How to Get V3 Shark in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits allows you to try many different races before settling with one that best suits your playstyle. When you enter the game, you can’t choose which race you want to be, as it randomly gives you one. The highest chance is the Human race, with a little over 60%, while the other three regular races have just over 12.5%. They are Rabbit, Angel, and Shark.

How to Get V3 Shark in Blox Fruits

If you didn’t get the Shark race right at the start and want to try it out, this article will show you how and why this race is strong. Furthermore, when you get the Shark race, maxing and upgrading it is required to strengthen your character. Read on to learn how to get V3 Shark and its requirements.

Learning V3 Shark in Blox Fruits

Before you start doing tasks for achieving V3 Shark, you should make sure to be level 1,000, have 2,000,000 Beli to pay the NPC for the upgrade, and have a defeated boss, Don Swan. You also need to upgrade this race to V2 before reaching V3.

This is what you need to do to achieve Shark V3:

  1. Go to the Kingdom of Rose Island.
  2. Head to the Diamond Hill (This hill is recognizable by the enormous sunflowers on top).
  3. Navigate to the hidden room under this hill (This room is also known as Dog House, where Wenlock resides).
  4. Interact with Arowe, the other NPC in the room.
  5. Begin the quest the NPC gives you and go to the docks and the sea and defeat the Sea Beast.

You can swim until you find a Sea Beast or buy a boat from the Boat Dealer NPC found on the docks. There, you can purchase a boat if necessary for faster travel.

  1. Return to the Diamond Hill and Dog House room after defeating the Sea Beast.
  2. Speak with Arowe again.
  3. Pay him 2,000,000 to finish the quest and learn V3 Shark.

After you complete the quest, the V3 upgrade gives you a new spell called Water Body. When you activate it, you receive 80% defense when attacked. This ability lasts for 6.5 seconds and has a 30-second cooldown.

How to Change the Race to Shark

Knowing how to reach the second Shark upgrade is important if you’re already V2 on this race. However, if you are a different race and want to try the Shark or Fish race, as it’s called, you should know the requirements.

Unlike Cyborg or Ghoul, which have unique requirements for obtaining, Shark is one of the regular races that can be acquired by:

  • Purchasing Race Reroll from the shop for 90 Robux or from the Tort NPC in the Café for 3,000 Fragments.
  • Getting the Race Reroll during specific events.

Learning V2 Shark in Blox Fruits

Considering that the V2 upgrade is needed to evolve the race further to V3, this section will talk about how to achieve V2 Shark. Just like V3 has its own requirements, V2 has some unique prerequisites as well. Before you can begin the quest for V2, you need to complete the quest given by Bartillo and be level 850 or higher. Of course, you’ll also need to fork over some in-game money — this time, you need to pay 500,000 Blox Fruit currencies.

Completing Bartillo Quest

Bartillo is an NPC that resides at the Café and the carrier of The Colosseum quest, necessary for starting the climb for V2 Shark. To complete this quest, you have to:

  1. Speak with Bartillo and accept the first quest.
  2. Outside the Café, search for the Swan Pirates in the Kingdom of Rose area and kill 50 Swan Pirates.
  3. Head to the top of the mountain near the Kingdom of Rose area.
  4. Defeat Jeremy.
  5. Return to the Café.
  6. Interact with Bartillo again and accept the quest to release the Gladiators from the prison at the Colosseum.
  7. Go to The Mansion.
  8. Inside The Mansion, head to the left and read the code written on one of the tables there.
  9. Memorize the code.

Since the code isn’t written in the alphabet, you can write it on a piece of paper or somewhere to not forget the order of the letters, as they are necessary for unlocking the prison gates and releasing the prisoners.

  1. Go to the Colosseum building.
  2. Head to the room under the stadium where the prisoners are.

Here, you will notice the same letters from before scattered around the room. Some are placed on the walls, while others are on the pillars. You need to activate the letters in the same order as they were on the table at The Mansion. After you do this, the gates will open, and you will earn the New Champion title and Warrior Helmet item.

Note that it’s supposed to turn green when you go near each letter. Otherwise, it’s not activated.

Completing the Alchemist Quest

After finishing the Bartillo quest, you can finally start the quest for obtaining V2 Shark. This is how you can on about it:

  1. Go to the Green Zone and speak with the Alchemist NPC and accept the Flower Quest.
  2. Find the red, blue, and yellow flowers and return to the Alchemist upon completion.

These flowers have specific locations across the world. Yellow flowers can be looted after defeating any NPCs. The red flower can only be found during the daytime, while the blue flower spawns at night. You can begin searching for red or blue flowers depending on when you’re doing this quest and whether it’s night or day. After obtaining one of them, you will most likely have to wait a while for the night/day to come. This is an excellent time to get the yellow one and save time.

Red flowers can be found in these locations:

  • Bushes in front of the entrance to The Mansion
  • Beside the red/pink building in the Kingdom of Rose
  • Near the Alchemist in Green Zone
  • Fajita rock, also in the Green Zone
  • On top of the plateaus near the Factory area

The blue flowers can be found here:

  • In the graves in the Graveyard area
  • Near the tree facing the cave in the Graveyard area
  • At the Usoap Island, near a tree in the middle of the small structures there
  • In Cave Island’s secret room above the ceiling

After finishing, you need to go back to the Green Zone, complete the quest, and pay the Alchemist 500,000 Beli to teach you the V2 Shark skill. V2 allows you to swim faster, and you can’t take any damage from water or even die/drown.

Additionally, the visual look changes when you switch to Shark race and keep upgrading it. Every Shark character receives shark fins somewhere on the body.

Becoming the Fish Master

The Shark race is considered one of the better races in the game, mainly because it increases your swimming speed and makes crossing large bodies of water less challenging and time-consuming. Another advantage of this race is the Water Body skill, which increases your defense stats. However, you only have a 25% chance to get this race when you use Reroll, and sometimes you might have to try more than once.

Which race do you think is the strongest in Blox Fruits? Is getting V3 and V4 Shark worth the trouble? Let us know in the comments section below.

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