How to Throw Items in Tears of the Kingdom

One way to combat your enemies in “Tears of the Kingdom” is by throwing various items from your inventory at them. You might find yourself in a situation where you are defenseless, without arrows to shoot or weapons to swing. If that’s the case, learning how throwing items can get you out of sticky situations.

How to Throw Items in Tears of the Kingdom

At the start of the game, there’s a tutorial on this particular skill, but it’s easy to miss it. For this reason, this article outlines how to throw items and which ones are the best.

Throwing Items in Tears of the Kingdom

Throwing an item from your inventory can be helpful not just to deal damage but also as a way to empty your inventory without destroying them. For example, if your weapon breaks, you can throw it at enemies instead of wasting it. Furthermore, some items have unique effects when thrown.

To throw an item at your enemies, you need to:

  1. Hold the “R” button, and take a throwing position.
  2. Press “Up” on the D-Pad to open the Materials menu.
  3. Scroll through it with the right stick to find an item you want to throw, or press” Y” to sort the items by the “Most Used” category.
  4. Release the “R” button to throw.

You can cancel the action by pressing the “B” button while holding the “R” button if you don’t want to throw an item anymore.

Sometimes it may be advantageous to throw a weapon at the enemies. If so, you don’t need to open the inventory. Instead, hold the “R” button to prepare, and release the button to throw it.

Throw Items With Arrows

Apart from throwing items with your hands, you can also use arrows. To attach items to arrows, you must use the “Ultrahand” ability. Throwing things this way is very useful, considering you can reach enemies from a safe distance and take less damage in a fight.

Attaching Brightbloom Seeds to Arrows

Some items, like Brightbloom Seeds, can be thrown with arrows. These plants are of utmost importance when you’re going to The Depths. In the subregion of Hyrule, you’re surrounded by darkness and can’t see what lies ahead, but throwing Brightbloom Seeds can light your way.

You can reach and light more significant areas using arrows to throw the seeds. However, arrows are not easily found in The Depths, so ensure you have enough. If you run out of arrows, you can still throw a Brightbloom Seed with your hands to light the way until you find a Lightroot structure.

Best Throwable Items in Tears of the Kingdom

Depending on the item type, damage dealt to enemies will vary. The environment and how a particular item interacts with it may also impact the outcome. For example, a Bomb Flower deals AOE damage, and throwing it too close to where you’re standing is unsafe. With that said, here are the best throwable items and their special effects.

Bomb Flower

This flower contains explosive elements, and mixing with electricity and fire is not recommended if your goal isn’t blowing things apart. But if that’s the case, a Bomb Flower is useful for killing a camp of Bokoblins, triggering a switch, making a path, etc. And as mentioned, be sure to distance yourself from its impact.

Muddle Buds

Muddle Buds can be found in The Depths and are helpful with multiple enemies. This flower disorients and confuses enemies, making them attack each other. While they’re trying to distinguish friend from foe, make sure to get into the fight and deal some damage.

Chuchu Jelly

Depending on the color (yellow, blue, red, white), Chuchu Jelly has different uses. Yellow can shock enemies, white can freeze them, and red has a fiery effect. You also can change the color of the jelly if necessary. For example, if you have too much blue jelly, hit it with a fiery weapon to change its color.

Shock Fruit

Another helpful throwable item is Shock Fruit, especially when thrown into the water. But ensure you wear a rubber suit so you don’t electrocute yourself.

Brightbloom Seeds

As mentioned, this plant can be found and used in The Depths. They are handy for lighting a path. For a more extensive visible area, throw them using arrows. Giant Brightbloom Seeds can light up bigger areas in The Depths.

Hylan Pine Cone

These pine cones containing oil grow on trees, making them burn well. They can be thrown into a fire for a better effect, increasing the burn on the enemies. These explosive pine cones can be found all over Hyrule and are helpful when you find yourself in a labyrinth.

Lizal Boomerang

Favored by the Lizalfos, these weapons are made of metal and are safe to use near a fire. You only need to hold the “R” button to power up the boomerang. It can effectively strike multiple foes and return to you after releasing it.


As the name suggests, this plant will daze and blind enemies, working as a flash grenade. If you need to buy some time to escape or charge for the kill, throw the Dazzlefruit.


These inedible mushrooms are useful to avoid getting noticed. If you want to stealth your way past enemies, throw the Puffshroom. It works like a smoke grenade. When tossed, it spreads a cloud of spores.

Creativity Is Rewarded

In “Tears of the Kingdom,” throwing items is an excellent alternative for fighting enemies when you don’t have a weapon or a shield. When faced with a tough monster, you can use arrows to throw items and create some distance, while with easier enemies, it’s enough to use your hands.

As shown above, items can be used for various things, including combat. Plants can be combined, resulting in different effects, depending on your need at the specific moment. Even weapons can be thrown to inflict damage when they lose their durability, making this skill very important to learn.

Have you tried throwing items in “Tears of the Kingdom” to inflict damage on your enemies? Which items have you found to be the most effective? Let us know in the comments section below.

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