Pokémon Go cheats and tips: 3 ways to catch rare and legendary Pokémon

There is no guaranteed way to find rare Pokémon like Charmander, Eevee and Pikachu – but there are lots of ways you can make catching the creatures you want far less random.

Unfortunately, since Niantic updated Pokémon Go over the weekend, incredibly helpful Pokémon-hunting tools such as Pokévision and PokéRadar have unceremoniously been closed down. It also doesn’t help that the built-in Pokémon tracker has been updated to remove all information regarding just how close Pokémon are to you.

Still, despite the drawbacks to new Pokémon Go, you can use these tips and tricks to make life easier when on the hunt for rare Pokémon.

Pokémon Go cheats and tips: Pokévision will help you catch those rare and legendary critters

1. Raise your trainer level

This might be hard to take, but one of the reasons you keep finding low-level, basic Pokémon is because you’re a low-level, basic Pokémon trainer. Your trainer level and the rarity of the Pokémon you’ll encounter are connected, so raising your level quickly will help you find those better Pokémon. We’ve put together a guide here of how you can level up much faster.

2. Use common Poké-sense

Although the chances of finding particular Pokémon are random, you’re more likely to find certain types of Pokémon in certain places – and it actually makes a lot of sense. You’re more likely to find water Pokémon around water, mouse-like and land Pokémon in grassy areas, and, if you’re prepared to venture in, you’re more likely to find psychic Pokémon in cemeteries.


3. Use crowdsourcing apps

If you need a little more help catching those rare and legendary Pokémon, why not enlist the help of other Pokémon trainers? There are already a few map apps that let people register what they’ve captured and where, so you can get a heads-up if there seems to be a Pokémon hotspot near your location. There are quite a few shared maps to choose from, but so far PearlShare and Poké Radar are our favourites. Neither app has been shut down by Niantic just yet, but the only issue of PearlShare is its limited coverage, reaching just London, New York and Brighton – although more towns and cities should be added soon.

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