How to Get Shadow Midas in Fortnite

The original Midas was a character and boss in Fortnite that you had to defeat. Later, a version of him called Shadow Midas returned both as a boss and a skin. While the event for getting Shadow Midas is long over, we’ll look at how to get him.

How to Get Shadow Midas in Fortnite

There were a few ways of obtaining him during events. After going through how to get Shadow Midas, we’ll discuss some ways to get other skins. You’ll learn about some tips for getting skins too.

How to Get Shadow Midas in Fortnite

There are two distinct Midas Skins you could get. One was a style obtainable for Chapter 2, Season 2, an upgrade to the original Midas skin. The other skin was the likeness of Shadow Midas, a boss. This second skin was also a possible copy target if you owned the Mystique skin.

How to Get Shadow Midas in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2

In Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2, you needed to purchase a battle pass. The only way to get the original Midas skin was to level the battle pass up to Level 100. After getting to Level 100 by playing or buying battle pass tiers, you’d earn the skin.

Equipping the skin initially didn’t allow you to earn the Shadow style. The Shadow style had Midas wearing a black shirt and vest. His skin and whole body were also gold in color all over, referencing the classic Greek myth.

To gain the Shadow Style, you had to play two sets of missions called Midas’ Mission. Week 9 and Week 10 both had a set each. In a humorous turn of events, a glitch made one of the challenges, which was to carry a giant pink teddy beat for 100 meters, auto-complete.

The first set of missions were as follows:

  • Search for five chests at different named locations
  • Deal 300 damage to other players with sniper rifles
  • Use an upgrade bench to make a weapon of Legendary rarity
  • Open a Llama, Legendary Chest, or supply drop.
  • Deal 100 damage to any Choppas with pilots or passengers riding it
  • Collect five XP Coins
  • Carry a Giant Pink Teddy Bear for 100 meters in Risky Reels
  • Find Midas’ Golden Llama between a junkyard, gas station, and RV campsite
  • Gather 10 intel when playing Spy Games Operation Matches
  • Earn three Survival, Combat, or Scavenge Gold Medals

Week 10’s set of missions were different:

  • Kill three players with shotguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns
  • Open a chest in seven different matches
  • Kill three players or Henchmen with a Legendary or Mythic weapon
  • Use a Bandage Bazooka to heal teammates for 200 health
  • After knocking down a Henchman, dance within 10 seconds
  • Look for three golden pipe wrenches
  • While riding a Choppa, catch three fish
  • Damage two players or Henchmen at the Yacht and Agency within a single match
  • In one game, go to The Agency, Hayman, and Greasy Graves
  • While disguised, deal 100 damage to Henchmen

You were presented with two choices after completing at least 18 challenges and possessing a Level 100 battle pass. You could either deliver two Legendary weapons to SHADOW or GHOST. As their names suggest, SHADOW gives you the Shadow style, and GHOST gives you the Ghost style.

Once you obtained the styles, you can change them freely within your inventory.

How to Get Shadow Midas Early in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4

In Season 4, you could only gain the skin using Mystique to disguise yourself during the Fortnitemares event. Using Mystique isn’t a permanent solution, as you had to do it many times.

In Chapter 2, Season 4, using Mystique was the only way to get the skin before it was released. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Go to the Locker.
  3. Equip Mystique as your skin.
  4. Go into a game and head to “The Ruins,” which was “The Authority.”
  5. Go and find Shadow Midas and his Henchmen.
  6. Kill him.
  7. Use the “Shapeshifter” emote to transform into him.

Using the Shapeshifter emote let you keep the skin until you die. Once you die or win a game, you’d return to Mystique’s original appearance.

This method required both the Mystique skin and Shapeshifter emote. Lacking either one would not let you transform.

Can You Get Shadow Midas Today?

Unfortunately, you can’t get Shadow Midas today. His Shadow-style skin was only available in 2020 if you purchased and completed the battle pass. It won’t be available anymore unless Epic Games decides to him back in the Item Store.

On the bright side, Fortnite is full of exciting new events that keep introducing new skins. Now, we’ll move on to the latest skins in Season 7.

Current Battle Pass Skins

If you own the Chapter 2, Season 7 battle pass, then you’ll have until Sept. 12 to complete it. This battle pass has some unique and never-before-seen skins, particularly Rick from Rick and Morty. If you purchased it or managed to scrape enough V-bucks over the years, then you could get these skins.

The skins in the current battle pass are:

  • Your personal Kymera skin, highly customizable
  • Sunny, who has two variants named Beachcomber and Voyager
  • Guggimon with one Masked variant
  • Joey, with the Unzipped and Sandstone variants
  • ZYG, with the Molten Midnight and Mechaglow variants
  • Doctor Slone, with her Battlesuit, Battlestripe, and Shades variants
  • Rick Sanchez and the Toxic Rick variant

These are the current skin rewards available in Season 7. Some variants require players to spend Battle Stars to unlock them and claim a certain number of rewards.

Rick Sanchez and his Toxic variant came out of nowhere, and he appears in his original series’ art style. Epic Games took some liberties in making him 3D, but the skin still looks very faithful to Rick’s original appearance.

The customizable Kymera skin requires players to hunt down canisters and conserving Alien Artifacts for sculpting their own alien. There are many styles and combinations available.

At the end of the season, Superman’s skin will be made available. Like Midas’s original skin, Epic Games will likely release some missions for players to complete. When done, Superman will be available.

As it’s still not September yet, we’ll only find out about the challenges as the end of Season 7 approaches. Keep your eye out when the date comes closer.

Additional FAQs

What Do You Need to Do to Eliminate Midas in Fortnite?

To eliminate Midas, you have to land on his spawn location, The Ruins. You have to shoot his head for extra damage, as he has a lot of shields and health. If you’re too slow, his deadly submachine gun will take you out swiftly.

Who Is Shadow Midas?

He’s a boss in Fortnite, the dark form of Midas. Shadow Midas reclaimed The Ruins, formerly known as The Authority. With his powers, Shadows will heed his commands in battle.

Compared to Midas’ old look, he has more purple and energy, while his voice lines are distorted and reversed.

Check Out My Skin Collection

While the Shadow Midas skin isn’t available any time soon, you can still wait for the Ariana Grande skin and get the ones in the battle pass. There were a few other events and skins you could get, but they would be gone after the time of writing.

What skin do you like the most in the Season 7 battle pass? When do you think Shadow Midas will be truly available? Let us know in the comments section below.

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