The Best Free AI Tools

Being the fastest-growing industry in the world, artificial intelligence brings quality tools to the table. Rapid growth means even free AI tools perform tasks above the level of a human beginner. This article will review the best free AI tools to give you an edge on your business competition. Alternatively, they can be an excuse to have some fun with tools that edit images, generate videos, and even clone your voice!

The Best Free AI Tools

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Best Free AI Tool for Removing Objects and People From Photos

You don’t know Photoshop but need something removed from your image? Check out Magic Eraser. Just upload an image straight to the server and edit it. Set the eraser to a size that allows you to be precise and not include parts of the image that need to remain unchanged. This is important if there are any straight lines close to items you want to remove.


  • Doesn’t require an account to use.
  • Generates good-quality backgrounds.


  • Downloading is limited to a lower image quality.
  • Recognizes JPEG or PNG images only.

Best Free AI Tool for Removing Backgrounds From Photos

Removing a single item or person from a photo is much easier than removing the background. Among the Quicktools developed by Picsart, this AI tool Background Remover allows you to do that quickly and without limitations. You can leave the background blank or choose a new one to be generated behind your image. Click here to give it a try.


  • Edit an unlimited number of photos.
  • A stock background gallery divided into categories.
  • You can upload your own background.


  • None

Best Free AI Tool for Generating AI Images

A great tool to check out if you want to play around with text-based image-generating software is Stable Diffusion. It generates up to four different images based on a single prompt. To keep an image, zoom into the photo, left-click it, and save.


  • Creates solid abstract art and cartoon-like images.
  • Completely free and unlimited use, no account required.
  • Download high-quality images.


  • Generated faces are often disfigured.
  • No border on certain results so the product looks cut off.
  • Integrates text poorly into generated material.

Best Free AI Tool for Generating Videos

Lumen5 will generate a video based on the script you write for it. Additionally, it cuts the video into individual scenes for each line of text from the script, and the text is displayed on the video. This way, you can check if the generated video matches the mood of your words. You can further edit the text directly into the video.

In case you don’t like the AI-generated scenes, you can choose between stock video samples and your own uploads. Recording a voice-over is also possible and music samples are available for you to include in the final product.


  • Visually appealing results.
  • Preview available for individual scenes.
  • Different frame sizes.


  • Requires an account.
  • 720p limit on video quality.
  • Watermarked video on the free version.

Best Free AI Tool for Turning Text Into Voice

The software gives you a chance to hear how your written text would sound read out loud by a native speaker. This amazing AI tool has been used to clone different celebrities’ voices and inflections resulting in a disturbingly realistic product.

To use it, copy and paste your written text, select your preferred voice and language, and let the tool generate the desired audio. You can further edit the audio by changing the speed and pitch of the AI-generated voice.


  • High-quality samples.
  • Different accents available.
  • Over 100 languages to choose from.


  • Requires an account to try.
  • Current limitation on the free version is 5,000 words/month.

Best Free AI Tool for Generating Music

This one is for all the musicians out there who are stuck with their creative work. Ask Riffusion to generate a specific genre of music with a few instruments you have in mind and within seconds it will start playing.

If you don’t like the initial result, wait a bit because it will start building on the initial idea once it has looped the first version for a few bars.

Make sure to record the results with another app so you can rewind and find the exact part you liked. If you’re on a computer, use Audacity to record the internal computer sound and avoid adding to the noise. Prompt this AI tool to spark new ideas for your songs.


  • Endless iterations on a single given prompt.
  • No account required.
  • Can generate a vocal melody.


  • Choppy initial generation of music.
  • Noisy result.
  • Only generates music in 4/4 time.

Best Free AI Tool for Generating Brand Logos

If your business is just starting out and you want a sharp logo design but don’t know anything about design, then Brandmark Logo Maker is just right for you. This tool requires only a few prompts in three steps to generate a good-quality logo.

Think of a name for your brand if you don’t have one. The AI tool will ask you for it and a slogan in the first step. After entering additional keywords and choosing a color style for the logos, it will generate over a dozen samples. You can further edit those by replacing and resizing individual elements in the logo.


  • Doesn’t use all keyword prompts at once.
  • No account required.


  • Limited color themes.

Best Free AI Tool for Research

Perplexity is close to what ChatGPT would be if it were connected to the internet. This AI tool answers your question with a large paragraph generated from various sources around the internet. You can investigate each statement by following the footnotes which are displayed as links after the text.

Moreover, you can ask it follow-up questions or choose one of the three auto-generated questions that Perplexity assumes you could ask next. Either way, this invaluable tool will be a great addition to your research work.


  • No account required.
  • Multiple sources are quoted after a shared statement.


  • No threads possible without account.

A Glimpse Into the Future of AI Tools

Whatever your field of interest, you can be sure that there are AI tools you can use in your personal and professional life. With ongoing research and development, you’ll witness the rise of more sophisticated software that will let you accomplish goals only big teams and corporations could imagine setting.

Have you ever used free AI tools? What have your experiences been like so far? Tell us in the comments section below.

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