How to Make a Furnace in Terraria

A furnace is one of those essential items needed if you want to get anywhere in Terraria. You need it to create better weapons and tools as well as increase armor durability, but the game doesn’t really give you any hints on how to go about making one.

How to Make a Furnace in Terraria

So, if you need a furnace to start smelting down ore, look no further. Find out how to create a basic furnace as well as furnace upgrading and smelting tips.

How to Build a Furnace in Terraria

Before you can craft a furnace, you’ll need a workbench. Workbenches are easy to construct, though, and only require 10 pieces of wood. Make sure that you place it down so that you can use it.

Once you have a workbench, it’s time to gather materials for the furnace. You’ll need:

  • 3 Torches
  • 20 Stone Blocks
  • 4 pieces of Wood

You can make torches by combing one gel and one wood. Gel comes from the numerous slimes hopping around in the world. Just kill one to collect the gel.

Wood is also plentiful in the world, depending on what part of the map you’re in. Use the ax to chop down a tree and gather the ingredients.

You’ll also need a few stone blocks for this recipe. Luckily, this ingredient is also plentiful in the world. As a general rule, you just need to start digging with your pickaxe and you’ll eventually hit stone. Stone is easily recognizable because of its grey “stone-like” texture. Hit it with your pickaxe to gather it.

Once you collect the necessary ingredients, it’s time to make a furnace.

  1. Approach your workbench with the furnace ingredients in your inventory.
  2. Scroll to the furnace icon and select it.
  3. Craft the furnace.
make a furnace in terraria

How to Make a Titanium Furnace in Terraria

Once you get to Hardmode in Terraria, you’re going to need a top-tier forge to smelt those end-game materials. That means you’re going to need a titanium forge. To craft one, you’ll need:

1 Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil

Even if you don’t plan on making a titanium forge, it’s a good idea to have a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil handy once you enter Hardmode. They’re direct replacements for the Lead and Iron Anvils used pre-Hardmode and you won’t be able to craft anything without them.

If you haven’t already crafted these special anvils, you just need your old Iron or Lead Anvil and 10 Mythril Bars for the Mythril Anvil, or 12 Orichalcum Bars for the Orichalcum variety. Either one works as an ingredient to upgrade to a Titanium Forge.


The Hellforge works just like a regular furnace except it can also smelt Hellstone and turn into Hellstone Bars. Unfortunately, you can’t craft one. You need to explore the Ruined Houses in the Underworld to find a Hellforge. When you do find one, use a Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe to collect it.

30 Titanium Ore

Titanium ore is one of those items only found in Hardmode. Like other ores in Hardmode, you can only collect them by using a Pwnhammer or higher to destroy an Altar. It’s also possible to collect the ore and bars by opening Crates in the game. However, keep in mind that you’ll need 30 pieces of titanium ore to complete the Titanium Forge process.

Once you have the Hellforge and Titanium ore in your inventory, combine them at the anvil to make a Titanium Forge.

how to make furnace in terraria

How to Make a Glass Kiln in Terraria

If you want to furnish your abode with fancy lighting and complex furniture, you’re going to need a Glass Kiln. Although it’s called a kiln, it can also smelt ores and glass just like a furnace in the game. To make this special kiln, you’ll need:

  • 18 Lead/Iron Bars
  • 8 Torches

You can also check the recipe in the Crafting section of your Inventory menu.

How to Build a Furnace and Smelt Ore in Terraria

To build a furnace in Terraria, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 4 Wood pieces
  • 3 Torches
  • 20 Stone Blocks
  • A Workbench

Craft the furnace at the workbench and place it as needed. When you’re ready to smelt ore, stand next to the furnace to update and interact with your Crafting menu to turn the ore into bars.

Additional FAQs

How Do You Build a Home in Terraria?

Before you build a home in Terraria, there are a few guidelines you need to know. You can’t just lay down some blocks and call it a house. Special Terraria house-building rules include:u003cbru003e• The building size needs to be between 60-750 tiles, including walls.u003cbru003e• Walls have to consist of tall gates, platforms, blocks, or doors.u003cbru003e• Ceilings and floors may only consist of platforms, trapdoors, or blocks.u003cbru003e• Each house must have one light source, one flat item, and one comfort item.u003cbru003eThe most basic house requires:u003cbru003e• 19 Wood pieces, if using a dooru003cbru003e• 33 Dirt Blocksu003cbru003e• 1 Gel, for a light sourceu003cbru003eThis type of home is serviceable, but still susceptible to vines. If you want a sturdier home, use Wood, Stone, or Mud Blocks instead of Dirt.

What Do You Need to Craft a Furnace in Terraria?

You’ll need to have the following items to craft a Furnace in Terraria:u003cbru003e• A workbenchu003cbru003e• 20 Stone Blocku003cbru003e• 3 Torchesu003cbru003e• 4 Wood

What Does the Furnace Do in Terraria?

The furnace is used to craft bars from ore mined around Terraria. The bars are then used to make higher-quality tools, weapons, and armor.

Can You Craft a Hellforge?

No, you can’t craft a Hellforge at any crafting station. You need to venture into the Underworld and explore the Ruined Houses to find one, and you need a Nightmare or Deathbringer pickaxe or higher or higher to collect one.

How Do You Smelt in Terraria?

Furnaces and forges smelt ore in Terraria. You start the game making a basic furnace to smelt ore into bars. But as you explore the game, you’ll be able to improve upon the furnaces and eventually make forges.

How Do You Make a Crafting Station?

There are 20 possible crafting station types available in pre-Hardmode and eight upgraded stations in Hardmode. Each crafting station type makes specific items.u003cbru003eFor example, a furnace crafts bars from the ore mined around Terraria while Anvils are responsible for crafting armor, tools, and weapons.u003cbru003eYou’ll need a collection of different types of crafting stations as you explore the world, but there are too many to list here. If you’re curious about a specific crafting station recipe, you can always look in the Crafting section of your Inventory menu or go to an existing station. New recipes are updated to your Crafting menu as they become available to you.

What Do You Need to Have in Terraria?

Terraria doesn’t have any set goals or quests for players to follow. It’s an open-ended game, so you can explore or collect whatever you want. Gathering resources to craft things like a workbench can help you as you explore the game, but it’s completely up to you.

Get Ready to Craft!

Crafting is an essential part of Terraria’s gameplay mechanics. Even if your focus is more on exploration than home improvement, eventually you’ll need to upgrade your gear to get to more dangerous places. So, it’s a good idea to get your crafting stations like a workbench and furnace squared away as soon as possible. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it.

Which furnace or forge did you find the most useful? Which ones did you bypass altogether? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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