How to hatch eggs in Pokémon Go – and what each egg can hatch into

So you’ve just downloaded Pokémon Go, and your quest to find Pokémon is going pretty well – but there’s a way to get even more Pokémon without even throwing a Pokéball. In Pokémon Go, hatching eggs is a great way to get some seriously rare Pokémon, and although it might take a while, it’s pretty simple to do. Here we will show you exactly how to hatch eggs, and what you could get when your 2km, 5km, 10km eggs hatch.

First you’ll need to get an egg, and they can be found at random at Poké Stops – or very occasionally after you level up. In Pokémon Go, eggs come in 2km, 5km and 10km varieties, and the larger the distance, the better the Pokémon they could hatch into.

After you’ve got an egg, it will stay in your items forever, so you need to put it in an incubator to actually start the hatching process. Pokémon Go gives you one egg incubator to start off with, and it comes with unlimited uses – but you can also pick up egg incubators when you level up, and from certain Poké Stops. While your first incubator has unlimited uses, most of the Pokémon egg incubators you find will have a limited amount of uses – and will disappear once you hit that limit.

How to hatch an egg in Pokémon Go

1. To incubate an egg, first boot up the Pokémon Go app, then go click on the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen. After that go to Pokémon, and then slide right to Eggs. Simply click on the egg you want to start incubating, and you’ll see a list of the egg incubators you have available. Click one and the incubation process will start.how_to_hatch_pokemon_eggs_2

2. In Pokémon Go, eggs hatch by the distance you cover – but that’s specifically distance covered while the app is open. The Pokémon Go app isn’t stupid, so if you’re in a car, high-speed train or another form of transport, Pokémon Go’s GPS won’t count the distance towards your egg-hatching goals. You need to be travelling at walking pace, so it can be worth keeping the app open while on the bus or if you’re a passenger in traffic.

3. Once you hit the required distance your egg will hatch, revealing a brand-new Pokémon – and hopefully the one you’re after.

What Pokémon you can get from eggs

Although it’s impossible to influence what Pokémon you’ll get, it is possible to see what Pokémon you could get in every egg. In Pokémon Go, eggs come in 2km, 5km and 10km tiers, and a user from Reddit has posted a handy list of the Pokémon you *could* get with each egg.


Significantly the diagram above shows the Pokémon you can get at each tier – but there’s one important thing to consider. If you’ve got a 5km egg for example, you have the possibility of getting any Pokemon from the 5km tier, but you anything from the 2km Pokémon tier, too. In the same way, if you’ve got a 10km egg, you might hatch something exotic like a Scyther, but there’s also a chance you’ll hatch a less interesting 5km or 2km tier Pokémon.

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