The Best Text to Speech AI Tools

Text-to-Speech (TTS) software tools have many uses. You can get the best TTS to assist people with learning difficulties to get the audio version of your text. Text-to-Speech generators are ideal voiceover tools for companies and creators of audiobooks. They are crucial for gaming, computing, AI production, and animation. 

As numerous TTS tools exist online, you may find it time-consuming to pick the best. This article features the Best Text-to-Speech tools for your needs.

Top Text-to-Speech Software Tools

If you’re ready to buy the best TTS software for business or personal use, check the following options.


If you require web-based text-to-speech software that won’t let you down, consider Murf. The AI-based tool allows you to turn text into a human-like audio sound. Murf can reverse the process by turning audio speech files into text documents. It features more than 120 natural-sounding voices, simplifying your choice. Murf can also convert audio sounds into video formats. 

Boasting over 20 languages, Murf is a TTS generator for worldwide users. Murf’s editing environment best suits workplace teams involved in content creation and other computer-based jobs. The best part is that you can test Murf via the free plan, which offers ten minutes of generated speech. is among the top text-to-speech platforms. As the name suggests, features Artificial intelligence technology. Like Murf, has a collection of human-like voices. That’s why businesses in multiple industries use it. The award-winning tool provides a feature called Genny, consisting of more than 500 AI voices. 

In addition, Genny allows you to choose from 150 languages and over twenty emotions. provides a pronunciation editor, speed control, pitch control, emphasis, and other customizations. Lovo’s superior video editing capabilities can enable you to edit clips while making voiceovers. Lastly, Lovo has a massive resource database with royalty-free tunes, stock images, videos, and sound effects.

iSpring Suite Max 

If you need a desktop text-to-speech generator, iSpring Suite Max may be the right choice for you. The self-reliant software allows you to convert your e-learning notes into persuasive, natural sounds. After pasting your text into the editor, select languages and voices. The tool has more than 300 high-quality voices and 53 languages. 

With iSpring Suite Max, you can customize your files in many ways. For instance, you can control pronunciation by altering the speed and intonation of your narration. The software can transform 4,000 characters at once and comprehend any fractions, abbreviations, and numbers. 

If you need the best voiceover tool for making training programs, evaluate iSpring further. Users looking for a free plan won’t get it from iSpring. It targets only individuals, businesses, institutions of learning, and non-profit organizations.

If you need a web-based TTS generator, try the It might have the best features for your needs. allows instant conversion of text files to speech files. After this, you can download the audio as mp3 or WAV files. attracts many professionals because it generates quality voiceovers. Hence, you can get it for YouTube video production, marketing, or product designing. 

Like other tools suggested above, has excellent pronunciation terminologies and acronyms. Providing more than 900 voices and 142 languages, deserves to be on this list. Due to its ability to break down the text into brief sentences and add a unique voice to each sentence, is a versatile tool. You can store your audio files in the cloud and manage them as you wish. allows you to transfer audio files to Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify. Above all, it’s perfect for teams that collaborate to achieve common goals. Again, there is no basic plan for those looking to pay nothing.


Another popular TTS platform is Synthesys. It features AI technology that allows it to generate high-quality voiceovers and videos. If you plan to explain your website video content and product tutorials in no time, Synthesys could help. It works as a text-to-speech and a text-to-video software. 

Each conversion will feature a natural voice to make your videos easier to understand. Synthesys lacks hundreds of professional voices but classifies the few it has into male and female. Thus, you can get 35 male voices and 34 female voices. Synthesys is flexible in terms of usage. 

You can use it to make any number of human-like voiceovers for TV adverts, social media marketing, blogs, YouTube, etc. Synthesys TTS has a preview mode that lets you view results and apply changes faster. 


Listnr is an artificial intelligence text-to-speech generator for creating audio files. With Listnr, you can convert your text files into podcasts with genuine human voices. After that, you can adjust various elements of your audio files. Listnr has more than 600 AI-based voices and over 100 languages. Thus, you can prepare audio content for people of different ethnicities. 

Special features within Listnr include podcast hosting and file export. The former allows you to create, distribute, and manage your audio files. If you’re a YouTube content creator, an online blogger, or a digital marketer, you can make clear podcasts with Listnr. Unlike other similar platforms, Listnr has a free plan. 


If you require a reliable online-based TTS, Speechello is worth checking. After pasting the text onto the editor, choose the correct language and voice settings. Then, customize your voiceovers with the most suitable settings. Lastly, download your audio files in the mp3 format. Speechello has accurate punctuation features because of the AI technology used to design it. 

The software gives you more than 30 life-like voices divided into different categories. You can also use any of the 23 languages and work on only 700 words at a time. If you use video-making software tools like iMovie or Camtasia, Speechelo supports them.

Tips on Selecting the Best Text-to-Speech Generator

Choosing a TTS tool that fits your needs is relatively straightforward. First, determine the purpose of your tool. After determining how you’ll use it, consider these features.

Human-Like Voices

Some TTS tools have many voices, but not all sound like natural human voices. If you want to produce quality audio files, choose a generator with high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices.


If your target audience is broad, you require a text-to-speech tool with many languages. All the recommended generators have more than 20 languages. Therefore, you can get any of these tools and avoid hiring an expensive multi-lingual voice artist.


Each project you plan to start might require a unique set of voices. Additionally, some projects might use high-pitched voices and others low-pitched ones. The best TTS tools in this article offer excellent voice customization options. You can choose between male, female, and kids’ voices. 


Why should you not use a free text-to-speech tool?

First, most free TTS generators can’t perform professional business projects. You can use them for personal work instead. Secondly, you can customize your narration, but the features are limited. 

Do all TTS tools provide high-quality voices?

Text-to-speech generators don’t all provide high-quality voices. If you want the best tools, consider the paid ones. The AI voices might get better as you increase your subscription price. A free TTS tool may have a few human-like voices and many robotic sounds. 

Choose Your Favorite TTS

Text-to-speech software tools tend to have the same features. However, you can find a TTS tool with some unique options. Pick the best software from the list above based on your reasons for getting it. If you want to create personal audio files, get a free TTS generator. On the other hand, choose a paid tool for professional projects.

Do you have pending TTS projects, but you don’t have a suitable tool? Did you find some interesting software in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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