How to Get Dust in Hearth Stone

Hearthstone is one of the world’s most popular CCGs, and each expansion brings a new set of cards to play with. Players can obtain these cards in a few ways, but one option is to use Arcane Dust (or simply Dust, for short) to craft new pieces to add to their deck. But what is the best way to get Dust in the shortest possible time?

How to Get Dust in Hearth Stone

We have researched the game, and here is our advice on how to stock up on Dust to craft more cards in the upcoming expansions:

How to Get Dust in Hearthstone?

Players can get Dust in a few different ways. The most straightforward choice is to disenchant extra cards – a process also known as ‘dusting.’ If you’re new to disenchanting, here’s what you need to know;

You can disenchant any card you currently have in your collection that you have obtained from card packs. In other words, cards from the Basic set (i.e., the ones you receive via leveling up) can’t be disenchanted. Follow these steps to disenchant cards:

  1. Open Hearthstone.
  2. Click on “My Collection” from the main menu.
  3. Click on the “Crafting” button below the collection page.
  4. The crafting menu will display your available cards.
  5. Click on a card, then press “Disenchant” to convert the card into Dust.

How to Make Dust in Hearthstone?

The table below explains how much Dust you get from each type of card:


Since you’ll get most of the cards from packs, buying packs will give you a steady supply of Dust when you disenchant the cards you don’t need for your collection. Each card pack will provide you with at least 40 Dust (four common cards and one rare).

How to Get Dust in Hearthstone Fast?

In the crafting screen, you can use the “Disenchant Extra Cards” button to quickly remove all cards you can’t use in a deck. That means you’ll clear triplicate (and beyond) non-legendary cards and all duplicate legendaries. Once you open the “Mass Disenchant” menu, you’ll need to confirm your choice. Take note: this can’t be undone.

The fastest way to get Dust is to purchase a lot of packs, open them, and disenchant all the cards you don’t need. However, most players will find this method ineffective and expensive.

How to Get Dust in Hearthstone From Hall of Fame Cards?

Cards are retired to the Hall of Fame usually because of the present balance problems to the current standard metagame. These cards can be disenchanted for their full crafting value, so each of those cards can effectively become another card of the same rarity without losing any Dust in the process.

Unfortunately, cards don’t often go into the Hall of Fame because of stricter balance testing and additional methods to keep them in line.

Another method to get full crafting value back from a card is to wait for balance patches. Whenever a new balance patch rolls out, each affected card can be disenchanted for the full crafting value, effectively duplicating the Hall of Fame’s effect. However, you can still use these cards in the legal decks, so there’s slightly less of an incentive to disenchant them.

How to Get Dust in Hearthstone Easy?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to obtain vast quantities of Dust. All methods are merely workarounds that require some investment into the game.

If, however, you’ve played the game for a while and have a sizeable collection, you can disenchant cards you don’t need. For example, if you have no plans to play the Wild format, you can clear your collection from any cards that are not legal in Standard.

With a steady release of new expansions, cards that have been moved to Wild can be seen as free Dust. That said, if you plan on using some of those cards in the future Wild matches, their future crafting cost will remain the same as any other card, leaving you at a net loss.

Another way of getting Dust is to play matches on the ladder and in the Arena.

A new Ranked ladder will begin with each new month, allowing you to test your skills against opponents in either Standard or Wild format. For both of these ladders, you can get rewards as you approach the top players. The prizes are divvied up to players at the end of each season (month).

This is the list of current Ranked rewards:

RankEnd-of-Season Rewards
LegendOne latest expansion pack
Diamond 5One Standard epic card
Diamond 10One latest expansion pack
Platinum 5Two Standard rare cards
Platinum 10One latest expansion pack
Gold 5Two Standard rare cards
Gold 10One latest expansion pack
Silver 5Two Standard rare cards
Silver 10One latest expansion pack
Bronze 5One Standard rare card

These rewards are cumulative, so if you reach Gold 5, for example, you’ll get all the rewards for that rank and below.

In effect, if you play enough Ranked matches, you can get packs and cards to disenchant into Dust to use in the future. Considering that prizes are given roughly once a month, this isn’t a swift process of obtaining a lot of Dust.

The Arena rewards likewise will vary depending on how many victories you achieve in a given run. While some runs will give you a smaller amount of Dust (and a 12-win run will give no Dust at all), you’ll also get additional cards or Gold to use. Also, since each Arena run gives you a default reward card pack, you can consider that as extra Dust.

Playing games and finishing quests also gives you a Gold supply that you can use to purchase more packs (and get Dust from the cards) or enter new Arena runs.

How to Get More Dust in Hearthstone?

While it may sound counterintuitive, you will usually get more Dust by holding on to your collection instead of immediately disenchanting every card you think you won’t use in the future. Since the metagame can shift rapidly between patches, cards that were once considered useless can become staples in competitive decks.

The best way to get most Dust is to find a relatively cheap deck to use (in terms of needing high-rarity cards) and stick to using that deck the majority of your time on the ladder. If you try to craft multiple unoptimized decks, you’ll find you need a lot more Dust than feasible unless you have a vast collection.

Furthermore, keeping all the cards you don’t need (not just the necessary two you can use in a deck) means that any future patches and balance changes might give you a windfall. If a card you have multiple copies of gets changed, you can disenchant it for full crafting value (between two to eight times more than the regular rate).

How to Get Free Dust in Hearthstone?

There is generally no way to get “free” Dust in Hearthstone. The only way to obtain more Dust is to play the game naturally and finish quests. Tavern Brawls, for example, will give you a card pack each week when you win a game. You can disenchant the entire pack’s contents to get Dust.

Additional FAQ

How Do You Dust Cards in Hearthstone?

Dusting or disenchanting cards in Hearthstone is a relatively simple process:

1. Open the game.

2. Select the “My Collection” button from the menu.

3. Click on the small Dust icon below the collection pages with the note “Crafting” on it.

4. The crafting menu will display your available cards.

5. Click on a card, then select “Disenchant” to convert the card into Dust.

6. As an alternative, you can use the “Disenchant Extra Cards” button on the right to enter the “Mass Dusting” menu.

How Do You Get Rid of Cards in Hearthstone?

If you have cards that you’re not using, you can disenchant them to get some Dust and craft new cards. Follow the disenchanting steps above.

What Cards Should I Disenchant in Hearthstone?

If you don’t have any plans to play the Wild format, you can freely remove any cards that have rotated out of Standard.

Otherwise, consider which cards you currently have that you won’t use. Alternatively, you can disenchant golden cards to get roughly the same amount of Dust needed to craft a card of the same rarity. You can, for example, dust an unneeded golden legendary to get any legendary you want.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Get Dust?

The most efficient way to get more Dust is to complete daily quests for Gold, enter the Arena when you have enough time to do so, and compete in the ranked ladder when given the opportunity. You won’t gain a lot of Dust this way, but the steady trickle will accumulate over time.

Also, keep an eye out for a new Tavern Brawl. Your first win in a Tavern Brawl will reward you with a card pack, which you can open to dust the cards for value.

How Do You Get the Free 2020 Hearthstone Deck?

If you haven’t played the game for at least four months before April 1st, 2020, or have made an account after that date, you will receive a starter deck to compete in the Standard ladder. Each class will get its own deck, but you can only choose one deck to keep.

If you choose a deck with a card you already have (if you’re a returning player), you’ll get additional copies of cards to dust away.

Can You Buy Dust in Hearthstone?

You can’t purchase Dust with fiat currency.

You can effectively buy Dust by purchasing the packs from the store and disenchanting their contents. Your rate of getting Dust this way will vary (since packs contain cards or various rarities), but you’re guaranteed at least 40 Dust per pack.

What Is Dust Used for in Hearthstone?

Dust is used to craft new cards. All cards in the game that can be opened in a card pack can be crafted for their Dust cost. Here’s a table detailing crafting costs:


Leave Your Opponents in the Dust in Hearthstone

The only way to get the exact card you need in Hearthstone is to craft it. Now you know how to get the necessary Dust to do so. With powerful cards in the deck, you can advance more quickly and get better at the game over time. Just beware of removing cards you might need in the future, as it may cost you more in the long run.

What is your preferred method of getting Dust? Leave a comment in the section below.

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