How to Fly a Glider in PUBG

PUBG Corp introduced the glider back in 2019 as an experiment, only available in PUBG Labs. After lots of testing, they’ve now released this unique vehicle in general gameplay. Gliders are very useful for fast travel but are also quite fragile when compared to other vehicles.

How to Fly a Glider in PUBG

If you’re not sure how to fly a Glider in PUBG, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of these flying machines. You’ll also find the answers to some questions related to PUBG here.

How to Fly Gliders in PUBG?

Knowing how to effectively pilot a Glider is crucial to survival. If you fly around haphazardly, you’re bound to crash into something and lose the game. Here’s how you fly a Glider:

How to Control the Glider?

On PC, the controls for the glider are:

  • W and S for controlling the pitch, or going up and down.
  • A and D for controlling the roll, or which side you’ll be flying.
  • Left Shift and Left Control buttons are used to adjust the throttle, or flying speed.

  • The Spacebar is used to engage the brakes.

On mobile, the controls are clearly labeled on the screen. They’re the same as the PC controls, but you must tap the buttons onscreen. You have the pitch at the left and everything else is on the right side, so your thumbs can control the Glider efficiently.

Across all versions, the Gliders are all going to be on the ground. You need to enter the pilot’s seat and start accelerating. Once you reach 65 kilometers per hour, you need to press the ‘’S’’ or the button to pitch up to take off.

Once you hit 70 kilometers per hour, takeoff is automatic without the need to pitch up manually. If you don’t wish to take off, you need to slow down by hitting the brakes. This is handy if your Glider’s wings are damaged.

Gliders have no maximum altitude, so as long as you have the fuel, time, and guts, you can go as high as you want. You can still be shot down at great heights, so you need to be careful.

Gliders all come in a brightly colored yellow, so they’re easily spotted. Their engines are also rather noisy, so you risk attracting hostile gunfire when airborne. Make sure you have some expert piloting skills, or you’ll be shot down quickly.

Scavenging for Fuel

The Glider isn’t going to fly forever, because you need to refuel it. Gas Cans can be found all over the map, and they refill the glider with a random amount. Be sure not to shoot the Gas Cans, because they can explode and potentially kill you.

When you’re looting buildings, always keep some room open for fuel, especially if you have a Glider. The more throttle you apply when flying or driving the Glider, the sooner it runs out of fuel. You should always have some on hand to keep it flying.

Like all vehicles, you can only refuel the Glider when it’s stationary on the ground. This can be risky, as enemies will use this opportunity to hunt you down and kill you. Gliders are very large and obvious, so to refuel, you need to find a safe place.

By equipping a Gas Can, you can refuel your glider. These Gas Cans are completely random as to how much they refuel, so you might need a few more to top the tank up. Once you’ve refueled, you can get back on and start the liftoff process again.

You might get shot while doing so, so having a friend in the back seat is great for protection. This is assuming, of course, that you’re not playing Solo or in other game modes.

Where to Find Gliders?

Motor Gliders can only be found on Erangel and Miramar. On any session, there are ten Gliders guaranteed to spawn out of 40 different locations. As there are too many to list in this article, you’ll be able to find them on these images below.

Additionally, the Sanhok (Remastered) map has a chance to spawn a Motor Glider too. You can find it in the Airfield, so if you’re raring to give it a go on Sanhok, make your way there. Since it’s the only one, you might have to fight some other players before you can start flying free.

Originally, Gliders would have 10 fixed spawn locations, but in 2020, PUBG Corp decided to change it to the 40 spawn’s system. As such, every location has a 25% chance to spawn a Glider. You’ll need to navigate each Glider on your own since there are enclosed rooms, tunnels, and enclosed buildings to bomb and enter.

The 40 Glider spawn points are spread out across both maps, so there’s a chance you’ll be near one. Having many players in a map and 10 Gliders to share means that if you can’t get one, you can always take it from another team. If you see a Glider out of a spawn point, then chances are someone has already used it.

Pros of Using a Glider in PUBG

The Gilder allows you to travel great distances quickly, should you have the fuel to do so. Even if it’s not airborne, it still travels remarkably fast to evade gunfire on land. The moment you fly high though, you’ll find yourself avoiding bullets easily as you bob and weave.

If you have a teammate, they can sit at the back and rain down gunfire and explosives. This lets you dive-bomb enemy duos while staying hard to hit. The Glider’s dexterity makes for great hit-and-run maneuvers.

Driving land vehicles involves avoiding trees, houses, and other obstacles, but Gliders don’t have this problem. You can zip from one location to another, and the only thing to worry about is gunfire. Flying in a straight line is much better than driving around all types of objects.

Cons of Using a Glider in PUBG

While the Glider is quite useful, it still has some disadvantages, namely how risky it is to pilot. When you’re on a Glider, there’s no protection from headshots. All an opponent needs to stop you is one or more lucky hits.

In solo games, your life ends with one headshot, and there’s no one to shoot back against the enemies. Gliders are therefore not very useful when you’re in Solo mode. The added protection can go a long way in keeping you alive.

The Glider is great at gliding, but evasive maneuvers aren’t its best aspect. Without a lot of experience and training, you might struggle to avoid enemy gunfire. The awkward controls will take some time to get used to.

Due to its loud engine, the Glider is very noisy and easy to hear. Its yellow color also stands out. While you can gain altitude to escape, you’re presented with another problem.

Fuel is limited, and increasing throttle also increases fuel consumption. In exchange for safety from imminent gunfire, you’re going to have to land sooner to refuel. As you’re very easy to spot from miles away, you’re most likely going to get ambushed in the middle of refueling and taking off again.

If the Glider’s wings are too damaged, it’s unable to take off and reduced to a land vehicle. At this point, you’re better off getting a car or truck, since these offer more protection.

Without fuel, you’ll be forced to abandon the Glider.

Should I Use the Glider?

Despite having its cons, the Glider is still a viable vehicle to use in PUBG. You need to spend some time getting familiar with it, or you’ll end up losing from lucky stray bullets or crashing. It’s also recommended that you have a teammate on board with you when piloting the Glider for protection.

All things considered, the Glider is a good tool in the right hands. Otherwise, it’s more of a liability.

Additional FAQs

Can You Run Out of Gas in Motor Glider in PUBG?

Yes, you can. You must find Gas Cans to refuel your Glider and a lot of it. If you run out of gas, you won’t be able to fly anymore.

Having some Gas Cans in your inventory is important to keep your Glider functional.

How Do You Improve Flying in the Glider?

The more you practice flying the Glider, the better you’ll be at controlling it. The most important thing is to keep yourself alive and not waste fuel. Being able to make the most out of your Glider is essential to successful flying.

Hit and Run Tactics

Now that you know how to fly a Glider in PUBG, you can open up new and creative ways to win the game. You need to practice hard to fly effectively. Bad piloting will only lead you to your death.

Do you prefer Gliders or other vehicles? Is piloting the Glider difficult for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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