How to Get the Crown Emote in Fortnite

Every player looks forward to the day they can flex their “Fortnite” muscles and boast superiority on the server. The Crown Emote showcases your victories in “Fortnite” for all to see. However, it’s important to keep in mind that winning the Victory Crown Royale unlocks the Crown Emote. It also helps you to get your hands on the elusive Crowned Victory Royale.

How to Get the Crown Emote in Fortnite

But it bears some risk for the one wearing it because it tends to glow and, therefore, can make you an easy target for opponents.

This article explains everything you need to know about obtaining the Crown Emote and its functions.

How to Get the Crown Emote

You can obtain the Crown Emote in two ways. The first method is to ensure you end a match in a top position. However, this is limited to the core game modes only and is restricted to the top player in Solo and top players in the top team for Duos, Trios, and Squads. Here’s how you can get the Crown Emote in a battle royale.

  1. Select the game mode and your team.
  2. Initiate battle.
    • If you’re playing for Duos, Trios, or Squads, ensure you finish in the top team.
    • If you belong to the Solo team, ensure you finish as one of the top four players.
  3. Collect your Victory Crown and unlock the Crown Emote.

When the Crown Emotes were first introduced to “Fortnite” after the launch of Chapter 3, the number of players awarded the Crown Emote was much higher for each tier. Initially, the game gave the Crown Emote to four top players in Solo and the top two teams in Duos.

But this has changed in later seasons, as Epic made alterations awarding only the winning players in each battle royale. This helped to increase the value of the Crown Emote by making it a much rarer obtain.

Eliminating a Player

The second method you can use to get the Crown Emote is eliminating a player wearing the Victory Crown. Ensure you prepare by gearing up adequately and stocking up your weapon arsenal because most of these players are typically masters in the game and can quickly defeat you. Follow the steps below to get the Crown Emote:

  1. Challenge a player with the Victory Crown Emote to battle.
  2. Eliminate the player by activating powerful weapons such as the ODM gear and the Shockwave hammer.
  3. Wait for the dead player to drop the Victory Crown.
  4. A Crown icon will appear on the game map once dropped.
  5. Make sure you rush to pick it up on the displayed map location.

Keep in mind that the first player to pick up the dropped Crown will automatically unlock the Crown Emote. They will also be eligible for the Victory Crowned Royale. This still applies even if they aren’t the ones that eliminated the player. The dropped Victory Crown Emote is visible to all players on the feed, so you should quickly pick it up after eliminating the player.

Picking up an Abandoned Victory Crown

Though not advised, some players choose to drop their Victory Crown even without elimination, while some don’t actually pick up the Victory Crowns dropped by players they’ve eliminated. You can obtain the Victory Crown by picking up these abandoned rewards. However, the chances of coming across an abandoned Crown are low, and it isn’t a reliable method for helping you to get the Crown Emote.

Understanding Fortnite Crown Emotes

Crown Emotes are regarded as mythic items in “Fortnite,” and a player can only hold one at a time. They are also not kept in the inventory but have a dedicated slot of their own. Keep in mind that even though you can have your Crown Emote through different seasons, it will automatically reset and lose your progress record after every season.

These additions are an essential gameplay element in the “Fortnite” world that help elevate your gaming experience and help you earn more rewards. You will automatically obtain the Crowned Victory Royale if you win a battle royale while wearing the Victory Crown. But the Victory Crown doesn’t provide you with any boost to help you win the Crowned Victory Royale.

You can unlock the Crown Emote if you earn the Victory Royale with the Victory Crown intact. Crowning Achievement Emote will be displayed immediately after the first time you earn the Crowned Victory Royale. Once activated, it will update the number of Crowned Victory Royales you’ve won in battle.

The best thing to do once you have gotten the Crown Emote is to add it to your Emote wheel for easy access instead of browsing through menus each time.

Tips for Earning Crowns

Heading into a match without a Crown can be disappointing. But, there are a few tactics you can utilize to enable you to obtain a Crown and win the battle royale. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that other players use the Crown to lure other players and distract them from the primary goal; which is winning.

If you happen to get the Crown, you can also use it as bait. You can do this by dropping your Crown, which will alert players of your location, and then unleash a fatal attack on them because they’ll be too focused on locating and picking up the Crown.

Alternatively, if you feel that you’re strong enough to win against a player with a Crown, you can check the game’s interface for any names highlighted in gold or check for Crown Emotes displayed on the map. Locate the area where the crown has been displayed and move to obtain the crown.


Why should you get a Crown Emote?

A Crown Emote is similar to a badge of honor in “Fortnite.” Earning it means you’re able to showcase you’re the boss of the lobby, which helps you gather admiration from other players.

What does the number displayed on the Crown Emote show?

It showcases the number of matches you have won while wearing the Victory Crown.

Why aren’t you earning any Crowns in Fortnite?

Depending on the game mode you’ve selected, you have to be either the last man or the last team standing in a match. You’ll also need to wear an in-game Crown to earn Crowns in Fortnite.

Earn Bragging Rights With Fortnite Crown Emotes

Having your name displayed in gold on the game’s interface is a remarkable feat and will earn you the deserved respect of other players. But dethroning a king or queen can be an exciting prospect for many opponents. So, be on the lookout for any players that may want to unleash a surprise attack on you to obtain the Victory Crown. Apply formidable strategies and always be ready to maintain your position at the top.

So, what excites you most about the Crown Emote? Is there anything more you feel that the Epic developers could do to improve the Crown Emote functionality and value? Let us know in the comments section below.

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