How to Make Wire in Unturned

Unturned is not the same game it was in 2017. The regular game updates, new features, and console ports have modernized the game from its humble beginnings as a Greenlight title.

How to Make Wire in Unturned

Some of the core features have drastically changed with these patches, including crafting menus and recipes. New players might be overwhelmed with the influx of information, while old ones might be clinging to the previous ways.

In this article, we’ll explain how to craft wires in the latest game version.

How to Make Wire in Unturned?

Starting with Unturned version 3.0, crafting recipes have changed drastically. However, the crafting basics haven’t changed that much. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click “Tab” (or the inventory button on the controller) to open your inventory.
  2. You’ll see the “Craft” tab on the top. You can select it or use the corresponding keybinding to enter the crafting menu.
  3. You can search the crafting menu to quickly access the recipes you want. The search bar is located near the top and spans nearly the entire screen width. Look up “wire” to bring up the recipe.
  4. You’ll need three metal bars and a blowtorch to craft a wire. If you don’t have these resources, the wire won’t show up as a crafting result.
  5. If you have the required resources, all you need to do is click on the recipe, and the game will automatically remove the consumable items from your inventory to create the wire.

If you’re playing the game on an older version (Unturned classic), crafting is a bit different:

  1. Select the crafting menu in the game.
  2. Drop a piece of scrap metal into one of the “Materials” tab from your inventory.
  3. Drag the handsaw from your inventory into the “Tools” tab.
  4. Select “Craft” to create two pieces of wire.

How to Make Barbed Wire in Unturned?

Barbed wire is a less versatile item compared to normal wire. However, you’ll need barbed wire to create perimeter defenses for your base. If you’re using the newest version of Unturned, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enter your character inventory (“Tab” on the PC).
  2. Select the “Craft” tab from the top.
  3. Search for the “Barbed wire” in the search bar. You can’t really miss it, it’s below the tabs mentioned above.
  4. Click on the recipe to automatically create barbed wire if you have the required resources.
  5. You need two pieces of wire per barbed wire, and you don’t need any tools or a crafting ability to create it. You do need a blowtorch to make the necessary wire, though.

If you’re playing Unturned classic (2.0-2.2.5), the crafting steps are a bit different:

  1. Enter crafting.
  2. Drop in two pieces of wire in the “Materials” tab.
  3. Press “Craft” to create barbed wire.
  4. You don’t need any tools to craft this item, although you need a handsaw to create the wire beforehand.

Barbed wire is a handy trap that can deal a significant chunk of damage to animals and zombies, but is a bit less effective on other players as a deterrent. A single barbed wire can be used 14 times to deal damage before it breaks.

How to Make Barbed Wire Fences in Unturned?

Barbed wire fences are one of the most prevalent barriers to protect a base, and their relative ease of crafting and effectiveness makes them the defense of choice for many. Here’s how to craft a barbed wire fence in Unturned 3.0 and later:

  1. Open the crafting menu (open the inventory, then press the “Craft” button on the top).
  2. Search for “barbed wire fence” in the search bar.
  3. You need two scrap metal pieces and five barbed wires to create a barbed-wire fence.
  4. Click the blueprint to create the wire fence and consume the required resources automatically.
  5. You don’t need any crafting ability or tools to make a fence, although you’ll need a blowtorch to craft wires (for barbed wires).

The barbed wire fence is an upgraded version of the barbed wire. It has improved damage capability (50 to players, 100 to animals and zombies). It also has massively enhanced durability, making it a more effective choice to defend the perimeter than regular barbed wire.

If you’re playing an older version of Unturned (also known as Unturned classic), the crafting process is a bit different:

  1. Enter the crafting menu.
  2. Use two sticks to create a wooden support, then repeat this process to make another one.
  3. Drop the two wooden support items in the first “Materials” tab, then drop three barbed wires into the second tab.
  4. Click “Craft” to create the barbed wire fence (called a barbed fence in this version).

In Unturned classic, the barbed fence is both a usable item and a crafting material itself. You can combine it with more scrap metal to create an electrified fence, which amplifies its damage-deal capability.

Additional FAQ

How Do I Make a Server on Unturned?

Playing multiplayer in Unturned requires players to connect to servers. If you want to play on a private server with a few friends, your only option is to host a private or LAN server. Here’s what you’ll need to do on the PC:

1. Open the Steam Library.

2. Right-click on Unturned, then select “Properties.”

3. Select “Local Files,” then choose “Browse Local Files.

4. This will take you to Unturned’s directory.

5. Create a shortcut of the “Unturned.exe” application.

6. Rename it to “Server” or something similar to distinguish it from the original.

7. Right-click on the shortcut, then select “Properties.”

8. In the text box next to “Target,” wrap the current text in quotes (“).

9. Add the following text after the quotes (without quotes, keeping the space):

-nographics -batchmode +secureserver/ServerNameHere

You can change the “secureserver” with “lanserver” if you want to run a server available only for your local network. You can customize the “ServerNameHere” part as you wish.

10. Save the settings by clicking “Apply” and “OK.”

11. Run the new application, then close it after a few seconds.

12. Locate the “Servers” folder, enter it, then enter the folder named the exact name you used in Step 9.

13. Open the “Commands.dat” file with Notepad or another text editor.

14. Put the following parameters into the file:

map [map name here]

port 27015

password [Server password here]

maxplayers [Number here]

15.   Save changes and close the file.

16.   Run the application again. It should say “connection successful. You’ll need to keep the application running to maintain the server.

If you’re playing on the console, you can create the server directly from the game menu by choosing “Create Server” in the “Play Online” menu. Follow the instructions provide to fill the textboxes.

Where Is the Wire in Unturned?

You can find more wire in most construction locations. Additionally, construction zombies have a chance to drop wire as their loot when you kill them. It’s a relatively common item spread throughout the map, but most players will craft it when they get the blowtorch.

How Do You Make a Blowtorch in Unturned?

A blowtorch is a powerful repair and crafting tool, and can’t be created by players, so you’ll have to find one on the map. Gas stations and garages often spawn at least one blowtorch for players to loot.

How Do You Make Chemicals in Unturned?

Chemicals is a drink (although you shouldn’t really consume it) and can be used as crafting material for other uncommon items. You won’t be able to craft it, as there’s no recipe to create chemicals.

You’ll need to traverse the map to locate chemicals. Garages and gas stations usually contain a few doses. You can also find blowtorches in similar locations. In the Yukon or Washington map, look for Scorpion-7 facilities.

Can You Craft Wire in Unturned?

Yes, you can. You’ll need to have three metal bars and a blowtorch in your inventory to craft the wire. If you have the necessary resources, simply look up “wire” in the crafting menu and select it to create some.

What Is the Metal Door in Unturned?

In Unturned 3.0 and later, there are a few kinds of doors. They are used to gain or block access to rooms. Only the owner or someone in the owner’s user group can open metal doors. You’ll need two metal sheets and one piece of metal scrap to create metal doors in the crafting menu. Crafting doors don’t require any crafting ability.

Metal doors can be replaced by jail or vault doors if you have the corresponding resources. Wooden doors are not as effective at blocking intruders, as anyone can open them.

How Do You Make Barbed Wire in Unturned?

Follow our “How to Make Barbed Wire” instructions listed above to create barbed wire.

What Is an Unturned Crafting Guide?

The newer versions of Unturned come with a crafting guide integrated into the menu. It displays all the items you can craft with your current items and inventory. If you want to look up other items to craft, follow our guides!

Wire It Up in Unturned

Wire is a versatile crafting item to make advanced traps and tools to ensure your continued survival in the game. We hope you had no problems following our quick guide on how to create wire and wire-based items.

Do you want more Unturned item crafting guides? Let us know in the comment section below.

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