All Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

Role-playing games (RPGs) utilize companions to encourage players to create emotional attachments with other characters in the game. “Baldur’s Gate 3” (BG3) is no exception. From intimate relationships to regular friendships, players can form exceptional bonds with like-minded people. These companions’ class and skill level also determine how you both get along. Get to know the charming and not-so-charming people you recruit to help you on your quests.

All Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

In this article, you’ll learn all the characters you can befriend in BG3.

List of All Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions

Understanding all of the BG3 companions helps decide how to interact with each. You can quickly determine whether a companion will serve you better in battle, more suited as friends (or frenemies), or if they’re romantic relationship material.


  • Class: Rogue
  • Species: High Half-Elf
  • Background: Charlatan

If you’re a fan of Bioware’s “Dragon Age” series, you will likely see many similarities between Astarion and former companions from the franchise: Solas and Zevran. Most players wrongly judge this character on their first encounter due to his reticent attitude. But once you get to know Astarion, you’ll discover he’s not all he portrays himself to be. His sneak attacks are deadly and will catch anyone he aims for unawares. The trick to getting him on your team is ensuring you don’t fight back.

This noble rogue elf is a favorite character for many BG3 players. You’re likely to encounter him early in the game while moving along the shores of the Nautilus shipwreck, moving west towards the sandy hill. He’ll readily join your team for battle.

You can build Astarion into a thief or Arcane Trickster. It’s also possible to pursue a romantic relationship with him.


  • Class: Wizard
  • Species: Human
  • Background: Sage

This human wizard has a penchant for arrogance. Operating with only a staff in hand, you’ll find Gale in Act One of the game just after the Roadside Cliff Waypoint toward the northeastern side of the shipwreck. You’ll notice a bright purple light, and getting close to it will trigger an interaction with Gale. He’ll be stuck inside a raging portal.

You’ll have to use your magical ability or apply force to save him. Once you’ve saved him, you can recruit him as a new companion, and he can join your party. As a bonus, you’ll also have unlocked the Roadside Cliffs portal waypoint. You’ll have no shortage of spells once you have Gale in your corner.


  • Class: Cleric
  • Species: High-Half Elf
  • Background: Acolyte

With a nonchalant and daring attitude, this half-elf cleric can appear uncaring. But, like most of the companions in BG3, she has something to hide. Shadowheart is one of the first companions you’ll likely encounter in the game. Locked inside a Mindflayer pod in the Nautilus shipwreck, you’ll need the crutch of Warlock intuition or seek assistance from the Arcane trait to help free Shadowheart.

Luckily, you can still get Shadowheart on your team even if you can’t rescue her from the pod. You’ll also find her inside some ruins on the beach where the shipwreck lies. She’ll be banging at the doors. If you can’t recruit her here, she’ll appear once more at Druid Grove.


  • Class: Warlock
  • Species: Human
  • Background: Folk Hero

Residing within Druid Grove, Wyll may be the first companion you interact with. He’ll also be most agreeable. He is on a mission to help the Tieflings win against the Goblins.

As a human warlock, Wyll wields magic and always has a dagger or two by his side. His flexible class makes him an excellent companion to recruit. He also has a high charisma since he belongs to the Fiend subclass. But remember that he is a very principled companion, so if you do anything that rubs him the wrong way, he’ll be quick to leave your party.


  • Class: Barbarian
  • Species: Zariel Tiefling
  • Background: Outlander

Look out for Karlach when exploring the Risen Roads. She is a Barbarian Tiefling who can tank for you exceptionally well if you’re a wizard or rogue character. Her weapons of choice are the crossbow and Great Axe. Once you spot some Knolls you need to battle, be sure Karlach is nearby. If you need someone proficient in melee combat, Karlach is your … person.


  • Class: Fighter
  • Species: Githyanki
  • Background: Soldiers

As a Githyanki warrior with the background of a soldier, Lae’zel is one of the most challenging companions to get along with. You’ll find her in the introduction; she is probably the first companion you’ll meet. But she’ll disappear immediately after you wreck the ship. You’ll later find her locked up by a fellow tribesman who thinks she is a traitor in a cage just north of the Roadside Cliffs Waypoint. Use a ranged weapon to shoot at the cell and unlock her.

Even though she is a hard nut to crack, you’ll have to find a way to recruit her onto your team. The class she belongs to makes her a valuable asset, especially when going up against a formidable enemy. Placing this S+ tier character at the front line is a smart choice if you belong to the wizard class and require some cover.


  • Class: Druid
  • Species: Wood Elf

You can only unlock Halsin after completing a special quest involving fierce challenges. Haslin’s story primarily revolves around the Goblin’s camp. Taking the form of a bear, you’ll find him locked inside some Worg pens inside the camp.

Once you free him, you’ll have to tackle and kill the three Goblin leaders to have Halsin join your party. He will appear at Druid Grove once you have defeated the trio. You can recruit him at this point. He helps deal damage, can tank, and offers solid support whenever necessary.


  • Class: Paladin
  • Species: Drow

Minthara is one of the last companions you’ll encounter in the game. Like Halsin, you can also find her at the Goblin camp inside the Shattered Sanctum. But there’s a catch to having her join your party. You can either destroy the Emerald Grove and kill its inhabitants to recruit her or opt not to destroy it to have Wyll and Halsin join your camp instead.

If you choose to go ahead and destroy the grove, Wyll will leave your party for good. This makes Minthara an excellent option only when you’re going for an evil play-through.


  • Class: Druid
  • Species: Elf

Jaheira is a half-elf who you can find in the Last Inn. She falls under both Druid and Fighter classes and isn’t new to the “Baldur’s Gate” series. While we aren’t sure what to expect from her in this latest BG3 release, she’ll likely make an excellent companion due to her flexibility. But you’ll have to go through several quests to recruit her.


  • Class: Ranger
  • Species: Human

Voiced by Matthew Mercer, this human warrior is an original character. You will find him later in the game in Act Three, so many players have yet to explore his full potential. Known for his long-range damage and front-line bravado, he’ll likely make a powerful companion.

Spoiler alert: It seems that he reappears as a statue in BG3. But he will come alive once danger comes knocking.

Find Your Friends

In these grand battles against the evil Mindflayers, choosing to journey alone isn’t a smart choice. Teaming up with the right companions will elevate your gaming experience and help you survive. They are helpful in combat and can help steer conversations in the right direction when in difficult situations by providing you with charisma and intelligence.

BG3 provides 10 companions who you can recruit throughout your adventure to make the game more fun. But you can only “equip” three at a time, so you’ve got to choose wisely.

So, have you succeeded in recruiting any of these companions in your camp? If not, which character are you most excited to have them join your team? Let us know in the comments section below.

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