How to Delete and Remove All Likes on Instagram

Likes are crucial in boosting one’s popularity and credibility on Instagram. The more likes your posts garner, the more you can gain avid followers. In fact, “likes” have become so important to the Instagram economy that some users even pay third-party services to produce astroturfed “like” campaigns and give them some (fake) popularity.

However, not every opinion stays the same over time, and there are reasons that an Instagram user might decide that liking a particular post or snap was an error. Both regular users and powerful “influencers” might need to remove their likes once in a while.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to accomplish if a user wants to remove ALL of their likes (or even just a big handful). Unliking is usually a tedious process of going through posts individually, but some apps can speed it up. This article will give you a walkthrough on how to speed up the unliking process.

How to Delete and Remove All Likes on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have an “Unlike Everything” button, so you must take a few extra steps to remove all likes for the entire account. Although this process might be time-consuming if you’ve liked a lot of posts, it is an effective method.

For this tutorial, we’ve used the iOS version of the Instagram app. The steps are similar on Android, so you shouldn’t have any problems navigating the app.

Here’s how to remove all likes on Instagram:

  1. Launch Instagram and tap your “Profile” icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” icon (three lines) in the upper right corner.
  3. Select “Your Activity.”
  4. Choose “Interactions.”
  5. Tap “Likes.”
  6. Tap the “Sort & filter” option to narrow down the posts you want to unlike, or skip this step if you’re going to unlike all of them.
  7. Long-press the first post you want to unlike. Then, tap the bubbles (or images) for each one.
  8. Tap “Unlike (#)” at the bottom.

This method is the safest and most effective way to remove all likes on Instagram. But it can take a lot of time to clear everything. We do have some other solutions too.

How to Remove All Instagram Likes on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS

Instagram is an app-driven form of social media, so there are some limitations on what you can do on a desktop. There is no option to preview posts you’ve liked, and you cannot upload pictures. Therefore, you cannot remove Instagram Likes on a laptop or PC. However, what you can do is remove posts from your Saved list.

Third-Party Apps to Remove Likes on Instagram

The only way to efficiently delete all your likes on Instagram is to use a third-party app to manage your account.

The limitations of third-party apps

Before we get into a full-on discussion of third-party apps, let’s answer a question. Since Instagram publishes an application programming interface (API), meaning that people can write applications that interface directly with the Instagram service, how come there isn’t a rapid method to wipe out all your likes in one swoop?

The answer is that there could be, but nobody could run it. The problem is that Instagram doesn’t mind if you use a third-party app that uses its API to make some things more efficient, but it frowns on users automating their accounts entirely.

They want human users to do human things, not bots running programs, and an app that cleans out your likes (or anything else in your account) might rub them the wrong way. Running an app that wipes out your likes all at once can get you banned from Instagram.

So, the apps discussed here let you get rid of your likes, but they require you to do it reasonably slowly (not automatically) so that Instagram won’t flip its wig and ban you. The consensus in the user community is that you can do about 300 unlikes a day without triggering the algorithms. Use that number at your own risk. Here are some apps you can use to bulk-remove likes on Instagram.

#1: FollowingLikeIV

FollowingLike is a social media management tool that lets you administer thousands of social media accounts. It’s a must-have for a hard-core Instagram influencer or anyone running multiple accounts. FollowingLike is a paid app; the one-account version is $97 and runs on both Windows (XP or higher) and Mac OS. FollowingLike has a vast array of features; unliking posts is just one of the many things it can do.

Although the app allows you to wipe out all your likes at once, it is a terrible idea since bulk actions from third-party apps can get your profile deleted, as previously mentioned. Instead, you can create a custom unliking schedule that lets you unlike a few posts at a time over a more extended period, which will get past the Instagram behavior-monitoring algorithms by making it look like you’re sitting at your computer for 12 hours hitting “unlike” one post at a time. You can let your schedule run on autopilot and take care of all your unliking needs in just a few days.

Cleaner for IG

Unlike FollowingLike, Cleaner for IG (iOS only) is free in the basic package, and you can get an upgraded professional version for a small fee; there is also a cloud upgrade. The app has a friendly user interface, making it easy to use and navigate. 

It allows you to remove Instagram Likes from posts in bulk with a few taps. In addition, you can also bulk-block and unfollow users—convenient Instagram account management features. One caveat – users have reported that Cleaner for IG doesn’t scale well, and if you have an account with tens of thousands of followers, it will become very sluggish and difficult to use.

In closing, removing all your past likes can be time-consuming, but it can also get you banned if you use automated services. That’s why you want to manage them individually or use an app that lets you set intervals. That way, it creates the appearance as if you are individually deleting those Instagram Likes. Unfortunately, Meta, like most social media platforms, isn’t too fond of people removing all of their previous interactions, but there are ways to get the job done.

Bulk-Deleting Instagram Likes FAQs

How many Instagram Likes can you bulk-delete without getting banned?

The number of Instagram Likes you can unlike is not specified anywhere on the Instagram website or in their terms and conditions. A common assumption made by users is about 300, but delete Likes at your own risk. The bottom line is that bots monitor your liking activity, and if you appear to be using an automated system, you’ll get banned. That’s why it is best to delete Likes as if you were manually doing it. Some apps offer a frequency option to help protect you from getting banned, but that statement is not guaranteed.

What are the best Instagram Unliking Apps available?

Typically, the best Instagram apps that remove all Likes are paid ones. However, you are usually paying for other services as well. FolllowingLikeIV allows you to set intervals for deleting a certain amount of Instagram Likes, and it is easy to set up.

4 thoughts on “How to Delete and Remove All Likes on Instagram”

J says:
So I am trying to unlike all the posts that I have ever liked on Instagram unfortunately I have thousands and thousands of posts that I have liked. So if I sit here and unlike them 1 by 1 using the directions you have just placed here I would be here for a very long time. Is there a way to unlike all the posts at 1 time? Instagram has just blocked me because of the fact that I unliked too many posts at the same time by sitting here doing it 1 by 1 I am just trying to unlike all the posts that I have ever liked all at the same time is there a way?
Swati Mishra says:
ditto, I guess. It’s not possible.
Tine says:
Hi, do the suggested methods apply to photos that are from a private Instagram account?

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