls, and gives advantage to your opportunity attacks. The Halberd can be bought from Lann Tarv or looted from his body when assaulting the Moonrise Tower’s main floor in the Shadow-Cursed lands.

The Incandescent Staff

The Incandescent staff boasts a very rare status in BG3. It gives players two fire spells, resistance to fire damage, and a +1 bonus to ranged spell attacks. You can obtain The Incandescent staff by trading with the non-player character (NPC) Quartermaster Talli. He is situated at the Last Light Inn.

The Hellfire Hand Crossbow

The Hellfire Hand Crossbow is a very rare +2 ranged weapon in the game that has a chance of dealing Burning on its targets. It also grants Scorching Ray Shot, which mimics the second-level spell of the same name. The weapon pairs well with items that trigger against Burning targets. Players can loot this weapon from Yurgir in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Best Weapons in Act Three

This is the final Act of Baldur’s Gate 3 and is relatively shorter than Act 1. Yet, it contains the most combat sequences of the game. Here are some of the best weapons you can acquire to finish the game on a strong note:

Selune’s Spear of Night

This legendary +3 spear can be obtained by romancing Shadowheart. She’ll spare the Nightsong in the Find the Nightsong quest. If you succeed, Nightsong will grant you the spear. Selune’s spear grants Rush attack, Moonmote, and Moonbeam. Selune’s spear also grants the bearer Darvision for 12 meters, and Selune’s Blessing helps players gain an advantage on Wisdom Saving and Perception checks.


The Nyrulna trident is a legendary +3 weapon that can be obtained after successfully pickpocketing Akabi, the genie at the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. Nyrulna carries the ability of Zephyr Connection, enabling the weapon to return to the wielder after being thrown. When the weapon is thrown, it creates an explosion, causing damage to hit targets. It also grants Veil of the Wind, which increases player movement speed and gives immunity to fall damage.

Gontr Mael

Gontr Mael is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. The legendary +3 longbow grants players the Promised Victory ability, which can cast Guiding Bolt with every shot. You can obtain it once you take down the Steel Watcher Titan at the Steel Watch Foundry.

Do you have a favorite weapon in BG3? List your choice in the comment section below.

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