How to Find Hatch in Dead by Daylight

There are two ways to escape the map in Dead by Daylight – either through the exit gates or by using a hatch. Of course, each method has its pros and cons – if you prefer playing as a part of the team, gates are undoubtedly a better option. However, if most of your teammates are dead, a hatch may be your only chance.

How to Find Hatch in Dead by Daylight

In this guide, we’ll share the most common hatch spawning locations on different maps in DBD. Additionally, we’ll explain how exactly hatches work, which perk will help you find them quicker, and answer more questions related to hatches in the game.

How to Find the Hatch in Dead by Daylight?

Unfortunately, there’s no ultimate answer on how you can find the hatch in DBD – they spawn at random. However, on most maps, you can predict where a hatch will appear with higher odds.

Here are the most common spawning locations in the McMillan Estate area:

  1. Coal Tower – usually, the hatch spawns next to the wheelhouse outside the tower.
  2. Groaning Storehouse – most often, the hatch spawns either inside or next to the building.
  3. The Ironworks of Misery – check between two pipes on the first floor.
  4. Shelter Woods – a hatch may spawn next to the cabin, but sometimes it spawns at random points in the area.
  5. Suffocation Pit – check for the hatch behind a house that is located next to a ramp.

Find the most common hatch spawning locations in the Autohaven Wreckers area below:

  1. Azarov’s Resting Place – on this map, hatches spawn at random. However, you may check near generators and between trees for a higher chance.
  2. Blood Lodge – there’s only one hatch spawn location – in the lodge, down the stairs.
  3. Gas Haven –  as with Azarov’s Resting Place, this map doesn’t have a definite hatch spawning location, but odds are higher near generators.
  4. Wretched Shop – find a tree and two barrels next to the shop – that’s where the hatch will spawn.
  5. Wrecker’s Yard – usually, the hatch spawns between trees or inside buildings, but there is no definite location.

If you’re playing in the Coldwind Farms area, check the locations below to find the hatch:

  1. Fractured Cowshed – the hatch normally spawns around the blimp crash site.
  2. The Thompson House – in most cases, the hatch spawns in the corner of the porch at the back of the house.
  3. Torment Creek – the hatch should spawn next to a half-destroyed building.
  4. Rancid Abattoir – in this location, the hatch usually spawns in a room with dead pigs or around exits.
  5. Rotten Fields – there are no specific hatch spawning locations on this map; they spawn at random.

In the Bonfire Crotus Prenn Asylum area, the common hatch spawning locations are as follows:

  1. Disturbed Ward – hatches spawn at random, but odds are higher around bonfires.
  2. Father Campbell’s Chapel – check inside the shack.

Find common hatch spawning locations for other maps below:

  1. Lampkin Lane – the hatch almost always spawns along the paved road.
  2. Badham Preschool – check the boiler room and next to the exit.
  3. Family Residence – most often, the hatch spawns in the middle of the map.
  4. The Underground Complex – generally, the hatch spawns on the lower floor.
  5. Midwitch Elementary School – that’s a tricky one. The hatch not only spawns at random but also is hidden under hunks of flesh.

Note: Maps that aren’t mentioned have a completely random spawning pattern. Thus, the only way to find a hatch is to run around the map and pay attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to hatches in DBD.

What Is the Easiest Way to Find the Hatch in Dead by Daylight?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find a hatch in DBD. You have to learn your maps and take notes on the most common hatch spawning locations. On some maps, there could be just a couple of them, but other maps may have a completely random pattern. Acquiring the Left Behind perk may help you find the hatch quicker.

What Perk Lets You See the Hatch?

The Left Behind perk is extremely useful for finding hatches – it allows you to see the aura of the hatch from a 24-32-meter distance when you’re the last survivor. This perk is available to William “Bill” Overbeck from the beginning, but other survivors can acquire it starting with level 30.

Where Are the Hatches in Dead by Daylight?

If you’re playing DBD as a survivor but don’t know what hatches are, you’re missing out, as it’s one of the only two ways for you to escape the map. The main difference between hatches and gates is that the hatch only allows you and nearby players a few seconds to escape. If there are two or more survivors, you will need a key to open it.

How Do Hatches Work?

As you already know, hatches in DBD spawn at random to help survivors to escape the map. Once you find the hatch, you have to open it. If there are two or more survivors left, you need a Skeleton Key or a Dull Key to open it. The hatch will only remain open for 30 seconds, so survivors that didn’t make it to the hatch on time will have to find another key to open it again.

However, if you’re the only survivor left, the hatch will spawn and remain open until you reach it or until the killer closes it. If survivors manage to open the exit gates and the killer closes a hatch afterward, a mechanic called “Endgame Collapse” is implemented, and survivors get limited time to escape. Hatches only start spawning when the number of repaired generators exceeds the number of remaining survivors by at least one, or when there’s just one survivor left.

Can You Unlock Hatches Early?

Yes, hatches can spawn early in the match if there are more repaired generators than remaining survivors. Thus, if four survivors are still alive, you have to repair five generators for the hatch to spawn. If there are three survivors, you have to repair four generators, and so on.

Will Hatches Spawn in Dead by Daylight?

Hatches spawn in DBD after certain requirements are met. There should be either a single survivor left or the number of repaired generators has to exceed the number of survivors. The locations are mostly random, but on some maps, certain landmarks have higher spawning odds.

How Do I Get the Key?

To open a hatch in DBD, you need a key. Just like hatches, keys spawn at random, so you will have to make a run around the map to find it. Optionally, you can acquire one before the start of the match. There are two key types – the Dull Key, which only lasts for five seconds, and the Skeleton Key, which can be used for 30 seconds. The Plunderer’s perk raises your odds to find a key.

Learn the Map, Use Perks, and Work as a Team

As you can see, even knowing the most common hatch spawning locations, finding and opening it requires some effort. However, once you get used to all the maps and acquire the Left Behind perk, the process will become a bit easier. Remember that if you repair more generators than there are survivors left, all of you can escape the map with a hatch if you reach it within 30 seconds – thus, try to work as a team instead of using the hatch alone and leaving everyone behind.

What’s your favorite survivor in DBD, and why? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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