How to Rotate Items in Tears of the Kingdom When Fusing

Fusing is an advanced ability in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” that can provide you with powerful new weapons to fight off your enemies. That means you can get double the power and effectiveness. Using the Ultrahand ability, Link can also rotate these items. However, doing both at once can be confusing for some players.

How to Rotate Items in Tears of the Kingdom When Fusing

In this article, you’ll learn how to rotate items when fusing.

How to Rotate Items While Fusing

The fusing power gives the player limitless options for new and improved items. This includes food, minerals, weapons, and tools. However, Link will also need the Ultrahand ability before rotating objects and fusing them simultaneously.

Here’s how you can rotate an item while fusing it too:

  1. Walk up to an object and grab it by holding “L” down and then selecting the “Grab” option.
  2. While the item is in the air, hold down “R” and then press the D-pad. This allows you to rotate the item.
  3. Hold down “L” again and select the fusing option.
  4. Press the “Y” option to fuse the item activated by Ultrahand.

The combination of Ultrahand and fusing gives Link more control over his surroundings. Still, players must go on more minor quests before they can use them both.

Unlocking Ultrahand With the Ukouh Shrine

You’ll first need to unlock Ultrahand to grab and rotate items. This unique ability can help players manipulate objects and attach them to surfaces. For Link to unlock this special ability, he’ll need to pass through the Ukouh Shrine:

  1. Travel directly west to the Temple of Time. The exact coordinates are 0274, -0913, 1460.
  2. Defeat any enemies on the steps leading to the shrine’s hill.
  3. Swim through the pond and go up the hill using the stairs.
  4. Go through the Ukuoh Shrine once you reach it.

Once you go through the shrine, you’ll automatically receive the Ultrahand ability.

Unlocking Fusing With the In-Isa Shrine

Fusing is another ability you’ll need to unlock, as it’s not automatically given at the start of the game. To do so, Link will have to travel to the In-Isa Shrine. This shrine appears early in the game and is relatively easy to find. It’s also convenient that you won’t need to battle enemies to pass It.

Here’s how you can find the In-Isa Shrine in “Tears of the Kingdom”:

  1. Travel to the Great Sky Island. The exact coordinates are 0027, -1503, 1408.
  2. As you approach the shrine, interact with it.
  3. A portal will open up; go through it.
  4. Approach Rauru and interact with him. He’ll give Link the ability to perform the fuse ability.

After talking to Rauru, you can fuse different items, as explained above. You’ll also need to continue on your quest using the fuse ability:

  1. Move past Rauru straight ahead until you reach the stone pillars.
  2. Use the fuse ability by holding down “L” and selecting a boulder.
  3. Select “Y” to fuse it with your tree branch. This will create a Rock Hammer.
  4. Use the Rock Hammer to smash through the rocks in front of you.
  5. Mine through the obstacles until you reach a chest containing five arrows.

This little quest is useful to complete. It helps players get the hang of fusing and its effectiveness. Many find it to be the most crucial ability in the game.

Fusing Combinations in Tears of the Kingdom

Multiple fusing combinations can make it easier to complete “Tears of the Kingdom.” The game will frequently guide Link to use the most obvious ones. However, some are hidden and can create much more powerful weapons and more effective tools.

Here are just a few examples of powerful fusing combinations:

  • Rocket Shield. Fusing a rocket and your shield together, you’ll be propelled upwards, flying through the air. Press “ZL” to activate it.
  • Eyeball arrows. Players can fuse arrows with the Keese Eye to create an eyeball arrow. This specialized weapon has a homing effect, making it much easier to hit flying enemies.
  • The double spear. Have you ever wanted a weapon to deal good damage at a longer distance? By fusing two spears, you’ll receive just that. The fused weapon is twice the size of a regular spear, allowing for further damage reach.
  • Sword with the Blue Lizalfos Horn. A Lizalfos Horn combined with a sword can substantially increase attack power. Your sword choice should be one-handed as this keeps speed up with a high attack.


Can I reverse fuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes, you can reverse fused weapons by traveling to Tarrey town. There you will find a shop with a man named Goron Pelison. Pay him 20 rupees, and he will reverse the fusion for you. You’ll receive both items back in their original forms.

What is the best fusing item in Tears of the Kingdom?

Players should search for the Silver Lynel Saber Horn. By fusing it with a sword, they can get a considerable upgrade. This includes an additional 55-point attack bonus. Likewise, fusing the rocket with the shield is a handy tool.

How do I pass shrines once I locate them?

Depending on their location, players can go up to shrines to interact with or pass them. They will frequently open up portals for more adventures or puzzles.

Rotating and Fusing Items Like a Pro

Rotating and fusing tools are two valuable abilities you’ll need to unlock early in the game. Once you do, Link can manipulate items and fuse them for new and exciting weapons. The player should first travel to the In- Isa and the Ukuoh Shrines to attain these abilities. Afterward, they can use them to upgrade their tools and weapons.

Did you find it easy to complete the shrine quests? What about rotating and fusing at the same time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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