Does Snapchat Have a Friend Limit?

Does Snapchat have a friend limit? How can I get more friends on Snapchat? These are two questions we’ve received a lot here at TechJunkie. As these questions are related, I thought I would answer both of them in a single post.

Does Snapchat Have a Friend Limit?

Snapchat is growing by the day and showing no signs of slowing down. With Snapchat’s popularity in mind, if you enjoy social media or if you run a business that you want to promote, Snapchat is a social network you need to be on.

As with all social networks, Snapchat lets you collect friends of all kinds. It isn’t quite as on this Facebook, a social network that turns numbers into something to feel very proud of,  but we just can’t help ourselves in that we want more friends and connections on all the social media platforms.

Does Snapchat have a friend limit?

When Snapchat was initially launched there was thought to be a 2,500 friend limit. Once you hit that, you couldn’t add anyone else. Then sometime later that limit was raised to 5,000 friends. I have nowhere near that many Snapchat friends but I know someone who works in social media marketing who has that number of friends on Snapchat.

When you hit the friend limit, you will see a message telling you that you cannot add any more friends. The good news is that they can still add you so they can see your Snaps but you won’t be able to add them until you do a little housekeeping.

How Many Friends Do You Have?

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow users to see how many friends they have on their account. You can view your friends’ list by going to the settings within the app.

  1. Tap on your profile picture in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Tap ‘My Friends’ in the menu
  3. Scroll through the list to view your Snapchat friends

Although this doesn’t show the actual number of friends you have, you can see who is listed and get an idea of how many people you’ve added on Snapchat.

How can I get more friends on Snapchat?

The second question is a bigger one, which is why I left it until last. Getting more friends on Snapchat takes time, effort, and imagination and is no easy task.

However, thanks to that friend who does social media marketing, I have collected a few tips to help you become popular.

Have a Snapchat plan

You don’t have to develop your own social media marketing strategy but it does help to have some kind of plan. What do you want all these friends for? Who should they be? What do you want to achieve on Snapchat?

What do you want your Snapchat friends to think about you? The plan should answer these questions and provide some kind of direction on the quality and type of Snaps you share.

Having a plan and then following through on executing that plan greatly increases the chnaces you’ll attract more Snapchat friends.

Become very comfortable with Snapchat

Comfort comes from knowing how to use something and being confident in that use. Snapchat isn’t the most intuitive social network so it makes sense to get used to how it works, how to Snap, how to secure your privacy, how others interact and all that good stuff.

When you’re completely comfortable with Snapchat, that will come across in your posts which will be better received as a result.

Practice doing interesting things that will make your Snaps more compelling such as making a photo collage for a Snapchat story.

See what others are doing who have a lot of Snapchat friends

In marketing, this process is called competitor analysis. What do your competitors do on Snapchat? What kind of content do they share? Does it go down well with their audience? Is there something they are missing? Something you could do better? What are your competitors trying to achieve?

All these things can seriously improve your Snapchat performance whether you’re doing it just for fun or to promote a business. You can learn from other people who have already achieved what you’re seeking to achieve.

Emulation is okay, to begin with, but you want to make sure everything you do is original. If people have seen it before, they won’t want to see it again.

Cross-pollinate with other social networks

Cross-pollinating means sharing Snapchat posts on other social networks. Use your Snapcode wherever you can, use the shareable link on other networks, add your Snapcode to email signatures, and find ways to share content across the different channels you use.

Also, you can re-purpose content you’ve used on other social networks on Snapchat.

Though bee careful not to pester people or become annoying though. If you try to force sharing or share the same content everywhere, people will quickly become tired of it. Do it sparingly and bait the hook. Then leave it for people to bite, or not.

Tell stories using Snapchat

Snapchat is mainly about the Snaps but Stories can be powerful too. If you do or have done, something interesting recently, making a story out of it is a fantastic way to get attention.

Tell the story well and you will gain friends. Plan your story before publishing it though as lame stories don’t go down anywhere near as well!

Behind the scenes, stories are particularly useful if you own a business or are creative. Giving people an insight into how something is made or done is a sure-fire win. The same for funny or moving stories although they are much harder to come up with.

Gaining influence on any social network is essentially the same process. You want to be relevant, useful, entertaining, and funny to your audience. There is a lot of low-quality content posted on social networks so if you can stand above it all by consistently working hard at creating outstanding content for your audience, you’ll stand out and gain followers.

Good luck and keep at it! It takes time to build an audience and good relationships on social media,

You might find this TechJunkie article helpful in achieving you Snapchat goals: Snapchat Demographics and Statistics.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting more friends on Snapchat? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Does Snapchat Have a Friend Limit?”

Keely Mae Gauthier says:
Actually, I have some information. You can see how many friends you get by going to your location settings and hitting “Only these Friends..” there should be a button that says “select all” near the start of your list. Currently I have 3,008 friends on snapchat (:
Shelby Carver says:
My snap says I’ve reached a limit of adding friends. How can I make it where I can add more friends??
Lexi says:
How do I find how many friends I have?
Ellie says:
How do i find ouut how mny followers i have? My friend said i show in the subscribe thingy but i cant add nyone its driving me craycray
Mod says:
I have people who added me but I can’t add them back. I have friend proposals for quick add but can’t do anything. I guess I have around 1500 friends now… anyone a solution to this problem?
Brenda Montanez says:
My top views are 1100 and I can’t add anymore why is this please help! I have 200 people waiting to be added. I’m guessing I have about 1,100 friends but I can’t add any more
Keely Mae Gauthier says:
To double check. Go to “Only these friends…” in location settings. Click that and then there should be an option to hit “Select All” click that press done and you’ll see the amount you have added (: if you have too many added I suggest cleaning it out.
Shai Young says:
I only have 400 and i cant get anymore like wtf? That’s not even half
Anum sheikh says:
Hey hi I can’t add more ppl its 2500 ppl added in snap but I can’t to add more ppl tell me how
Connor Rxford says:
I am a Instagram model and I get a lot of adds every single day and I add some of my followers back but some reason I can no longer add the. Back which is a little upsetting
Evelyn B says:
Well I have maybe 2,000 and it doesn’t lend me accept anymore. Why is that?
I have people who added me but I can’t add them back. I have friend proposals for quick add but can’t do anything. I guess I have around 1500 friends now… anyone a solution to this problem?
Ethan says:
I’d like to inform you that the limit is in-fact 6000 as of writing this comment. As confirmed by Support themselves.

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