How to See What’s Taking up All of Your Google Storage Space

If you’ve got a Google account, it’s important to keep an eye on your storage needs. If you don’t, then you may no longer be able to add new files to Drive. Or you might stop getting new emails without knowing that’s what’s happening! Yikes.
And since your Google storage space is shared across Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, your data might be taking up more storage than you think. So here’s one easy way to check your Google storage space to keep tabs on your usage.
Start by opening your browser on your Mac or PC and visiting Once you’re there, sign in on the familiar login page with your Google account:
Google Sign-In Page
When your email loads, look down at the bottom-left of the page for an overview of your Google storage space and current usage, outlined in the red box in the screenshot below:
google storage space info
As you can see, I’m not using very much space on this account, so I’ll be good for a while. If you’re getting close to running out, though, you can click the “Manage” button below your storage stats, which will give you a pie chart look at your storage usage along with paid options to increase it.
Google Storage space details
If you use multiple Google services you can see a breakdown of how much storage they’re each using by clicking the “View details” button called out in the screenshot above.
google storage breakdown
This will show you exactly how much space is being used by Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, along with additional information about your current storage plan.
Anyway, you can do this same thing on your mobile device, but it’s easier to just visit the direct link to your storage info rather than going in through Gmail there.
Regardless, take a look at what you’re using, and plan accordingly! Better to upgrade to a paid plan a few months before you hit the limit than to suddenly stop getting emails without knowing why. Unless that sounds kind of like a vacation to you…like it sort of does to me. Ah, a day or two with no new email. I can’t even imagine.

How to See What's Taking up All of Your Google Storage Space

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