How to Make a Bed in Terraria

If you have played Terraria for a while, you have probably set up a new base with supplies and crafting stations away from the main spawning point. However, if you die, you’d naturally be respawned at the main spawning point and not in the new base.

How to Make a Bed in Terraria

To change your respawning point and make nights go a bit faster, you’ll need to make a bed. There are over two dozen available bed types, which all have the same abilities and only differ in aesthetic choices.

This article will explain how to make the most popular types of bed and use them to your advantage.

How to Make a Bed in Terraria

At first glance, making a simple bed sounds easy enough. All you need is 15 wood and 35 cobwebs. However, crafting in Terraria can get a bit complicated.

In essence, here are all the crafting stations you’ll need to craft one regular bed:

  • Ten wood for a Work Bench
  • Three torches, 20 stone blocks, and four wood for a Furnace
  • Five iron or lead bars for an Anvil
  • Ten wood, two iron bars, and a chain for a Sawmill
  • 12 wood for a Loom

Iron and lead bars need to be crafted in a Furnace, and you can make a chain out of an iron bar in an Anvil. If you already have all of these crafting stations, feel free to skip this part of the article. You’ll need to follow a particular set of steps to craft all of these crafting stations:

  1. Craft a Work Bench by hand from ten wood.
  2. Make torches, dig out stone blocks, and chop down more wood to craft a Furnace when using the Work Bench.
  3. Smelt iron ore in the Furnace to create iron bars.
  4. Craft the Anvil using the Work Bench.
  5. Use an iron bar to make a chain at the Anvil.
  6. Craft a Sawmill at the Work Bench with the chain, iron bars, and more wood.
  7. Use the Sawmill to craft a Loom.

Once you’re done with the preparation steps and have gathered all the necessary ingredients, crafting can begin:

  1. Use the Loom to make silk out of cobwebs. You’ll need seven cobwebs per silk, and five silk to make a bed.
  2. Use 15 wood and the newly-crafted silk to make a bed in the Sawmill.

If you want to change up your bed’s appearance, you can use different wood types, such as bamboo, cacti, or palmwood. The end result won’t have functional changes.

Obtaining Silk

One of the significant progress points of a new player is crafting development and silk production. Since silk requires cobwebs to produce, a player needs to venture underground to find a suitable number of cobwebs to harvest.

You’ll need to be wary of enemies, as layers under the surface have significantly more enemies and become progressively challenging as you delve deeper.

Once you’ve found 35 cobwebs required to make a bed, we’d advise you to go back and craft a bed to maintain a safer respawn point. t This will provide you with a home base you can always return to should you die during an expedition.

How to Make a Glass Bed in Terraria

If you want to make a bed out of glass (is that even comfortable?), you’ll need another crafting station to start smelting glass down into items. The Glass Kiln requires an Anvil, 18 iron bars, and eight torches to craft.

The process for crafting the actual bed doesn’t differ much from the original formula. Instead of using wood, you’ll need 15 pieces of glass, and you’ll prepare the bed in the Kiln instead of the Sawmill. You’ll still need to prepare five silk for the crafting process.

How you get the glass is entirely up to you, but the easiest method is to put a total of 30 sand blocks (any sand will do) into the Furnace to produce the required 15 glass.

The glass bed doesn’t have special powers compared to an ordinary one, but it is a bit shinier.

How to Make a Mushroom Bed in Terraria

You don’t need to have wood or expensive crafting materials to make a bed. Mushrooms will make for an acceptable alternative. Even better, the mushroom bed doesn’t require a Sawmill to craft but a Work Bench instead.

You still need to provide the silk, which requires a Loom, which requires a Sawmill, so there are no significant crafting savings when crafting an alternative bed type.

For a mushroom bed, you’ll need to gather 15 mushrooms and the aforementioned five silk.

How to Make a Slime Bed in Terraria

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can craft a slime bed when you’ve advanced through the game enough to find a King Slime. While the bed itself requires 15 pieces of gel, which aren’t exactly uncommon, the crafting station that prepares slime-based furniture is the Solidifier. The only way to get a Solidifier is to defeat the King Slime.

Fortunately, the King Slime can be found if you search long enough, but he doesn’t spawn anywhere near the map’s center, instead preferring the far right or left sixths of the map. He also spawns above ground and near grass during the day, so time your expedition accordingly.

Alternatively, you can use a Slime Crown to summon one King Slime instantly, but obtaining it is a challenge in itself and shall be left as an exercise to the reader. We don’t recommend this method to new players, as it requires more experience and a lot more time.

Once you defeat the King Slime, he’ll drop a fully-functioning Solidifier.

You’ll need to use the Solidifier multiple times to craft the bed:

  1. Make 15 slime blocks from 15 gel.
  2. Use the slime blocks and five silk to make the actual bed.

If you’re playing on the 3DS or using an old console, you can buy a Solidifier from a Steampunker for ten gold, which is a decent expenditure. The King Slime doesn’t drop this crafting station on those game versions.

How to Make a Pumpkin Bed in Terraria

The pumpkin bed is an interesting alternative to the ordinary bed. Pumpkins need to be farmed and harvested, but can otherwise be found above ground in grassy patches during the Halloween seasonal event.

To start pumpkin farming, you’ll need to purchase seeds from the Dryad. They are not particularly expensive but take some time to mature into a fully-grown plant.

You’ll need a total of 15 pumpkins, five silk, and a Work Bench to craft a pumpkin bed.

Pumpkins have various uses, including initiating a raid event, but we won’t judge if you use some to create a comfortable bed for a Halloween base.

How to Make a Golden Bed in Terraria

The golden bed is different from other bed types (but not entirely unique) since you can’t craft one. The only way to obtain an entire bed is to defeat pirates during a Pirate Invasion.

A Pirate Invasion is a Hardmode event, so only players who have played for a while, set up a base, and defeated the Wall of Flesh boss will have access to the golden bed.

If you manage to defeat the pirates during the raid, you’ll get plenty of loot and a significant chance to find a golden bed.

The golden bed isn’t functionally different from a regular crafted bed, but it symbolizes that a player has advanced well through the game. You should be proud of the accomplishment of obtaining one.

Additional FAQs

What Do Beds Do in Terraria?

Beds are a vital piece of furniture. Each bed has two interaction points; the pillow side (the head) and the feet side (the foot).

Can You Sleep in Terraria?

Using the pillow side, a player can go to sleep, making time pass five times faster than usual. An in-game hour will pass in only 12 seconds, making a bed an effective way to speed through the day or night, depending on your needs. When standing next to a bed, a “Zzz” icon denoting sleep will let you know if you can sleep in the bed. You can’t sleep through events.

Sleeping in the bed doesn’t affect buff durations or potion cooldowns. Additionally, you’ll receive a small health regeneration boost while sleeping. In a multiplayer game, all players need to sleep simultaneously for the game time to speed up.

How to Set a Spawn Point in Terraria

If you use the feet side, you can turn the bed into a new respawn point, thus overwriting the previous one. The default respawn point is not protected, and you’ll be nearly defenseless in the open. When standing next to the bed, a “bed” icon indicates that you can change the respawn point to that bed.

Beds don’t work if the room doesn’t have a background wall and if monsters can spawn in them. Some natural crevices can become makeshift bases with minor modifications, but you’ll usually need to place walls to make appropriate rooms. A “?” icon will notify you that the bed is unusable, and the game will display what changes would need to be made if you interact with it.

Sleep Tight in Terraria

A bed is an excellent point of progress for a new player, as it shows they have the crafting materials and have delved into the underground to obtain cobwebs. While you can pick and choose from over 30 different beds (on PC, at least), they don’t have any functional differences, and a regular bed will do.

What kind of bed are you using in Terraria? Let us know in the comment section below.

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