How to Remove Someone from a Slack Channel [All Devices]

The professional business world wouldn’t be the same without crucial collaboration and communication apps such as Slack. It is a virtual office that echoes many of the functions of a real one. And as in a real-life setting, sometimes the need to remove someone from a workspace environment is necessary. So, naturally, you can easily remove people from a Slack channel.

In this article, you’ll learn how to remove someone from a channel on Slack or from your entire workspace.

Before You Proceed

Unlike individual accounts on Facebook or other social media sites, not every member of a workspace on Slack has the permission to remove other members at will. In order to be able to remove a member from a channel or from a workspace, you have to be an administrator on Slack. There are two types of administrative roles on Slack – owner and admin.

Generally, office personnel with the role of owner tend to be executives, founders, department heads, or members of senior leadership. One exception may be IT employees, who need to deal with account administration tasks.

The Primary Owner of a workspace can assign others to also serve as owners and transfer primary ownership to another person. They can also delete the workspace completely. Other owners can’t do this.

Admins, meanwhile, are usually senior administrative staff, managers, IT admins, and project managers.

As in a real-life scenario, people holding one of the aforementioned positions (except IT employees) are the ones who make executive decisions. Therefore, a person who has the role of an owner or admin is allowed to remove other members from channels and workspaces.

How to Remove Someone from a Slack Channel on Web/Mac/Windows

Slack originally comes as a website-accessible communication app. To access it, all you need to do is go to, log in, and launch the Slack web app. An alternative method of access is to download the Slack desktop app, which is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Despite being designed for two different operating systems, the two app types are exactly alike. This means that removing people from channels is done exactly the same, as long as you’re using a desktop/laptop computer. Here’s how to remove someone from a Slack channel.

  1. Open the Slack desktop/web app.
  2. Navigate to the channel where you want to remove a member.
  3. Click the cluster of Slack member profile photos toward the top of the app screen.
  4. Find the particular member manually or search for them by name.
  5. Click their name.
  6. Click “Remove.”
  7. Confirm by clicking “Yes, remove them.”

Another way to remove someone is to type in the following command in the channel in question: “/remove @[insert member name].” Then click “Enter” or click the paper plane icon.

How to Remove Someone from a Slack Channel on iOS/Android

Like most modern apps, Slack comes with a mobile/tablet app for both iOS and Android. The apps are identical for both mobile/tablet OS types. The mobile/tablet apps allow users with administrative privileges to remove other members from any channel within a workspace.

You’ll notice, however, that the mobile app doesn’t offer a “remove member” function on the list of channel members. So, the only way to remove someone from a Slack channel on iOS or Android devices is to use the command method explained above. To recap:

  1. Go to the channel in question.
  2. Type in “/remove @[user name]”.
  3. Hit “Enter”/tap the paper plane icon.

How to Deactivate an Account in a Workspace

Following the guidelines above will help you remove someone from a particular channel in a workspace. However, they will still be in the workspace in question. When a professional relationship with an employee is ended, you’ll want to remove them from their old workspace. This can be done by deactivating the account.

The option to deactivate an account doesn’t exist on the mobile, tablet, or desktop apps. If you try using the Slack desktop app to accomplish this, you’ll be redirected to your default browser where you’ll be able to deactivate the member’s account. The only way to deactivate a Slack account from a mobile or tablet device is to access it in desktop mode. Before we continue to account deactivation, let’s see how you can access the desktop browser mode on your mobile/tablet device.


For the iOS-default Safari browser, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the double-A button in the upper-left corner.
  3. Tap “Request Desktop Website.”


For Android smartphones and tablets, things are just as simple:

  1. Launch the default Chrome browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the three-dot icon.
  4. Check the box next to “Desktop site.”

Now, back to deactivating an account. The whole process is very straightforward.

  1. Navigate to the workspace in question (go to or open the desktop app).
  2. Tap the name of the workspace, located in the upper-left corner.
  3. Go to “Settings & administration,” followed by “Manage members.”
  4. Find the member whose account you want to deactivate and press the three-dots icon next to their entry.
  5. Go to “Deactivate Account.”
  6. Confirm.

The deactivated member won’t be able to sign in to or access the workspace unless you choose to invite them back. You’ll still be able to access the member’s files and messages that are left in your workspace.

How to Delete a Slack Workspace

Workspaces end. Sometimes, workspaces are created for projects that weren’t meant to be ongoing. Other times, businesses and companies fail, and the workspaces are, of course, no longer needed. In any case, the option of deleting a workspace is genuinely necessary. Naturally, Slack offers this option.

Keep in mind, though, that deleting a workspace isn’t something that you can undo. Every single message and file sent within the workspace for its duration will be permanently deleted and irretrievable after it’s done. So, before you decide to delete an entire Slack workspace, consider exporting the relevant messages and file data to a computer.

Understand that only messages and files that were sent in public channels will be exported. The private channel, direct message, and editing/deletion logs aren’t included. Before proceeding with the workspace deletion process, backup your data.

  1. Open your workspace using the desktop or web app.
  2. Navigate to “Settings & administration” as you did earlier.
  3. Select “Workspace settings.”
  4. Scroll all the way down to the “Delete Workspace” section.
  5. Click “Exporting your data.”
  6. Select the desired “Export date range.”
  7. Click “Start Export.”

When the export is done (or if you’ve decided not to perform a backup), go ahead and delete that workspace that you no longer need.

  1. Under the “Delete Workspace” section, click “Delete Workspace.”
  2. Check the box to confirm that you understand what workspace deletion entails.
  3. Enter your Slack password.
  4. Click “Yes, delete my workspace.”
  5. Confirm again that you are 100 percent certain that you want to delete it.

Your workspace should be successfully deleted.

Additional FAQ

Will the person be notified that they have been removed?

Once you’ve removed a person from a channel, they aren’t notified you’ve done so. However, they’ll know they’ve been removed from the channel when they discover they’re no longer able to access it. This is why notifying the person before removing them from a channel is important. When deactivating a person’s account inside a workspace, they won’t be notified about that either. The person who you’ve removed from the workspace will simply note that they’ve been blocked from the workspace.

How do you delete someone else’s message on Slack?

If you have the permission to do it, you can delete or edit your own messages on Slack. To do this, click the three-dot icon, select the delete message option and confirm. The same goes for editing the message: tap and hold to get the message deletion option on tablet/smartphone devices, then select the edit option. With that said, you cannot delete someone else’s messages on Slack.

Why can’t I delete a Slack channel?

As mentioned earlier, only workspace owners and admins with permission can delete channels on Slack. If you are neither, you won’t be able to do it. Second, you cannot delete the General channel. This channel will be there until you delete the entire workspace. Think of this channel as the main connection that’s holding a workspace together.

Can you recover deleted messages on Slack?

Once you delete a message, it’s completely gone. It isn’t recoverable. Even if you’re the admin/owner of the entire workspace, you won’t be able to access the message or recover it. However, admins and owners are able to disable the deleting/editing options.

Does deleting a message on Slack delete it for everyone?

If the settings that an admin or an owner of a workspace has created allows users to delete messages, then doing so will delete a message for everyone. Not even the admin, owner, or the primary owner will be able to access it once it’s gone.

Removing Someone from a Channel

As long as you have the administrative privileges within a workspace, you can remove people from Slack channels and even deactivate them on the workspace level. Before you do it, however, we suggest that you notify the person first, to avoid awkward situations.

Have you managed to remove a user from a channel? What about disabling their account within a workspace? Do you have any additional questions? If you do, go to the comments section below and fire away. And don’t refrain from adding a few tips of your own, either.

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