How to Make Text Bold in Google Keep

Fewer and fewer people use actual notebooks to take notes nowadays. There are plenty of handy apps to help you do it on your mobile device, and Google Keep is one of them.

How to Make Text Bold in Google Keep

This app is pretty straightforward. It’s also free for Android and iOS users, and lets you keep any type of notes – text, checklists, photos, and audio files.

Google Keep also allows you to customize your notes, add background colors, and format them. But can you make the text bold in this app? Read our article to find out.

How to Bold Text in Google Keep

You can customize your Google Keep notes in many ways. To keep them arranged and avoid forgetting about important stuff, you may want to highlight or bold a part of your text.

But can you do this in Google Keep?

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t support text formatting yet. Although many users have already expressed a desire for this functionality within the app, it’s still unavailable. Perhaps this is because this app is meant for quick notes, without going into too much depth when it comes to formatting.

Google Keep

Third-Party Apps Are the Solution

If you don’t have a built-in option for making your text bold in Google Keep, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other solutions. You can use a third-party website or app to generate bold text, copy it, and then paste it to your Google Keep note.

Here’s our suggestion: use the Lingojam generator.

It has a simple interface and lets you format your text by using bold, italic, and other features.

Follow these steps:

  1. On your mobile device, open a web browser.
  2. Type in “bold text generator” or go directly to
  3. When the website loads, you’ll see two fields on your screen. Enter the desired text into the first field, where it says Normal text goes here.
  4. As you type, you’ll see your text appearing in bold in the field below. You have several options to choose from – different bold styles, fonts, and italic letters.
  5. When done typing, simply click on the field below, select the text and copy it.
  6. Open Google Keep and tap the Plus sign in the lower right corner to add a new note.
  7. Tap on the body of the note and hold until the Paste option appears.
  8. Tap on Paste and enjoy your bold text!

How Can I Customize Google Keep?

What other ways can you customize your notes and keep them organized?

1. Add Colors, Labels, and Pins

If you take notes daily, you may want to categorize them to navigate your app more easily. This way, your home screen won’t get cluttered, and you can color code different activities. To find this feature, tap the desired note to select it. Then, locate the Action button on the right and choose the color you want from this menu. You can also find the option to add labels within the Action menu if you’re going to organize your notes by labels.

2. Use Voice Commands to Make Text Notes

You can’t type because your hands are full? No worries. You can now use the voice command to create a text note in Google Keep. After saying “OK, Google,” just give a command such as “create a note,” or “make a note.” You’ll be asked to choose an app for making this note, so tap on Google Keep and start speaking.

3. Doodle on Texts and Images

Not only can you doodle in a note, but you can also do it on a photo. This cool feature lets you show off your creative side and add a bit of imagination to your Keep notes. When you launch Google Keep on your mobile device, you’ll see a bar with several options at the bottom. Select the pen icon located towards the right and start doodling. After you’re done, you can save your drawing as an image.

4. Grab Text from an Image

This is a convenient feature that lets you extract text from a photo instead of typing it all from scratch. When you add an image as a note, you can highlight it and open the action menu. Find Grab Image Text, and the app will display the text identified in the photo. Make sure to check for potential errors because the feature may not be as accurate as some other apps.

5. Export to Google Docs and Work with Your Team

You can export Google Keep notes to Google Docs in just a few clicks. Select a note you’d like to send, then press and hold. When a menu appears, select More to see advanced options and choose Copy to Google Doc. Now you have a Google document that you can share with your friends or colleagues and let them edit as well.

6. Set Reminders

Google Keep unites multiple useful features in one app, so it’s no wonder you can set a note as a reminder. You can also add a location to your note. If you want an alarm to go off and remind you of an event or errand, just select the desired note and tap the button in the upper right corner where it says Remind me. Choose a specific time and date, and you’re all set.

Getting the Most Out of Google Keep

We’ve shared our favorite tips and tricks to make the Google Keep app customized and more functional for anything you may need. You can easily organize your notes, keep them categorized and neat, and set reminders for the important stuff you don’t want to miss. And even if Google doesn’t offer text formatting options, you have a way around it.

How are you going to format your notes? What other tips are you going to try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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