The Best FPS Games to Play in Your Browser

While many install top-tier titles like Halo: Infinite and DOOM: Eternal, some gamers are still fans of browser games. Even now, you can find browser-based FPS titles to play. They’re all free and guarantee plenty of entertainment.

The Best FPS Games to Play in Your Browser

These browser games don’t require installation or downloads, so you only need to launch your favorite browser to start clicking heads. Below is a selection of the best FPS browser games available. Read on for all the details.


Yes, we spelled that right. SUPERHOT is available on Steam and consoles, but many gamers don’t know that a browser prototype is still playable. The developers have also left the link up on its official website. You might want to learn how SUPERHOT came into being.

In 2013, there was a challenge called the “7 Day FPS Game Challenge.” The developers took one week to draft the prototype, but after realizing its potential, they labored hard to make it a complete game. Today, fans worldwide still enjoy playing SUPERHOT.

The prototype introduced a new FPS concept of time-based gameplay. In SUPERHOT, time only moves when you decide to move, so it’s more about strategy and planning than quick reflexes. It’s slightly closer to tactical shooters like Rainbow 6 Siege.

When you stop time, you have a lot of breathing room to plan moves and attacks. Instead of running full speed ahead, SUPERHOT recommends that you wait and aim properly.

The game’s over-the-top nature and minimalist art style make it a memorable experience. While the prototype only has a few levels, it’s probably enough to convince you to buy the full game. SUPERHOT is also playable with a VR headset if you’re craving an immersive time.


Krunker reminds you of Minecraft, as it shares the blocky aesthetic and art direction that gives the latter its charm. Unlike Minecraft, Krunker is designed to be a first-person shooter from the ground up. There are 10 game modes to choose from, including its popular free-for-all mode, where you shoot anything that moves.

Players will notice how Krunker binds many weapons to classes. This game has a class system similar to Battlefield games, meaning you’re locked into the character’s playstyle if you want to perform well. Like Battlefield, you can aim down the sights with most weapons for more accuracy at the cost of slightly slower movement speed.

Each class in Krunker has been balanced not to seem overtly superior. While some classes counter others, skill still plays a crucial part in whether you survive a gunfight or not.

Some people love rushing into enemy fire with guns blazing in FPS games, but others like to sneak up, and score kills with stealth or tricks. Krunker has classes for almost any conceivable playstyle. While each class has a fixed primary weapon, you can choose from several secondary guns or forego them altogether.

For players who enjoy class-based shooters and the block aesthetic, Krunker is an excellent choice.

War Brokers

Like Krunker, War Brokers uses the blocky low-poly art style you see on Minecraft. Aside from its charm, the blocks let practically any computer run War Brokers without using too many system resources. Where War Brokers differs is its combat execution.

Instead of classes, you have a more Call Of Duty-based customization system, allowing you to mix and match weapons according to preferences. Everyone gets access to all weapons immediately, making skill the ultimate decider on who lives.

There’s also vehicular combat in War Brokers. You can catch a ride for faster travel or actively hunt opponents down.

War Brokers has two main modes, Classic Mode and Battle Royale Mode. The former includes standard choices like Team Deathmatch and Capture Point. Players also get unlimited ammo reserves to shoot to their hearts’ content.

In Battle Royale, players either drop in solo or with a friend and fight to be the last team standing. They must gather weapons and ammunition to survive. Teammates are revivable if their Walkie-Talkies are recovered and taken to Radio Stations.

Many players feel that War Broker is best known for its Battle Royale mode, though Classic Mode is also fun. Unlike many popular titles, you spawn on the battlefield immediately instead of dropping from the sky.

There’s no better battle royale browser game than War Brokers. If these games are your type, try War Brokers today.


Warmerise is a futuristic FPS browser game made by NSDesign Games. The game hasn’t been updated since 2014, but if you like old-style sci-fi shooters, you’re in for a load of fun. There are plenty of weapons to choose from too.

A visit to the website immediately reveals how it resembles some shareware games from more than a decade ago. There are discussion forums similar to the Smashboards website. That’s where most of the player base communicates when not in-game.

Some weapons are modern guns, while others are straight out of a sci-fi movie or novel. With a large variety of firearms, players have developed optimal loadouts and combinations to kill enemies quickly. It’s almost like playing Halo games, which stressed weapon combinations.

Indeed, the graphics are pretty dated and resemble the old Halo games. While many gamers may be turned off, some nostalgic players enjoy the lower resolutions and old textures.

The only game mode is Red vs. Blue, in which you pick a faction and fight the other. The better you are, the higher you can climb on the leaderboard. Also, the website has a Top 100 page where the best players can be found.

While the game isn’t actively updated today, Warmerise is still alive and available to play. However, you’ll have to compromise on graphics quality if you value the shooting experience more.


If you’re sick of Valorant, you can opt to play Venge. This class-based shooter is a 2v2 game that prioritizes strategy, critical thinking, and reflexes over run-and-gun gameplay. Since each match only requires four players, finding games doesn’t take long.

Venge has a character leveling system that allows players to improve their chosen character’s abilities. The more you play, the better your character becomes, along with your skill level. There are currently four in the game.

  • Lillium
  • Shin
  • Echo
  • Kulu

As with competitive shooting games, you’re encouraged to learn the mechanics of the characters. Gaining mastery helps you win encounters easier while learning more about the game. Knowledge is power when it comes to competitive hero shooter games.

Unlike the other games on this list, Venge is visually impressive. The developers clearly love their video game baby and spare no effort to improve its performance. The UI is crisp and straightforward to process even in the heat of battle.

All of these browser games can be played without downloads, though some may malfunction if you have browser extensions enabled. It’s best to leave them off when you play games and turn them on after.

To play these games, you should create an account. Only a valid email address and several minutes of your time are required.

You can play many other games on browsers, such as CounterStrike clones and even emulations of Doom and Wolfenstein. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to discuss them in detail. Even so, we recommend you check them out.

Like Old Times

Browser games have been a massive part of many gamers’ childhoods, especially if they were born around the ‘90s. That was when games were slowly becoming more mainstream, including those hosted on websites. Many people play AAA titles on Steam or consoles today, but browser games aren’t going away anytime soon.

Which of these games do you find more enjoyable? Do you know of others that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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