Is FarFetch Legit? Are Their Items Real?

FarFetch is an e-commerce platform that aims to connect creators, boutiques, and customers from all around the world. Made for fashion lovers, this platform is all about luxury fashion items, which can get pretty pricey.

Is FarFetch Legit? Are Their Items Real?

FarFetch is an e-commerce platform aiming to connect creators, boutiques, and customers from all around the world. The platform is primarily made for fashion lovers, and it is all about luxury fashion items, which can get pretty pricey.

Before paying a significant amount of money for a new dress, you have the right to know whether the platform is legit and whether you’ll receive an authentic item or just a good copy. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about FarFetch.

Are FarFetch Items Real?

All items that you find on FarFetch are original. Also, the platform has very high standards when it comes to its partners. It works only with high-quality brands, ensuring that you get only top-notch products.

Not every boutique can partner with FarFetch. They have to fulfill various requirements, from the quality of the clothes to safety and promptness. When you see that a certain boutique became a partner of FarFetch, it means that it is highly professional and trustworthy.

Buying a Gucci dress from FarFetch delivers the same dress as if you walked into the Gucci store in the center of Rome. You save yourself some time and save the money you’d spend on plane tickets.

Is farfetch legit - items real

How Does FarFetch Operate?

On their website, you can find all legal information, such as company number, as well as the address of their registered office in London. They also have offices in over ten countries, including the USA.

However, we have to make it clear that FarFetch doesn’t have a physical store. It operates as an agent that connects you with its partner stores and designers. All items you see on FarFetch are in shops or storages of different boutiques or creators worldwide.

When you purchase something from FarFetch, you’re buying from one of their partners, whether it’s a designer or a fashion boutique. The items get shipped to you directly from the store. Although FarFetch can’t have complete control over the shipping process, it has high safety standards to ensure its partners are legit.

For example, FarFetch’s partners include some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, such as Balenciaga, Versace, and Prada. The platform was founded in the UK in 2007 with only 25 partner stores. Over the years, it became a trusted platform with more than 700 partners worldwide.

From that number, 200 of them are direct brands working with FarFetch, and the rest are boutiques. We also believe that big brands wouldn’t operate with them if they weren’t trustworthy.

FarFetch’s Return Policy

The best thing about FarFetch is that your chances of finding the desired item in your size and the color you want are much higher than if you were searching for it in a physical store. However, online shopping always brings a dose of uncertainty about whether the item you purchase would fit you or not.

Even if you picked your size, the item might not look the way you thought it would. Again, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the product. It means that photos can sometimes be misleading.

FarFetch allows you to return the purchased item within 14 days of the delivery and get your money back. Theor return policy is another confirmation that the website is entirely legit. However, note that it means that the item has to be shipped back to the store by that date. Therefore, it is recommended that you try on your clothes as soon as you receive them, giving you enough time to ship the item(s) back if you don’t like them.

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Legit and Safe

In the sea of e-commerce platforms, it can be challenging to choose one that you can trust. FarFetch is a legitimate choice. Its partners are trustworthy, and it also has a good return policy.

Have you ever used FarFetch? What’s your experience with this platform? Would you recommend it to others? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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