How to Get Cards in Hearthstone

New players are usually limited by their paltry collection when making a Hearthstone account. However, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to get a few packs and start playing more competitively. Even F2P (Free-to-play) users can catch up to the more experienced players with some planning and effective in-game currency use.

How to Get Cards in Hearthstone

This guide will explain how to get new cards in Hearthstone quickly and the best way to jumpstart a collection.

How to Get Cards in Hearthstone?

One of the primary ways players obtain new cards in the game is via opening card packs. Each expansion has a distinct card pack that contains only cards from that addition, but card packs function similarly regardless. Card packs will contain at least four common and one rare card, and every card has a chance to be upgraded into a higher rarity card.

Players who start the game with a fresh account will first need to obtain the Core set cards. This rotating card pool will provide players with a base to craft Standard decks and play the game. Luckily, players only need to get to level 10 in a class to get all Core set cards for that class. A total of 60 levels spread among classes will unlock neutral cards from the set.

After that, it’s up to the player to obtain card packs from recent sets and open them for cards. Hearthstone receives a steady stream of updates, with three large expansions in a year with 135 new cards each. Smaller 35-card adventurers and other editions are released sporadically to add more events and freshen up the metagame.

Players can get packs directly from the store (clicking on the main menu’s “Store” button). Packs cost 100 Gold (in-game currency) each, but players can also use real money to purchase more packs when needed. The starting rate is $2.99 per two packs and you get a discount for bulk pack purchases. When Blizzard announces a new expansion, they also open a pre-release pack to the store for better bonuses or discounts.

The other way to obtain new packs is to play the game’s Arena and Tavern Brawl mode. The Tavern Brawl usually awards a card pack for the first win in the mode. The Arena awards players with packs and additional prizes depending on their final score during the run. More victories mean more prizes.

How to Get Cards You Want in Hearthstone?

If players don’t want to rely on opening packs and getting cards randomly, they can utilize the game’s crafting system to get exactly the cards they want or need for a deck. The crafting system is quite simple. Each card you obtained from a pack can be disenchanted for Dust. Players can then use that Dust to craft cards. Players have complete control over what cards are disenchanted and crafted. Crafting is the quickest way to get a copy of that elusive epic you need to finish the deck.

Here’s a table that explains the crafting and disenchanting (dusting) rates:

 Crafting costDisenchanting gain  
Card RarityCommonGoldenCommonGolden

How to Get Cards Without Paying in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone also has an extensive Gold-based system that players can use to bypass card purchases and get new cards without spending real money.

The primary way players can get more Gold is simply by playing the game. Every three wins in the Play mode (the ladder) awards players with 10 Gold, up to a maximum of 100 daily Gold. The Arena mode costs a bit of Gold (150) to start a run, but the awards from achieving seven or more wins can be much greater than the entry cost.

Furthermore, players also have a special quest track and associated quest to complete and gain rewards. The prizes can vary from card packs, Dust, golden cards, and Gold. The base track is available to all players for free. However, you can purchase the premium Tavern Pass with real currency and unlock additional levels to complete and get cosmetic awards. Reward tracks reset with every expansion.

New players also have a few introductory quests that reward them for learning the game. These quests reward a total of 400 Gold, 95 Dust, and a free Arena entry when completed.

One of the most cost-effective ways to get cards is to make a deck and play in the game’s Play mode – usually in the Standard Ranked ladder. This will give a steady stream of Gold and rank you up for end-of-season rewards. These awards accumulate for every five ranks the player achieves. Awards include Standard-legal rare and epic cards or recent expansion packs.

Alternatively, players can use the Arena mode to the fullest. Getting seven or more wins consistently allows each run to effectively pay for the next one in addition to other prizes, gradually giving the player more resources.

How to Get Wild Cards in Hearthstone?

Wild cards are cards from all the expansions not in the Standard rotation, and cards in the newly-ordained Legacy set.

Getting wild cards from older expansions is similar to receiving Standard cards. All you have to do is purchase packs or craft them directly.

Alternatively, old expansions also have special adventure modes, which require the player to complete the Solo Adventure and obtain the cards. Only after are they able to craft and disenchant cards from that adventure.

The Legacy set is somewhat unique. It’s composed of all the Basic and Classic cards that used to be the base of the game (now replaced with the rotating Core set). Players obtain all free Legacy cards by reaching Bronze 10 in the Ranked ladder. Other Legacy cards (cards that have a rarity) can be crafted with Dust or opened from Classic card packs.

How to Get Legendary Cards in Hearthstone?

Legendary cards are the rarest and most unique cards in the game, with several of them making the foundations of meta-defining decks. Players can only put one legendary card with the same name in a deck, compared to the regular two copies of other rarity cards.

Legendary cards can be obtained via crafting (the regular versions cost 1 600 Dust), and crafting is the only reliable way to get a specific legendary.

The other way to obtain legendaries is to open them in packs. Since they are exceedingly rare under normal circumstances, Blizzard has introduced two safeguards to make legendary cards more available to players:

  • Ten-pack bonus: With each expansion, players are guaranteed to get at least one legendary card in the first ten packs they open.
  • Pity timer: Players are guaranteed a legendary card at least once every 40 packs.

After opening ten packs from a specific expansion, it can be wiser to move onto older expansions to get the most out of the ten-pack bonus.

Buying more packs doesn’t increase the odds of opening legendary packs other than the pity timer safety valve.

How to Get Quest Cards in Hearthstone?

Legendary quests are a subset of legendary cards, and they can be obtained the same way you would open or craft a regular legendary. For collection purposes, there are no functional differences between a non-Quest legendary and a Quest card.

How to Get Galakrond Cards in Hearthstone?

There are five unique Galakrond legendary cards that are inaccessible through the regular crafting system. They were introduced with the “Descent of Dragons” expansion are limited to five classes:

  • “Galakrond, the Nightmare” for rogues
  • “Galakrond, the Tempest” for shamans
  • “Galakrond, the Unbreakable” for warriors
  • “Galakrond, the Unspeakable” for priests
  • “Galakrond, the Wretched” for warlocks

You need to open one “Descent of Dragons” pack to get these legendaries in your collection immediately.

How to Get Golden Cards in Hearthstone?

Golden cards are cosmetically enhanced versions of regular cards and don’t have improved functionality beyond appearance. Players usually start aiming for golden cards after they have the cards they need to make decks and want to “bling out” their collection.

Every card in a pack has a slight chance of being upgraded to a golden version. Arena rewards also often use golden cards for higher-tier prizes alongside card packs and Gold. The end-of-season Ranked rewards also often contain a decent amount of golden rares.

Players can also craft these cards, although they cost significantly more than the regular version.

A player will receive a golden version of “The Coin” if they have a fully golden deck.

How to Get All Cards in Hearthstone?

There’s no easy or quick way to obtain all the cards in Hearthstone. Buying packs can get exceedingly expensive while playing games in the Play or Arena modes can take a lot of time for relatively little reward. However, players should be able to get a decent chunk of the total card pool just by playing the game in their spare time and looking out for quests to speed up their reward track.

Additional FAQ

How Do You Get Free Cards on Hearthstone?

Players can get the Free Legacy cards by playing through the new player Ranked mode until they reach Bronze 10. Since they can’t lose stars below this rank, the process should be relatively straightforward.

How Much Would It Cost to Get Every Card in Hearthstone?

On average, a player should expect to open every card from an expansion with 250 purchased packs. Without special discounts or offers, this can amount to about $250-300 depending on the bundles you choose to purchase and whether you bought the pre-release offer.

With three expansions each year, this brings the total upkeep cost to about $800-900 a year, without any mini-sets or adventures in between. Since the game has been released in 2014, multiply that cost by 7 to reach a final sum of about $6 000.

While these numbers might seem exceedingly high, don’t forget that players usually don’t need every card in an expansion. Decks are limited to 30 cards, and players rarely play more than a few dozen decks on average.

Quests, rewards, and regular play will effectively shave off a few hundred dollars each year if you have enough time to devote to the game. Otherwise, obtaining the entire collection will cost a lot more than a regular AAA title.

How Many Legendary Cards Are There in Hearthstone?

There are currently 526 legendary collectible cards in the game (including the first tier of Galakrond cards). There are an additional 22 uncollectible (effect-generated) cards.

The number grows with each expansion, and you can find the complete list here.

What Are Hearthstone Rewards?

There are multiple Hearthstone rewards, but the most common example is the end-of-season rewards that players get based on the highest Ranked tier they reach each month. The awards are cumulative, and you can find them in this table:

RankEnd-of-season rewards
Legend1 latest expansion pack
Diamond 51 Standard epic card
Diamond 101 latest expansion pack
Platinum 52 Standard rare cards
Platinum 101 latest expansion pack
Gold 52 Standard rare cards
Gold 101 latest expansion pack
Silver 52 Standard rare cards
Silver 101 latest expansion pack
Bronze 51 Standard rare card

Get New Cards Simply by Playing

The easiest way to get new cards is to not worry about the specifics and enjoy the game the way you want it. Our tips should get you started with a deck to use in the ladder and start raking up daily and monthly rewards. Alternatively, head to the Arena for higher-risk higher-reward prizing.

What is your favorite way to play Hearthstone? Do you know a better way to get more cards? Let us know in the comment section below.

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It says that this article was written in May 2021. Since at least June, the following is no longer true: “Every three wins in the Play mode (the ladder) awards players with 10 Gold, up to a maximum of 100 daily Gold.”

Now, there really is no way to get legendary cards other than paying those hundreds of dollars or grinding for hundreds of hours to get to legendary rank.

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