How to Craft Sigils in Diablo 4

Sigil crafting in “Diablo 4” enhances your gaming experience, including Nightmare sigils, which aid players in modifying standard dungeons to Nightmare variants for endgame play. Unlike normal dungeons, this version poses complex challenges in which players can access more lucrative rewards. But you can only access this feature once you level up in the game and attain World Tier 3.

How to Craft Sigils in Diablo 4

This article demonstrates how you can craft sigils in “Diablo 4.”

Crafting Sigils in Diablo 4

While it isn’t essential for the initial stages of the game, crafting sigils becomes necessary as the player keeps advancing. However, you’ll need to first complete a Priority Quest at Level 53 to obtain the ability to craft sigils. The instructions below will guide you in achieving this task:

  • Unlock World Tier 3.
  • Obtain a Nightmare sigil from the Whispering Tree.
  • Complete a Nightmare dungeon.
  • Complete the “Speak with Demyan” quest.

The non-player character (NPC) will help you craft your first sigil, unlocking the ability to make and salvage them.

Sigil Powder is crucial in this crafting process. You can get it by completing the Nightmare dungeon or rescuing rejected Nightmare sigils from the Occultist’s store. The unwanted sigils typically have a poor tier ranking or low-value affixes. Generally, the best way to obtain this material is by running consistent dungeon resets in popular dungeons to get quality crafting materials.

Decoding Sigil Crafting

There are two main ways of obtaining Nightmare sigils in “Diablo 4.” You can either take down bosses or complete the “Tree of Whisper” challenges. Sometimes, sigils occur randomly in the Sanctuary world. But once you complete your first Nightmare dungeons, obtaining them will be simple if you learn how to craft them. It’s an essential ability because most of the game’s sigil drops are typically lower than your current difficulty tier.

There are two types of sigil you can craft based on tier levels. You can craft Sacred or Ancestral sigils. The former ranks between Tier 1 and 20, while the latter is assigned Tier Level 21 to 100. Remember that you can only craft high-tier sigils when completing a Tier 3 Nightmare dungeon.

The relationship between salvaging and crafting sigils is approximately 2.5:1. This means that you’ll be able to craft one sigil with every two and a half sigils you recover from the Occultist. These consumables will belong to the same tier.

The Nightmare sigils you craft can determine which dungeons you can modify, the number of game mods you’ll be able to partake in, and the monster density within the Nightmare dungeon.

This crafting sigil system is one of the easiest in the game. But, if you try out a challenging Nightmare dungeon without proper preparation, you may set yourself back in the game. Not only will you waste your sigil powder but also your crafted sigils. The higher the tier Nightmare sigil you salvage, the more sigil powder you’ll collect. Keep in mind that “Diablo 4” allows you to select the crafted sigil’s level.

Using Sigils in Diablo 4

Utilizing sigils in “Diablo 4” is pretty straightforward. To activate them, you’ll need to navigate the Consumables tab in your inventory and select the sigil you’d like to use. Once you can craft sigils, be strategic about the sigils you choose to run. If you can craft high-tier sigils from Levels 15-20, you should focus only on them to grow more efficient in the game.

If you notice an excess amount of sigils in your inventory, the best move is to utilize them to obtain sigil powder. This will help you create more room for consumables in your inventory. You can get a maximum of five sigils for every Nightmare dungeon you run. Here’s how you can use a Nightmare sigil:

  1. Go to the “Consumable” slot in the inventory.
  2. Move your pointer above the sigil you’d like to use.
  3. Hit the “Use” button once it pops up.
  4. Bring up your map and locate the red mark to locate the dungeon and find the entrance and enter the dungeon.

Cost of Crafting Nightmare Sigils

When you upgrade a regular dungeon to a Nightmare dungeon using your crafted sigil, you’ll obtain properties that can be assigned to legendary items and jewels. Be aware that only one sigil can be used to upgrade a single dungeon, and the cost gradually increases as you advance in the game. The table below shows the price of crafting different Nightmare sigils based on their tier level.

RankSigil PowderGoldAffixes

Troubleshooting Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4

Some players in “Diablo 4” can’t unlock sigil crafting even after getting to World Tier 3. While the game’s developers have yet to patch the issue, the Diablo community has been able to come up with a few fixes for the problem. Here’s how you can resolve the error:

Restart the Game

The game’s server can occasionally suffer a glitch. Restarting the game can help to refresh the system and clear the error. Many players facing the issue have recommended this solution.

Update the Game

Developers will typically rush to release a game update if there’ve been numerous complaints about the same issue among players. It would be best if you browsed for a new version online, as it’s likely to eliminate any bugs or system issues that might interfere with the ability to craft sigils.

Confirm the Game’s File Integrity

This applies to those playing “Diablo 4” on the PC. Here’s how you can verify the file integrity:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Diablo 4”and select “Settings.”
  3. Click the “Scan and Fix Files” option.

The process will automatically check and scan all saved files within the installation directory and fix any that might be compromised or broken. The issue will likely be resolved once you relaunch the game.


Why can’t you craft Nightmare sigils?

You likely haven’t gotten to World Tier 3 in “Diablo 4.” You’ll only be able to craft the sigils once you get to this level.

Can you participate in the Nightmare dungeon without a sigil in Diablo 4?

No. This endgame activity can only be accessed using the sigils.

Why can’t you craft the Ancestral sigil, yet you unlocked World Tier 3?

Ancestral sigils belong to Tier Levels 20 to 100. Even though you’re granted the ability to craft sigils in World Tier 3, you’ll need to unlock the “Torment Difficulty” in World Tier 4 to make them.

Can you upgrade sigils in Diablo 4?

No. There is currently no option to upgrade existing sigils.

Break Through Nightmare Dungeons Like a Pro

Obtaining a Nightmare sigil in “Diablo 4” is a matter of luck. This is why learning how to craft these consumables is handy. It ensures you’ll always have some sigils in your inventory whenever needed. While the sigil mechanics make completing dungeons more challenging, they promise a higher reward and a better gaming experience for players up for a challenge.

Have you crafted sigils in “Diablo 4”? What is the highest sigil tier you’ve crafted so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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