How to View Your FPS on Roblox

Why not escape the world for a while, to a place where you can use your creativity and build a world of your own?

How to View Your FPS on Roblox

Roblox is a great place to do that. Both children and adults enjoy creating 3D cities and stories, and playing games on this online platform.

If you’re a Roblox fan, you may have already created various games to play. They may run smoothly, but sometimes you may experience lag. Why does this happen? Is it your FPS rate? If it’s low, it may be slowing your game down.

Here’s how to view your FPS on various devices and optimize it so you can better enjoy Roblox.

How to View Your FPS on Roblox on an iPhone

Roblox is compatible with smartphones, so you can use it on your iPhone. These mobile devices typically provide a 60 FPS frame rate, which should be enough to run your game smoothly.

If you’re having issues with loading the app, you may need to check your FPS. If your Frames Per Second rate is too low, that may cause all the motion within Roblox to be unsteady and slow.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see your frame rate while playing on your iPhone. Roblox diagnostics are available in the Roblox Studio, which you can run on some operating systems, including smartphones.

However, if you suspect that the number of FPS is causing problems with the app, here’s what you can try to fix it.

  1. Before you start the Roblox app on your mobile, make sure you have enough storage and RAM. The lack of these may slow your game down. If you don’t have enough space, you can try deleting some unnecessary data or files from your phone.

  2. Check if there’s a pending update for a new software version. If you haven’t updated your iPhone for a while, you may have trouble running different apps, not just games, such as Roblox. To do so, launch the Settings app, tap on General, and then select Software Update to see if there’s an update to install.

  3. Even if you’re not using them, there may be apps running in the background. They’re not only draining the battery but also occupying your smartphone’s resources. Close them and see if the game’s performance has increased.

  4. Newer versions of iOS devices have some cool visual effects. Still, they may be decreasing the quality of gaming on your iPhone. You can turn them on by opening the Settings app. There, select General and then Accessibility. You’ll find the Reduce Motion option in this menu, so switch the toggle to enable it.

How to View Your FPS on Roblox on an Android

Android users can also enjoy spending their time in online 3D worlds provided by Roblox. If you’re playing a game and it’s not running as smoothly as you’d like, you will probably want to see how much FPS you have.

The developers recommend you update your Android to the latest software version before you download Roblox. And while you can’t see the exact FPS number while playing on your phone, you will notice that you’ve reached the maximum (which is 60 FPS for most smartphones) when you’re able to play the game without any issues.

Some Roblox fans suggest enabling specific options on your Android phone, so you can enjoy playing the games without lag. They’re hidden in the Developer options, and we’ll tell you how to find them below.

  1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

  2. Type in developer options in the search field. If you’re not getting any results, go to System and then About phone.

  3. Tap seven times on the Build number.

  4. You’ll see a message that the developer options are now available to you. Go back to Settings and enter the words into the search field.

  5. When you see the option in the result field, tap to open.

  6. Scroll to find the Force GPU rendering and Force 4x MSAA options. Switch the toggle next to them to enable these features.

  7. Try playing Roblox again and see if the graphics quality is now better.

How Do You Check Your FPS on Roblox on a Mac

Your Mac computer should be running on at least the 10.11 (El Capitan) software version if you want to access Roblox Studio. This version gives you plenty of options that can improve your gaming experience. Among them, you’ll find the diagnostics tab, where you can view your FPS. We’ll explain how you can do this in one of the following sections, but you can also use a shortcut here.

Press the Shift and F5 keys on the keyboard, and you should be able to see the FPS on your screen.

How Do You Check Your FPS on Roblox on a Windows PC

If you have Windows 7 or a later version on your computer, you will be able to enjoy playing Roblox without any issues. To check the FPS, you can go through the Studio, but you can also use a keyboard shortcut, which is the same as that on Mac computers: Shift+F5.

Additional FAQ

Do you still have questions about Roblox and running its diagnostics? We’ve gathered some of the most common FAQs related to this game. You can read the answers below.

How do I check FPS in Roblox Studio?

You can view your FPS even if you’re not in the middle of a game.

Here are the steps to follow.

• Open Roblox Studio on your computer.

• When you navigate to the Studio Settings tab, you’ll see the Show Diagnostics Bar in the menu on the right. If the box next to it isn’t checked, make sure you tick it now.

• Now, you should see the diagnostics bar on the bottom of the screen in Roblox Studio, with your FPS, among other data.

As mentioned above, this is another way to check your Roblox diagnostics, especially if you’re planning to view some other settings while you’re there.

What is the max FPS in Roblox?

The default frame rate in Roblox is 60.

In most cases, it’s enough to run a game smoothly. Still, you can use some third-party apps to try to increase it further. Also, if you’re playing Roblox on a mobile device, you can try turning off other apps to create the best environment to run this game without any lag.

There have been concerns about increasing your FPS being forbidden, but in 2019, the company announced that it wouldn’t ban users, even if they’re using third-party tools to unlock the frame rate.

Your Creativity Coming to Life

Roblox is a great way to turn your ideas into reality. Well, at least a virtual one. You can use this 3D world to develop all kinds of games and enjoy playing and sharing them with other people.

If you’re experiencing issues, you can check your FPS to see if that’s the cause of your games not running smoothly. There are even ways to increase this rate if necessary.

Have you had trouble with lagging in your Roblox games? Do you have other ideas as to how to improve your FPS? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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