Gigabyte Poseidon review

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Poseidon may have been the Greek god of the sea, but this seems like a tenuous link to a PC case with predrilled holes for watercooling tubes. But, despite the £51 price, Gigabyte’s case has cut-outs at the rear, so you can use an external reservoir such as Zalman’s Reserator.

Gigabyte Poseidon review

It also has an aluminium front panel, which gives it an air of sophistication the cheaper Akasa lacks. Behind the fascia, there’s the rolled steel construction you’d expect at this price. The side panel has a fairly large grille, but you can replace this with a bundled piece of acrylic to convert it into a window.

Although far from the most stylish here, the front panel is functional and boasts five 5.25in bays and one 3.5in bay. Power and reset buttons are on opposite sides for symmetry. And either side of the panel, which sits proud at the foot of the fascia, there are grilles that feed air to a 120mm fan. A second fan resides at the rear, providing good airflow without making a racket. Behind the front panel is a light projector that beams the Poseidon logo onto your desk – an odd feature, but one you can customise with your own logo.

Inside are screwless expansion slots at the rear, while the drive bays are also tool-less. A transverse hard-disk rack holds two disks with quick-release rails and is ideally positioned for maximum cooling.

Overall, the Poseidon is relatively good value, and the tool-free features will save time when building and upgrading. It lacks the quality and hard-disk damping of the Antec Solo, though, which just edges it at the same price.

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