How to Fix “Unable to Fix Call” in Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts hasn’t been able to capture as many users as Facebook Messenger or Skype but has seen steady growth over the last few years. It’s a pretty polished app that Google has been working on since 2013.

How to Fix

However, it does have its bugs and shortcomings. In this article, you’ll find solutions to some common problems people have when trying to join calls.

Unable to Join Google Hangouts Call from My Computer

First of all, make sure you’re using a supported browser. The Hangouts app is designed to work on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. That’s not to say that it won’t work on other browsers, such as Opera, but you can have some issues if you’re running an older version.

If you’re using any of the browsers listed above, they should perform automatic updates. Nevertheless, check if your browser is up to date. If not, update it manually.

Another issue could be the extensions you’re running on your browser are clashing with Google Hangouts. To check, find the extensions in the “Tools” section of each browser’s settings menu.

If you’re using Chrome, you can type chrome://extensions/ into the search bar, and you’ll see all the extensions you have installed. Under each extension, you’ll see a slider that activates and deactivates it. You’ll also have a button to remove the extension.


The third potential solution is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

To clear data in Chrome, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into your search bar. That will display a menu where you can select “Clear browsing data.” You can choose what you want to remove. Make sure that cookies and cached data are checked and then click on “Clear data.”

Unable to Join Hangouts Call from Mobile Device

If you’re having trouble joining a call from the Hangouts app on a mobile device, there are other potential problems.

The most common issue Hangouts has on mobile devices is with permissions. In other words, Google Hangouts doesn’t have permission to take the necessary actions to complete the call.

The easiest way to resolve that issue is to reinstall the application.

To delete the app on an iOS device, find it on your Home screen and tap and hold the icon. When a menu appears, tap on the “Delete App” button. On Android devices, you can follow the same procedure, but you’ll tap on “Uninstall” instead.

Once you’ve deleted it, find the app in your respective app store and download it again.

This method has an added benefit in that it clears the app’s cache and data as well. You’ll have to sign in again after you install it, but the procedure can clear up many problems.

The first time you run the app, it will ask for permission to access certain functions on your phone. Accept all permissions it requests and try to make a call.

Update Chrome and Check Your Network Connection

There’s a chance that your current connection isn’t strong enough to support a Hangouts call.

To check this quickly, you can try to use another network to join the call. If you succeed, you’re probably dealing with a weak connection.

You might also want to check your connection using the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics extension. Download it from the Chrome web store and run it from your Chrome apps.

The diagnostics extension will automatically perform a check and show you if there are any issues with connectivity. If the extension concludes that everything is OK, the problem is not with your network.

Hang Out with Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a pretty reliable service, and it’s compatible with most browsers and extensions.

However, there could be a small conflict that’s preventing you from joining a call. Using Chrome and disabling extensions is an excellent way to fix most issues. Reinstallation and clearing the app and device cache can also save the day.

On mobile platforms, try reinstalling the Hangouts application and accept all permissions.

Have you managed to solve the problem? Can you now join conversations on Hangouts? Let us know in the comments below.

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