How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

Animals have long been a staple element in Fortnite. Players can hunt them down and kill them to upgrade their weapons during matches or craft a new item. However, Season 6 introduced significant changes to Animals, and the game now lets you tame all sorts of species.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

In this entry, we’ll give you a detailed guide on taming Animals in Fortnite. We’ll show you how to turn even the most ferocious predators into peaceful creatures.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

There are several Animals you can tame in Fortnite. The list includes Wolves, Chickens, Boars, and Raptors. Here’s what you need to do to tame each species:


Wolves are some of the most thrilling addictions to Seasons 6. These Animals are deadly and can cause a world of trouble for any player. Tamed, they can be a huge boon when you’re fighting your enemies.

Take the following steps to tame a Fortnite Wolf:

  1. Go to the Island and traverse the wild areas to find some Wolves.
  2. Eliminate a Wolf to collect some Meat.
  3. Throw the Meat near another Wolf and hide.
  4. Wait for the Wolf to get distracted and approach the Animal carefully.
  5. Press and hold your command button to tame your Wolf.

Wolves will accompany you on your journey until another player kills them, and they’ll engage anyone standing in your way. The main downside of having Wolves is that they’re easily distracted by Meat.

Another problem with Wolves is that they’re usually the hardest Animal to locate in Fortnite. Plus, it seems they’re not tied to a specific location on your map, meaning you’ll need to hunt them down.

They’ll mostly appear in the numerous wild places on the Island. The best starting point is the northwest part of the POI Boney Blurbs. Land here, and your chances of encountering Wolves will be much higher.


Taming Chickens works slightly differently than taming Wolves. There’s no need to worry about the Animals attacking you, meaning you won’t have to tame the species in a traditional method. Instead, all you need to do is pick them up.

Take these steps to tame Fortnite Chickens:

  1. Go to the Island and explore its wild areas.
  2. Look for a Chicken and track it down.
  3. Chase the Chicken and press your command button once you’ve caught up to it.
  4. Pick up your Chicken and start flying!

Although Chickens are a fantastic source of fun on the Island, the odds of winning with them by your side are slim to none. They can’t attack your enemies, making them useless in combat.

But unlike Wolves, Chickens are a common occurrence on the Island, allowing you to track them down without too much hassle. The best places to look for Chickens include areas around woodlands and farms.

Listening to their sounds is key to finding Chickens. While they may not be visible from afar, you should be able to pick up their clucking. To expedite the search, wear headphones and turn up the sound effects volume setting.


Taming Fortnite Boars is more challenging than taming Chickens or Wolves. You can neither feed them Animal Meat to distract them nor can you simply pick them up. Instead, you’ll need to take a unique approach:

  1. Pick up vegetables or fruits from a nearby farm.
  2. Go to wild areas on the Island and look for a Boar.
  3. Throw your vegetables or fruits near a Boar, but don’t’ let the Animal see you.
  4. Wait for the Boar to be distracted by the food before sneaking up to it.
  5. Press and hold your command button to tame the species.

Boars aren’t as dangerous or fast as Wolves, but you’ll still need to be extra careful. They can take a massive chunk off your health bar if you keep your guard down.

Unlike the elusive Wolves, Boars can be found quite easily on the Island. They don’t travel in packs, and you can find them in the Colossal Crops POI. It lies to the east of the Spire in the middle of the map and features a pen where Boars typically appear. Farms are another potential hotspot.


Raptors were recently introduced to Fortnite. They made their way to the game with the v16.10 patch and can strike fear into the hearts of your enemies if you can tame them.

Taming Raptors works the same as taming Wolves:

  1. Kill a wild Animal and collect the Meat.
  2. Explore the wild area on the Island until you find a Raptor.
  3. Place the Meat near the Animal, run, and hide.
  4. While the predator is distracted, approach it quickly.
  5. Hold your command button to tame your Raptor.

Once you’ve tamed your Raptor, it’ll accompany you to your battles, serving as a powerful ally to help you vanquish your enemies. Unfortunately, you can’t ride this Animal.

Like all other wild Animals, Raptors appear in various locations throughout the Island. As a result, you may have some trouble tracking them down at first.

But once you find these elusive Animals, you’ll be able to hear a screeching sound that signals their friends. This means you may be outnumbered and unable to place your bait quickly enough.

Some of the locations you should focus on include Boney Burbs, Misty Meadows, and Stealthy Stronghold. Visit these areas and look for hatched eggs, as Raptors are most likely to spawn near them.

Additional FAQ

What Items Do Fortnite Animals Drop?

Every Animal killed in Fortnite drops valuable resources used to craft or upgrade items and tame other creatures. Most notably, Chickens, Wolves, and Boars drop Meat and Animal Bones. Raptors are the best source of these items, dropping as many as four Animal Bones and two Meat.

As previously mentioned, Meat is most commonly used for taming Animals. In addition, you can also use it to heal 15 HP.

As for Animal Bones, they’re usually employed as crafting materials that turn Makeshift Weapons into Primal Weapons. You can find them by killing Animals and buying them from NPCs with Bars.

Once you’ve collected four Animal Bones, you can make powerful Primal Weapons to take down your enemies more easily. The crafting process goes as follows:

1. Find a Makeshift Weapon. If you want to craft a Primal Rifle, you’ll need to obtain a Makeshift Rifle. If you’re going to build a Primal Pistol, you’ll need to collect a Makeshift Pistol, and so on.

2. Go to the inventory and navigate to your crafting tab.

3. Choose the Makeshift Weapon that will be upgraded in the lower part of the window and select your Primal upgrade.

4. Wait approximately three seconds for the process to finish.

5. Equip your Primal Weapon and blast away.

Animal Bones and Makeshift Weapons are good enough to craft most Primal Weapons. That said, some weapons require a few more items:

· Primal Stink Bow: Makeshift Bow + four Animal Bones + one Stink Sac or three Stink Fish

· Primal Flame Bow: Makeshift Bow + four Animal Bones + one Firefly Jar or one Gas Can

Can You Tame Frogs in Fortnite?

Taming Frogs in Fortnite isn’t doable since these creatures are already tame enough. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re useless – killing them grants you valuable crafting items.

Frogs are some of the most challenging Animals to locate in Fortnite because they’re so small. Your best chance of finding them is to visit areas near water, such as the river in Weeping Woods. Once you hear their croaks, pay attention to the ground and track the amphibian down.

While Frogs don’t attack you, and you can kill them with one gunshot, they jump incredibly fast. Therefore, try to follow them from a safe distance until they stop moving. This way, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to shoot them quickly.

Afterward, the creature will leave a Stink Sac you can use for crafting.

Animals Are Fortnite Players’ Best Friends

Fortnite offers ample opportunities for explosive takedowns and flashy kills. But if you want to add a unique flair to your combat, taming Animals is your best option. Wolves and Raptors can inflict serious damage to your opponent, allowing you to land the final blow effortlessly. Best of all, Fortnite announced that the most ferocious creatures are yet to arrive, so prepare for even more thrills with your companions.

Are you familiar with any other way of taming Animals in Fortnite? What is your favorite Animal to tame? What other creatures would you like the developers to include in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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