How to Find Food in DayZ

DayZ is a survival game where you need to monitor multiple indicators of your health status to cope with the harsh environment. One of the most important details you need to address is keeping your character well-fed. Since the game requires you to perform various activities that consume your energy, such as fighting and climbing, you’ll need to refill your food supplies. They allow you to stay fit and ready for future obstacles.

How to Find Food in DayZ

In this article, we’ll show you multiple ways of finding food in DayZ.

How to Find Food in DayZ?

While it may seem that performing any tasks in DayZ will give you a hard time, that’s not the case with finding food. One of the easiest ways of gathering food is to go through boats on beaches. Not only do they contain food and water, but they also hold waterproof clothes and backpacks.

Your quest for food can also send you inland. Your best chance is to check out the small villages you’ll come across. Many players ignore these settlements, but they usually contain lots of supplies, including food. Navigate your map to find them.

Another option is to grow your food:

  1. Dig up fertile soil to create a clear patch. Do this with your ice ax, pickaxe, or shovel. Repeat for as many slots as you want.
  2. Take some Garden Lime and fertilize your patches of soil. While this is an optional step, it will accelerate the growing process. You will use 5% for each slot you fertilize.
  3. Plant your seeds.
  4. Water the soil patches, and they’ll start growing. To water each patch, you’ll need 100 ml of water. Rain will also help to keep your plants nourished.
  5. Spray your plants using the Diluted Disinfectant Spray. This will fend off any pests.
  6. Once the plants are fully grown, start harvesting them and placing them in your inventory. If there’s no room, the plants will be placed in front of you.

How to Find Food and Water in DayZ?

The game offers many more opportunities to feed your character. One of them is fishing, and here’s how to perform this relaxing activity:

  1. Find a pond, sea, or river that’s deep enough for fishing.
  2. Equip a hook and earthworm and combine the items to create bait.
  3. Take your fishing pole from your inventory and put your baited hook into the pole’s hook slot.
  4. Stand near the edge of the water and click/press the action button to cast the line. Hold the click/button until the progress bar is full.
  5. A tugging action will commence once something has been caught. When this happens, click/press the action button to reel in the fish or any other item you have acquired.
  6. Every catch will require an earthworm. So, before re-casting your line, remove your hook and replace the earthworm.

Finding water is also relatively simple. For instance, you can collect it from streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. However, you want to treat this water with your chlorine tables to make sure it’s drinkable. Chlorine tablets can be obtained at campsites, medical buildings, and hospitals.

Alternatively, you can boil water using a pot over your campfire.

How to Find Food Easily in DayZ?

If you want to find food through minimal effort, you need to look for food sources that don’t require you to hunt and use weapons. A good idea is to look for mushrooms. You can pick them in a forest, but many of them can be easily missed. Avoid gathering and consuming poisonous mushrooms.

Moreover, gathering fruit gives you easy access to food supplies. Plums, pears, and apples grow on nearby trees. In fact, you can discover whole plantations that have dozens of fruit trees.

How to Find Food in DayZ on PS4?

PS4 DayZ players can also look for wildlife to get some food, but some of them, like wolves and bears, become aggressive when under attack. Others will try to escape since they have no means of defending themselves.

The spawn location of animals varies, depending on the species. Larger ones, such as deer and cows, can be seen close to water. On the other hand, domesticated animals like goats and chickens typically roam near towns.

Regardless of the animal you’re after, here’s how to hunt it down easily:

  1. Equip a ranged weapon from your inventory, such as the M4-A1 or VSD.
  2. Avoid startling the prey by moving slowly. This will help you remain undetected until you get in range.
  3. Aim at the animal and take your shot. You may need to take several shots to bring down a large animal.
  4. Once the animal is shot, it will begin to bleed. Follow your prey to finish off the animal.
  5. Start skinning by equipping a machete or knife from your inventory. Get close to the animal and use your action button to skin the animal.
  6. Once the process is over, you’ll get animal meat you can cook and eat later.

How to Find Food in DayZ on Xbox?

Hunting animals is a great source of food, no matter the platform you’re playing on. Here’s how you can catch your prey on Xbox:

  1. Find your animal and approach it carefully. Make sure you’re not standing too close to avoid scaring the animal.
  2. Go to your inventory and pick a ranged weapon.
  3. Aim and shoot the animal. If the shot doesn’t kill the animal right away, it will start bleeding out and succumb to the wound eventually.
  4. Follow the animal and wait for it to die.
  5. Go to your inventory and equip your knife.
  6. Approach the carcass and use the action button on your D-pad to skin the animal.
  7. A bunch of items will appear on the ground, including meat. Collect it, and you can later cook it.

Additional FAQs

Now that we’ve covered the gist of finding food in DayZ, let’s take a look at some more handy details.

Can You Spawn Items in DayZ?

Unfortunately, the default version of the game doesn’t let you spawn items. The only way you can generate an item in DayZ is to use mods. Luckily, there’s a bunch of them available on the internet, which makes life a bit easier.

Why Is It Hard to Find Food in DayZ?

Finding food can be challenging in DayZ, especially if you’re a novice player. As mentioned earlier, you can’t spawn food items in your inventory without using mods. Any other method of feeding your character requires you to do some work.

Thankfully, finding food isn’t impossible in DayZ. There are plenty of food sources, such as mushrooms, pear trees, apple trees, and wildlife. Take some time to go around the map, and you’ll come across ample resources.

What Are Easy Ways to Find Food in DayZ?

The easiest way to find food in DayZ is to gather ready-made items. To that end, you can check out numerous greenhouses and polytunnels. These locations spawn fresh fruits, vegetables, canned foods, drinks, and seed packs.

On top of that, you can loot beached boats scattered around coastlines. Among other things, they contain canned food and canned drinks, which is an easy source of nutrition.

Where Do You Find Food in DayZ?

There are numerous locations in DayZ where you can collect food:

• Fruit trees

• Bodies of water (fish)

• Forests (wildlife and berries)

• Ground (mushrooms)

• Polytunnels

• Greenhouses

• Beached boats

Keep Your Hunger Level at Bay

While DayZ is replete with all sorts of peril, the game also has nearly inexhaustible food sources. Not only can you go hunting and fishing, but you can also get food by collecting fruits and mushrooms. Whatever you choose, make sure your character consumes enough food so that hunger doesn’t cripple your chances of survival.

What’s your favorite way of gathering food in DayZ? Do you rely on multiple methods of getting food? Tell us in the comments section below.

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