The Best Figma UI Kits

Are you looking for ways to enhance your design processes and consistently create incredible work with timely delivery? Then you need to leverage Figma User Interface (UI) kits. While it isn’t rare for designers to get overwhelmed with project deadlines, that doesn’t have to be you. UI kits can create a seamless backdrop for your website design to streamline your processes and speed up your projects.

The Best Figma UI Kits

This article highlights the best Figma UI kits currently in the market.

List of Top Figma UI Kits

While hundreds of Figma UI kits are available in the market today, they don’t function similarly. If you’ve been hunting for the most innovative and polished UI kit, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the most advanced tools you should consider getting for your work:

Untitled UI Figma

Tagged as the “Ultimate UI kit and Figma design system,” the Untitled UI is carefully designed to cover every single function you may need help with. It follows Figma’s gold standard practices and boasts excellent organization. This UI kit even offers practical tips and documentation embedded within the file. Its professional quality is the reason why it’s ranked as the top Figma UI kit.

Featuring over 10,000 components and variants and over 2,000 logos and icons, this tool’s sheer scope sets it apart from the competition. With over 1400+ 5-star reviews online, this UI kit will meet all your demands. Even better, you can access a free version. The Pro version costs $119, while the Pro Team plan costs $349. The Pro Enterprise can be bought at $599, while the highest level, Pro Unlimited, costs $999.

Cabana for Figma

Cabana is an affordable UI kit powered by design tokens, a highly futuristic design aspect. It carries a collection of Figma templates, over 1,000 vital UI components, and design templates that you can use to create page layouts quickly. The Ultimate Edition of this Premium Design System had the input of Jan Six, the renowned creator of the Figma Tokens plugin.

Their recent price drop to ward off market competition is also an added bonus. Their single-user plan goes for $79; the premium plan goes for $99 with an unlimited user license, and the ultimate plan costs only $129. Cabana may be your ideal Figma UI kit if you favor dark-mode UI. It’s also a good choice for projects that aren’t too complex and when you want to quickly create mock-up landing page designs.

UI Prep

The UI Prep design stays true to its brand’s tagline. It’s a user-friendly and excellently organized UI kit. Its interactive components are exceptionally crafted and easy to access. With various color and topography styles, icons, grids, and layout styles, this tool will come in handy in helping you create seamless user interfaces that will wow your client.

Another feature that makes this product stand out is the developer’s fixation on consistently running updates to better the tool. Its community file is also helpful in providing essential resources that make using this UI kit so much easier, even for newbies. The video tutorials help you get the most value out of the kit. You don’t have to worry about convenience or speed when creating interfaces with UI Prep. Its basic plan, designed for individuals, costs $99, while the Team plan goes for $199.

Pegasus Design System

This multi-purpose UI kit is utilized by large institutions such as Harvard University. It features light and dark mode options that you can use as desired. It’s a great option for designers who are working on projects for which clients require string branding themes to appear consistently throughout their products. With over 2,000 components, more than 100 styles, and 84-page examples, this UI kit is ready to get you started on your design process.

When it comes to the Pegasus plans, the paid version costs $99. But, if you’re unable to access it, the brand has provided a “lite” version you can access for free on the Figma community.


Created by Themesberg, this UI kit is based on the Cascading Styles Sheet (CSS) framework known as Tailwind. You can use this design or operate FlowBite as a separate UI kit. The brand has also created a free version for demonstration purposes that you can access on Figma Community. FlowBite only features a dark mode. However, it boasts an extensive library with its assets split across mobile, web, and tablet devices. If you’re looking to create quick, easy, and responsive designs, then FlowBite is an ideal option.

Frame X

This Figma UI kit was designed with convenience in mind. Created in December 2021 by Dymitri Bunin, the design e-book that comes with this UI provides helpful tips and a benchmark for building exceptional design tools and elevating your work with over 5,500 essential components and more than 420 design building blocks.

The UI kit features three paid versions, with the lowest starting at $109. This is known as the Solo version meaning it only caters to individual use. The Team plan that carries a capacity of between two to six people costs $199. If you’re running a large business, you can get an Unlimited license, which supports unlimited number of users, for $599.

Karma Wireframe Kit

The primary role of wireframing is to help you brainstorm new ideas before settling on a design for your project. However, instead of focusing on minor details, the wireframe kit allows designers to create low-fidelity solutions easily. While there are several Figma wireframing kits in the market, they almost always fall short when it comes to quality. However, the Karma wireframe kit is an exception. This is because it utilizes Figma best practices and Auto Layout. If wireframing is an essential aspect of your design process, then buying this UI kit is a smart choice.

Ant Design System

Matt Wierzbicki designed this UI kit based on the React UI library, Ant Design. This library is renowned for creating excellent desktop and mobile apps. Their $99 package includes the Figma UI kit. However, this plan doesn’t provide lifetime updates or extra resources. If you want to access the React native library and other UX tools, you’ll have to pay for the premium plan, which costs $199. This plan will be useful if you work on projects requiring developers to gather assets before implementation. The reason being the components are a copy of the React library. Using it will ensure design parity with the development library.

Improve Your Productivity with Figma UI Kits

As product design keeps rapidly evolving, the pressure on designers to deliver quality, unique work keeps increasing. User preferences keep becoming more futuristic with an increased need for perfectionism. As a product designer, you need to sharpen your skillset and elevate your work processes to keep up with the market demand. Your results should be timely, high-quality, and easy for developers to actualize. A great Figma UI kit makes achieving all this possible.

Do you know of other Figma UI kits with exceptional delivery? Which Figma UI kit in this list are you most excited to try out and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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